#FreeChuckNellis: Trump supporters celebrate suspension of prominent Cruz supporter on Twitter

Chuck Nellis via Twitter
Chuck Nellis via Twitter

While Trump supporters typically use the “at least he is not Hillary” argument to make their case for Donald Trump, some of Trump’s notoriously vile Twitter bullies are not helping the presumptive Republican nominee’s case.

Chuck Nellis believes that a coordinated, planned attack by some individuals to get the prominent Cruz supporter suspended on Twitter has been effective. Whether or not the attack was coordinated, however, many Trump supporters have celebrated his suspension in a particularly offensive and vulgar manner (warning to sensitive readers).

Additionally, numerous parody accounts have been created to mock Chuck Nellis, who had over 100,000 followers at the time of his suspension:










Fortunately, some Trump supporters restored this author’s faith in humanity; but unfortunately this sentiment appears to be quite rare:


After @ChuckNellis was suspended, @ChuckNASCAR emerged.

Not surprisingly, patriotic and classy Trump supporters were quick to respond:


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6 thoughts on “#FreeChuckNellis: Trump supporters celebrate suspension of prominent Cruz supporter on Twitter

  1. I am 1 of Chuck’s 4 ex wives and totally agree that his speech should be banned. He is a vile, pot smoking crazy evil guy. Hurting yourself during bootcamp doesn’t make him a Navy Veteran. I divorced him but he should be in prison with his dirty little secret

  2. I have joined the legends like Chuck Nellis sarc Twitter has locked, blocked, and temp

    suspended my account over the years which had over 553 K posts.
    I just got an email fm twitter anti free speech machine my account would not ever be restored.


  3. sounds like what goes around comes around

    Lubos has a post on this ANTI HATE SPEECH agreement
    signed by Fakebook, Microsoft and Twitter et al

    So the totalitarian ROT spreads from politicians to the Internet.
    Zuckerberg was all over it. He wants to keep Merkel happy.


    i saw the PDF – what is this rubbish about “trusted reporters” ???
    Trusted by who ? Angela Merkel ? Jeremy Corbyn ?

    As to ‘xenophobia’ and ‘raaaacism’ – I have an idea. Let a million English migrate to Syria, and start building Cathedrals. Then the BBC ‘hard talk’ can interview Syrian politicians who might object to this – and call them xenophobic and raaaaacist.

    // more on the subject here

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