2 thoughts on “#LoudonClear: Trevor and ‘Jimmy from Brooklyn’ discuss Agents of Influence

  1. Hooray !!!
    I used to listen to Bob Grant – just to hear Jimmy from Brooklyn.

    but here is some background reading:
    TOO BAD FOR COMMIES that Yeltsin opened the Soviet Archives::

    ** Engineering Communism – How two americans spied for stalin and founded the soviet Silicon Valley.
    Steven T. Usdin; (Yale University Press, 2005) (re Barr & Sarant)
    >> you thought it was just the Bomb ? Nope – they stole EVERYTHING !
    * The Secret World of American Communism, Klehr, Haynes, Firsov; (Yale U, 1995)
    * The Soviet World of American Communism, Klehr, Haynes, Anderson, (Yale U, 1998)
    ** The Crown Jewels, West, Tsarev; (Yale U, 1999)
    >> see the chapter on what PHILBY was doing for the NKVD
    * The Haunted Wood, Weinstein, Vassiliev, (RandomHouse, 1999)
    * Perjury – the Hiss-Chambers case, Weinstein, (RandomHouse, 1997)
    * Bombshell, Albright, Kunstel, (TimesBooks, 1997)
    * Dossier -The secret history of Armand Hammer, Epstein, (RandomHouse,1996)
    * Hollywood Party, Billingsley, (Forum, 1998)
    >> the left blabbers about blacklists – guess who was blacklisting actors !
    >> and the Script Readers Guild was sending scripts to the CPUSA ‘cultural commissar’ for approval.
    * Commies, Radosh, (Encounter, 2001)
    * Red Star over Hollywood, Radosh, (Encounter )
    * The Venona Secrets, Romerstein, Breindel, (Regnery, 2000)
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    ** The Black Book of Communism.
    *** Richard Pipes – The Unknown Lenin – and all other works
    >> check out The Frankfurt School – MARCUSE, ADORNO, et al

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