The Death Of Free Speech – School Board Candidate Forcibly Removed From LGBT Meeting

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |


What? Or are they mandating porn in the classrooms now? Dean Paterakis, who is running for the school board in Brevard County, brought up the point that a teacher showed a picture of his erect penis on a monitor in a classroom and how that puts our children at risk. For daring to bring that up, his microphone was cut off, security subdued the guy for using free speech and caring about students, and the police hauled him out. He protested because a pervert teacher did something unspeakable in front of our children and for that he was arrested. They have lost their freaking minds. School board members were voting on whether to schedule a public hearing about a proposed non-discrimination policy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. That meeting included many outbursts from the audience, including yells, cheers and jeers.

From Glenn Beck:

School Board candidate Dean Paterakis was charged with disrupting a school function and resisting an officer without violence Tuesday after he was ejected from a school board meeting dealing with LGBT issues.

Paterakis was released on $750 bond before midnight on the two misdemeanor charges.

Paterakis was asked by School Board chairman Andy Ziegler to step away from the speakers’ podium after making what Ziegler said were inappropriate remarks. A school district security officer asked him to leave, and Paterakis refused. Sheriff’s deputies then stepped in to ask Paterakis to leave, according to a statement from sheriff’s spokesman Cpl. Dave Jacobs.

Then the sitting board members threatened to clear out the entire meeting because the audience wouldn’t shut up as the guy was carted off. Paterakis, 48, was eventually carried from the meeting by several deputies and handcuffed outside the meeting room. Paging Claire Wolfe… paging Claire Wolfe… please pick up the courtesy phone in the lobby: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” – 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution (1996). I think the Claire Wolfe clock has just about run out. Paterakis should take this to court and file formal charges against the school board. I’d take it public all across the US and be the worst PR they ever dreamed of. Who the hell do these people think they are? They work for us and are supposed to have our children’s best interests at heart. Not work for the gay mafia. This is the silencing of the voice of reason. This is the death of the Constitution we are witnessing.

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6 thoughts on “The Death Of Free Speech – School Board Candidate Forcibly Removed From LGBT Meeting

  1. The meeting topic was LGBT issues. Bringing up such an inappropriate behavior as a teacher showing a classroom his erect penis is not even close to an LGBT issue. It was inappropriate and vulgar in the context. Certainly we’d hope the school and law enforcement had deal appropriately, and harshly, with a teacher that did that. But there was no reason to introduce it into comments at a meeting about LGBT.

    1. Notice the bogus accusation here, the reporting of what this teacher allegedly did in a classroom, was the problem. Actually, what was wrong was what the teacher did. Bringing this to a school board meeting is the correct venue and time.

  2. Another shameful example of sheriffs allowing themselves to be used as tools and brown shirts of a criminal element while breaking their oath to defend the Constitution and the American people! The school board president is just plain stupid! If he thinks it is “profane” to verbally report and object to a teacher producing and showing PORN to school children, then WHY is he NOT offended by the actual occurance of what this man is trying to report to them??! If anyone should have been hauled away by sheriffs should have been that TEACHER!!! Vote out all if these school board jerks! And file a lawsuit against them for aiding rather reprimanding that sleezy teacher!

  3. Every voter in the district should remember what an arrogant SOB Andy Ziegler is and was. Who pays this guys salary ? You the taxpayer. I say throw him out on his arse next election. This is precisely how meetings were conducted under King George and everyone remembers how that worked out. Aye?

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