#FiveForFreedom: Here are the government agencies Ted Cruz wants to abolish

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“We should shrink the size and power of the federal government by every and any means possible. What does that mean? That means eliminating unnecessary or unconstitutional agencies.” – Ted Cruz

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stands out from all other presidential candidates in that he stands for limited government as envisioned by the founding fathers. In his “Five for Freedom” plan, Cruz explains that he intends to “abolish the IRS, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

Further, Cruz explains that if he is elected president, he will “appoint heads of each of those agencies whose sole charge will be to wind them down and determine whether any programs need to be preserved.” Cruz explains that he will also “[R]e-institute President Reagan’s Grace Commission to assess federal spending levels and evaluate areas of waste and fraud.”

Senator Ted Cruz would not stop there, however. His plan will “identify all unnecessary programs” and fight to end them. He gives a list of 25 agencies that he wants to abolish, as “merely a start:”

  1. Appalachian Regional Commission
  2. Climate Ready Water Utilities Initiative
  3. Climate Research Funding for the Office of Research and Development
  4. Climate Resilience Evaluation Awareness Tool
  5. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  6. Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  7. Corporation for Travel Promotion
  8. Global Methane Initiative
  9. Green Infrastructure Program
  10. Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program
  11. Legal Services Corporation
  12. National Endowment for the Arts
  13. National Endowment for the Humanities
  14. New Starts Transit Program
  15. Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
  16. Presidential Election Campaign Fund
  17. Regulation of CO2 Emissions from Power Plants and all Sources
  18. Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicles
  19. Renewable Fuel Standard Federal Mandates
  20. Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
  21. Sugar Subsidies
  22. Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery
  23. UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  24. UN Population Fund
  25. USDA Catfish Inspection Program

Finally, Cruz tackles “Congressional Accountability” and promises to “[R]educe costs by instituting a hiring freeze and federal pay reforms.”

Here is an excerpt:

Hold Congress accountable by enacting a strong Balanced Budget Amendment and requiring that a majority of members approve any major, cost-inducing regulation.

  • Sign a Balanced Budget Amendment to start spending responsibly and save future generations from additional crippling debt.
  • Sign the REINS Act to ensure that Congress approves of any regulation or rule that would have an impact of $100 million or more.


Reduce costs by instituting a hiring freeze and federal pay reforms.

  • Put in place a hiring freeze of federal civilian employees across the executive branch.
  • For those agencies in which it is determined that a vacant position needs to be filled, I will authorize the hiring of a maximum ratio of one person for every three who leave.
  • Reduce the annual across-the-board adjustment for federal civilian pay so that rather than receiving automatic yearly raises, federal workers would have more opportunities for merit-based pay increases.

It is this author’s belief that limited government as envisioned by the founding fathers is what made America great in the first place and returning to this vision is the only way America can be made great again. It is time to unleash the potential of Americans by removing these unconstitutional burdens of excessive taxes and regulations imposed on them by massive government bureaucracies.


Author: renee nal

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26 thoughts on “#FiveForFreedom: Here are the government agencies Ted Cruz wants to abolish

  1. List is missing an important Agency – NLRB, or National Labor Relations Board. I’d put it in the top 5 I’d cut.

  2. Anthony, and Do the right thing. The tattoos were an April Fool’s joke. This is proof of an affair???? Cant find any corroboration from relatives. Can you send me a link?

    I’m an evidence guy. There is ample evidence that Donald Trump is soft on Russia and weak on NATO. Those things alone are enough to disqualify him IMHO. Cruz is strong on both those areas.

    But for me its also a question of character. Cruz is easily the best man in the race in every way. He is honest, brave, constitutionally minded, super patriotic, and smart as a whip. And he will beat Donald Trump, either in a straight delegate race, or in a contested contention.

    I will support Cruz’s campaign until he either wins or disappoints me. I think the former is way more likely than the latter.


    1. Trevor–I am pasting only one link. If you do a google search you can find many. https://medium.com/@Blackppl4Trump/l-affaire-of-ted-cruz-c1818b9db18f#.c22pweh6h

      The tattoo was placed on Carpenter in a location in which someone would have had to place it. If you look at the time stamp on her twitter account, you will see shortly after 5 am she is boasting about Cruz and encouraging people to watch him on TV. He shows up on Fox and Friends without his jacket (and the hosts comment on his missing jacket)—at the SAME time Carpenter is taking a selfie of herself with the tattoo wearing a man’s jacket that was probably that of Senator Cruz. She also tweeted back in November that she preferred having relationships with married men.

      Research it—there is no one better at that than you.

      Also check out the 2005 report when Heidi was found on the side of the freeway in Austin, distraught but not drunk or on drugs. The report is redacted in portions so we do not know why she was distraught. There is usually on ONE reason a wife would be so distraught—I know–I have been there.

      1. Dotherightthing,

        I posted same info–please your post was approved. Perhaps Trevor is reconsidering.

        I certainly hope so–his work on Communism is far greater than Cruz and his candidacy.

        Journalists have come forward today, Betsy Woodruff and Kristen Powers, reported at the Gateway Pundit story, …telling an antiTRUMP operative was shopping the story on the Cruz sex scandal for some time.

