Oops: Donald Trump mistakenly touts poll showing that Cruz is gaining on him

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On Saturday, Donald Trump re-tweeted Twitter user @AshleyEdam claiming that a CBS Poll showed Trump was starting to gain Cruz supporters. Of course, like our friend @umpire43 (see here, here, here), Ashley turns out to be spreading completely false information as the poll showed the exact opposite: Trump is LOSING support to Cruz.

As reported at CBS News on Thursday, Trump’s “margin over Cruz has decreased.” In one short month, “Trump’s lead over Cruz was 20 points, but now it’s dropped to 13 points…”

Here is the original Tweet:

Here is Trump’s retweet:

Here is the truth:





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11 thoughts on “Oops: Donald Trump mistakenly touts poll showing that Cruz is gaining on him

  1. Ted Cruz’s operatives are working feverishly to obtain delegates through non-democratic means. That pursuit bespeaks a contempt for representative democracy, very unbecoming for a candidate who proclaims himself the only true guardian of the Constitution. For example, in Louisiana, although Trump won the election, Cruz’s behind the scenes machinations have enabled him to come away with a majority of Louisiana’s delegates. And in Colorado, the Republican Party bosses decided not to allow Coloradans to vote, giving all of the state’s delegates to Cruz, who granted favors to pull resistant delegates to his side. Wherever Cruz has lost democratically, he has worked behind the scenes to overturn the will of the voters, obtaining delegates through influence peddling (jockeying to put in place delegates whose real loyalty is to him rather than to the voters’ choice). Do those who support Ted Cruz endorse this approach? Do they really want authoritarians to cause losing candidates to win through cloak room maneuvers? Do they think those tactics consistent with constitutional conservatism? So much for Ted Cruz’s insistence that he is the true constitutional conservative.

    1. Ted Cruz is absolutely a constitutional conservative and has done nothing wrong. It is people like you Chris who never bothered to learn the electoral process or how delegates work. You are uninformed and dishonest.

    2. “working feverishly to obtain delegates through non-democratic means”
      Oh, please! Give us a break! Is Trump’s whining contagious? Maybe you should see a doctor if your hard on for Cruz lasts for more than four hours?

      Cruz is obeying the same rules that Trump could have taken advantage of, if he had only bothered to find out what they were, and wasn’t too busy talking about the size of his hands, the size of his polls and calling his opponents names (most of which, I gather, is projection- Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, child molester Carson, etc.).

      Obtaining delegates through the caucus process is no less “democratic” than disenfranchise every voter who didn’t vote for the majority candidate in a ‘winner take all’ state. They’re called “rules”. You could look it up.

      The Donald, who thinks it should be ‘whiner takes all’, says he surrounds himself with the best people to solve the nation’s problems, hasn’t surrounded himself with people vaguely competent in election politics. Why should you believe that an inauguration would change any of that?

      Your scurrilous slurs of candidate Cruz, much like those of Trump, are duly noted.

      1. The funny thing people is that Trump is crushing Cruz and the only way Cruz can win if the GOP establishment cancels elections and continues to strong arm Cruz people in areas that Trump won and on the second ballot they will steal it for the Washington Cartel.

        If you don’t have a problem with usurping the peoples votes by putting in Cruz supporters and shutting out Trump voters who won the election fair and square in those districts then my friends you support tyranny fair and square.

        You can say all you want and write all this great articles on the constitution but to support the DC insiders and Cruz who can’t get to 1237 which is why he is planning to steal in the second or third vote.

        Sounds exactly what the communist in China or Russia would do.
        And you are our watchman on the wall? Scary stuff….

        1. Chris, I gather you are helping Trump craft his insanity defense? You talk about Cruz not getting to 1237, are you prepared to apply the same conspiracy theory nonsense to Donald Trump if he doesn’t get 1237? Did Abraham Lincoln “steal” his election when he won on the third ballot of his convention?

          Here’s the hard, cold fact: If Donald Trump cannot get to 1237 delegates on the first vote, which is 50% plus one delegate, even including the winner take all states where he did not get 50% of the votes, that means that over half the Republican party supported someone other than Trump.

          So, if you and he whine enough, you can subvert the vote of over 50% of the party? Talk about undemocratic!

          And, ye of little (much like Donald’s hands)faith, Trump can still win on a subsequent ballot if he can demonstrate the capability of convincing the most delegates that he is the best candidate, instead of a bloated, whiny, bloviating, know nothing, liberal, dishonest charlatan. Or a Democrat.

          Man up and stop whining. I’d tell Trump the same thing, but I don’t think he’s capable of it.

        2. Mike,

          My point is that DC is allowing Cruz to put in his own people to represent Trump and not allowing true Trump supporters to represent him at the convention. Its not about whining, its the truth an you know it.
          If DC was working with Trump the way they are with Cruz I couldn’t support him the way you guys support Cruz. Why are people like you, the GOP and Cruz so afraid of letting the people decide this election. The answer is that the special interest that control Cruz and DC can’t allow an outsider to come in to turn this nation around to solvency and sovereignty. Those are the facts Mike and to be honest explaining that to you and others on this site is quite frankly a waste of time. You choose DC corruption and their socialist, globalist ideology over the American way, I get it but I will never support that because I love this country.

          1. People like me?? Generalize much? Or are you just referring to conservative voters who see through Trump’s lies and baloney?
            Waste of time? Yeah. Trying to put lipstick on the pig which is Donald Trump’s campaign is an uphill climb, but it’s not for a want of truth.
            Wrap yourself in the flag and pretend that the only people who oppose Trump are liberals and GOP party hacks.

            Drink that Kool-Aid! Make some Popsicles while you’re at it. Your denial does not equal anyone’s reality.

            BTW, Closed captioning for the logic impaired: someone who disagrees with your candidate is not ipso facto less than patriotic, less than intelligent or some special interest. To assume so is dishonest. Or worse.

          2. In case you haven’t heard, I understand that a number of Trump delegates from Florida are being chosen by…Marco Rubio supporters.
            They may be bound to Trump on the first ballot, but if Trump doesn’t “crush it” taking 1237 delegates to the convention, Rubio’s revenge may influence the second ballot.

            How do Marco Rubio and John Kasich figure into the GOP conspiracy of Trump’s ignorance of delegate selection and his totally inadequate state by state ground game?

            We know Trump is a big conspiracy guy. His statements on 9-11 sound a lot like Code Pink or OWS. Occam’s razor would suggest that Trump simply didn’t know his copious arse from a hole in the ground when it came to actually selecting the delegates that are going to the convention.

  2. I have been praying that God takes Trump out. Seems it is working. Trump continues to make a fool of himself. Thank you, Lord!

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