MEDIA BLACKOUT: Socialists and Muslims turn Paris into a war zone (video)

Paris Migrants
Migrant Battle at Stalingrad (YouTube Screenshot)

It all happened on April 14, just two days ago in Paris. Between the destructive force of socialists and migrants, the once-beautiful city appears to be doomed if nothing changes. A brutal battle among migrant groups was caught on film by terrified residents, while on the same day students and workers led by labor unions continued their ongoing battle against extremely limited labor reforms proposed by the socialist government, leading to violence and arrests (see below for video).

On the same day migrants war in Paris, violent socialists hurl chair at riot police. (YouTube screenshot)
On the same day migrants war in Paris, violent socialists hurl chair at riot police. (YouTube screenshot)


Afghan, Somali, Eritrean and Sudanese gangs of migrants went to war with one another, attacked the riot police who were called on the scene, terrified residents and additionally trashed the Stalingrad Metro in Paris on Thursday.

The “running battles were filmed by horrified locals,” as reported at the UK-based Sun.

A drunk man “who is thought to have thrown the first missile” was arrested, as reported at the UK-based Daily Mail, who further reported that “almost 1,000 migrants” have come to this area in the past several weeks. When police have cleared out their camps, evidently the invaders return.

Police were “pelted with bottles and debris when the arrived at the scene” when they arrived.

From the Sun:

Disbelieving residents called police twice as the fighting, which broke up some time after 9pm, kicked off again at 11.30pm on Thursday night.

Men can be seen hurling pieces of wood, bags and other missiles.

At times the fighting is at close quarters but groups of the men later splinter apart, before police move in and tear gas is seen filling the air.

A screengrabv of footage taken of refugees armed with metal poles clashing with vigilantes under Paris Metro station as terrified residents flee in panic.
Dozens of men attacked each other armed with planks of wood and metal bars YouTube

The spot, underneath a rail bridge at Stalingrad station, was until the end of last month the temporary home of nearly 1,000 migrants in a makeshift camp.

The camp of Afghan, Somali, Eritrean and Sudanese migrants was cleared on March 30 by police and immigration authorities, but many have returned.

Watch the video:


As far as the socialists, the New York Times reports that the uproar is “against a new government plan to make firings slightly easier and France’s trademark shortened workweek slightly longer.” The socialist government is desperate to reduce the country’s unemployment rate, which has stubbornly been stuck at 10 percent.

Employers are so “fearful of long-term hires,” according to the article, “that 90 percent of jobs created in France last year were unstable, poorly paid and short term.”

Here is a excerpt:

“Firing an employee in France often means a court date, months of hearings and hefty payouts under the country’s 3,400-page labor code. Employers hate the thick book.

But workers — those lucky enough to have jobs — love it. On Wednesday, thousands went into the streets across France to protect it, demonstrating against a new government plan to make firings slightly easier and France’s trademark shortened workweek slightly longer.

Nothing for years has so revived labor tensions — or divided the Socialist Party — as the government’s plan to overhaul the voluminous labor code, removing, ever so slightly, a few layers of worker protection.

Desperate to reduce a nearly permanent unemployment rate of more than 10 percent, the Socialist prime minister, Manuel Valls, has risked taking a delicate paring knife to the labor code, a step that members of his party consider a heresy.”

The irony is that the minimal changes to the labor code would hardly bring much relief to employers. Yet the socialists refer to the plan as a “betrayal.”

For weeks the Socialist Party’s rank and file has cried betrayal. Hundreds of thousands have signed an online petition demanding that the government scrap its plan.

How does France not buckle under her own weight?

While the “protests” have been ongoing, this video is from April 14, the same day the migrants went to war at Stalingrad station (the screenshot above was captured at around the 8:29 minute mark):

It is not a stretch to consider that what is happening in Paris could happen in America. In fact, the socialists are quite reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter and Occupy movements, as well as the failed “Democracy Spring” movement that is being pushed by the same creepy communists.



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11 thoughts on “MEDIA BLACKOUT: Socialists and Muslims turn Paris into a war zone (video)

  1. Socialism is a sacred cow in most of Europe b/c it’s perceived aristocratic capitalism was only reined in by socialist parties in power. So anything socialism calls for cannot be questioned or challenged. The French writer above is saying WW2 was fought so the French can have socialist workers’ rights protected? OMG, I thought it was about rolling back extremist national socialism. The two evil forces in the world today are Islam and socialism.

  2. Hello, I am french and I write presently from Bastile, Paris, France, the once-beautiful city that you may not know at all.
    I can’t stand the way you turned abuses from different forces you don’t understand from the outside. To be honest, the El Khomri’s law is a law that harms the labor’s conditions that people died for in France. Pacifist movement, the “riot police” led the people to violence and if you really look for it, you will find it !
    A minority of all this people was muslim and no revendication was about supporting any religion so your description is wrong. I’m sorry for my lack of vocabulary but it’s getting late here and I don’t believe that you would be able to express all of this in french anyway. Take care of you and take care of your thoughts, please accept that reality is not always meant to be black or white 😉

    1. I appreciate your comments and I hope everyone reads what you said. In the meantime, I stand by what I wrote. I can see with my own eyes.

    2. YOU and everyone in your country who think this way are why France is doomed. Enjoy your dhimmitude you fucking coward.

    3. Your ignorance of history and current events is breathtaking. Unfortunately for you, everything IS in black and white, your ignorance and revisionism only makes it grey for you and the unfortunates that think like you. Wake up before it is too late. Or is it already too late?

    4. @Antoine,

      How many times does France have to fall before at least one generation of your people to finally get it? Was WWII not enough for you? For as much school as you all waste your time in instead of working do any of you ever learn anything about your own history? Good luck, buddy, you’re going to need it since it would seem that your generation hasn’t learned a damned thing.

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