        1. I live in the Houston area. I saw Cruz for the first time in 2010 at a Tea Party rally in downtown Houston and thought he was fabulous. In 2012 we had 3 Senatorial forums in the area and his demeanor was totally different. Very “stage performance.” I actually submitted a question regarding the CFR and he responded by describing them as a “den of vipers.” I was also concerned about his representation of Ling Long tires. After the meeting a friend approached him privately about his wife’s affiliation with the CFR. He blew it off and stated she was only there a short time and left after she realized how bad it was.
          This is a total crock. She said on the CFR task force 5 years and is a term member. You can find reference to that on her bio at this college:


          The Cruz couple has lived in and navigated the halls of power at the highest levels their entire adult lives. They are by no means outsiders.

          I think Ted Cruz is a total fraud. He is brilliant and arrogant in his own brilliance. Lacks any humility.

          1. Do therightthing…

            I agree Cruz is a fraud. And Amanda Carpenter is a liar and more.

            …Redditt has some terrific investigators…They found an image of Carpenter in a hotel room with condoms on the bed next to her…Amanda insisted someone photoshopped the condoms into the picture thereby confirming the condoms…Only problem is …Amanda forgot to scub her own Instagram account..and there sat the original image –WITH THE CONDOMS…Can you say CAUGHT!!


  3. Trevor,

    The Ted Cruz affair with Amanda Carpenter has been confirmed by her sister-in-law and her brother. The time stamps tweet of Amanda’s twin tattoo to Ted Cruz’s identical tattoo suggests their relationship. She is seen wearing his suit coat showing tattoo while Ted went on Fox without his suit coat to show his identical tattoo. The placement of Amanda’s Winston Chuchill tattoo demands some had to apply it for her. Further the Winston Churchill tattoo is only sold in a package of 2.

    Your work on Communists in AMERICA is too important to our survival for you to continue tying your line to the Cruz ship. Many were fooled– that is understandable –but to continue to support the Cruz candidacy will make you complicit.

    Btw, toothfairy I am still waiting for my two quarters…

    Be well. I appreciate your work. Make a clean break from Cruz for your own survival.

      1. I hate to break your delusional bubble: seeing as you will not allow the link to be posted I assume you are complicit…I.imgur dot com/7Y5wfkg.png

        1. I genuinely thought you were joking because the assertion that Ted Cruz has matching tattoos with Amanda Carpenter is so incredibly silly that any thinking person could not possibly believe it.

          1. I left a link. Try it and then demonize …Amanda’s brother and her sister-in-law confirmed the affair between Amanda and Cruz. Cruz has always had the creep factor. He was widely despised at Princeton and Harvard by both men and women. He was widely disliked in Congress–and not because of his policies. Frankly, I am a bit perplexed as to why Trevor is such supporting Cruz wholeheartedly.

          2. Amanda Carpenter’s sister-in-law has confirmed the affair. Carpenter has been furiously deleting her twitter correspondence with Cruz. Doesn’t exactly sound like innocent behavior. If the accusations are a lie–then let Cruz sue. He will not because they are true.

            With Trump–what you see is what you get.

    1. Anthony – What does two people having the same tatoo have to do with the subject of Trevor’s post? Nothing. Go play your games somewhere else.

    2. I so agree and it is a shame. Cruz is a brilliant mind with…I believe, nefarious motives. How can you trust someone who wraps himself in a holier than thou Christian blanket and is a serial cheater at the same time. I believe Cruz made a strategic calculation to hoodwink Christian voters to get the 75% of those who do not vote to put him in the WH.

      Additionally, he continually positions himself on BOTH sides of an issue so he can claim EITHER position that he deems politically expedient at the time. Slick willy had nothing on him.

      I think Trevor Loudon is a true hero. I have heard him speak on two occasions and have two of his books. His research has been essential in waking us up to the threats in our midst. I hope he breaks ties with this charlatan and explains the reasons for doing so to his followers. I was once a Cruz supporter too.

      1. I strongly disagree with your assessment that Cruz has nefarious motives. It is a shame that wearing one’s faith on one’s sleeve is somehow an indication of a strategy instead of a heartfelt belief. I think that we have been trained to keep quiet about our faith and that is very sad. The founding fathers were quite vocal about their beliefs.

        As for the cheating assertion…I am sure you must agree that evidence is absolutely required. There is no evidence and if there were, I am quite sure it would have been produced by now.

        And this ridiculousness:

        “Additionally, he continually positions himself on BOTH sides of an issue so he can claim EITHER position that he deems politically expedient at the time.”

        Ted Cruz is the most consistent candidate I have ever encountered. You are buying into lies.

        1. And you are wearing blinders. If it is a lie then let him Sue. The story was shopped for months by the Rubio campaign but once again “Lyin” ted Cruz” tries to smear Trump and blame it on him. Kirsten Powers came right out and said it this weekend. She knew someone who disliked BOTH Cruz and t
          Trump and worked for the Rubio campaigned who had been shopping the Cruz sex scandal and could get no traction. It is true—your white Knight is a fraud.

          Just wait and see.

          1. Lies. Sorry – evidence actually matters and this article is not about the moronic and fake sex scandal.

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