Trump’s Russia adviser Carter Page: Globalist entrepreneur with ties to Russian intelligence-dominated company

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has hired a Russian adviser with ties to a former Eastern Bloc oligarch and Russian intelligence infiltrated energy company, Gazprom.

Carter Page
Carter Page

The hire in question is a globe-trotting 44 year-old American investment banker Carter Page, who has built a career on deals with Russia and its state-run gas company.

Page’s resume includes a stint in the U.S. Naval Academy, working in arms control at the Pentagon and a fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Over his career, he’s earned three graduate degrees, including a PhD from SOAS University of London.

In 2000, Page moved into investment banking, getting a job at Merrill Lynch’s capital-markets group in London. After impressing a colleague with his relationship with Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian billionaire, Page was sent to help open the firm’s Moscow office in 2004.

One of the Ukraine’s richest men, Victor Pinchuk is the son-in-law of  former pro-Russian Ukrainian President and longtime Communist Party boss, Leonid Kuchma.

Pinchuk was also a big donor to Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s Clinton Foundation. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was created by Mr. Pinchuk, whose fortune stems from a pipe-making company.

Victor Pinchuk, Hillary Clinton
Victor Pinchuk,  Hillary Clinton

While in Moscow,  Page developed close relationships with executives at Gazprom, the former Soviet gas ministry that was partially privatized in the 1990s. At that time Putin was consolidating his control of Russia’s economy and in 2005 the government became a majority shareholder. According to Bloomberg News:

Page says he advised Gazprom on its largest deals during this period, such as buying of a stake in the Sakhalin oil and gas field in the Sea of Okhotsk. He also helped the company court Western investors, assisting in setting up the first regular meetings with shareholders in New York and London. Before he moved back to New York in 2007, he says, many of its top officials showed up at his going-away party, at a restaurant near the Kremlin.

This connection should ring major alarm bells.

According to the Huffington Post affiliated The World Post:

A look at Gazprom’s leadership and murky history, particularly since Vladimir Putin rose to power nearly a decade ago, shows just how politicized the company is.

“To a large extent, Gazprom is almost a proxy for the government,” said Chris Weafer, chief strategist at UralSib, a Russian investment bank. “It is the state’s company and its most important asset…”

Soon after Putin assumed the presidency in early 2000, a little known bureaucrat named Dmitry Medvedev was elected chairman of the Gazprom board. Medvedev — who later became Putin’s chief of staff — remained chairman until ascending to the country’s presidency in May 2008, after receiving Putin’s endorsement.

Today, Putin’s first deputy prime minister, Viktor Zubkov, holds the chairmanship. The CEO is Alexei Miller, an associate of Putin’s from his days in the St. Petersburg government in the early 1990s. Miller has no gas industry experience, and it is said that he is merely a figurehead.

Nearly a dozen top Gazprom managers served in the KGB or its main successor agency, the FSB, including its deputy chairman, Valery Golubyov.

“The relationship is very close” between the company and the state, said Dmitry Peskov, Prime Minister Putin’s press secretary. “Although Gazprom is an international corporation, the largest shareholder is the Russian state. There is nothing strange in the fact that the relationship between the government and Gazprom is really very close.”

Page clearly wants to use his position with Donald Trump to help his Russian friends and business partners, who are still suffering economically from U.S. sanctions imposed after Vladimir Putin’s partial invasion of the Ukraine. Removing these sanctions, obviously, would be incredibly helpful to the Kremlin. It would also give a green light to further Russian encroachment into Eastern Europe.

According to Bloomberg News:

Carter Page says his business has suffered directly from the U.S. economic sanctions imposed after Russia’s escalating involvement in the Ukraine. When Donald Trump named him in March 2016, as one of his foreign-policy advisers, Page says his e-mail inbox filled up with positive notes from Russian contacts. “So many people who I know and have worked with have been so adversely affected by the sanctions policy,” Page said in a two-hour interview last week. “There’s a lot of excitement in terms of the possibilities for creating a better situation.”

Gazprom is among those companies particularly hard-hit by U.S. sanctions.

The Gazprom connection is ongoing. Sergey Yatsenko, a former deputy chief financial officer at Gazprom is now an official adviser to Page’s firm, Global Energy Capital LLC.

Sergey Alekashenko, another top Merrill executive in Russia in the mid 2000s and now an outspoken Kremlin critic, has described Page as a junior banker with little understanding of the country. “I could not imagine Carter as an adviser on foreign policy,” Aleksashenko said. “It’s really surprising.”

Page’s background at the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pentagon’s arms control would have made him a prime target for Russian intelligence recruitment or influence. The fact that Carter Page has been so close to KGB/FSB connected Gazprom should be very concerning to U.S. intelligence agencies.

Page’s urging of closer ties to Russia and the easing of sanctions is completely in accord with Russian foreign policy goals.

Given Donald Trump’s recent talk of downgrading U.S. commitment to NATO, another long time Russian goal, it is not surprising that Carter Page now has the ear of the leading Republican presidential contender.

Not surprising… but extremely disturbing to say the least.


Author: Trevor

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43 thoughts on “Trump’s Russia adviser Carter Page: Globalist entrepreneur with ties to Russian intelligence-dominated company

  1. Revisiting this now. Trump’s ability to win the general election seems to be more consequential. Meanwhile, SVR/GRU/Spetsnaz may actually be, as proposed, poisoning Clinton. Although Clinton is dirty and has had many unfortunate ill advised past dealings with Kremlin interests, ultimately, she is deemed an enemy of the Kremlin. Why? Simply put, the Kremlin wants nothing to do with Western Leftists, in the long game. Western Leftists have concerns such as human rights, racial equality, and the like. Such does not jibe with the post Modern Duginist / NBP mentality. Ultimately, Western Leftists are to be liquidated by the up and coming 4th Reich.

    This landscape explains why the Kremlin supports Trump and now overtly undermines Clinton. Trump, while not perhaps core Duginist, is aligned enough with Duginism, that he’s viewed minimally as an “Icebreaker” figure and possibly as a potential leader of a future Russian satellite state version of the US.

    One other potential purpose of Trump may be as follows. The Kremlin may be betting that a Trump victory may so severely divide the US security establishment, that the security establishment would be made useless. Why would they want that? War plans may be afoot.

  2. Unfortunately Anthony you are clearly a fruit loop, and a deeply dishonest and malicious one at that. Lie after compounding lie, so I will have to ban you from this site. Second person in ten years. Email e and I’ll return the money you donated to the movie.

    Just for anyone else who may care, I’ve never been part of the Cruz campaign nor ever claimed to be. Dont know where Anthony got that from.

  3. Trevor…you used your editors websites as PROOF?!?! And her article and yours as proof?!?

    Both sites belong to YOUR editor…and the information on the sites is by her or linked to Glenn Beck info at THE BLAZE…HUUUGE Cruz supporters

    1.) Carter didn’t do a “stint” at the U.S. Naval Academy –it is where he s educated!

    2.) Carter was not on the CFR…as a student he won a one year Felowship to study the Caspian Sea yet you conflated that to “Membership on the CFR” a lie–while you do not mention Heidi Cruz’s true five year Membership on the CFR and one of 5 from the CFR writing the TTP and the TPY…and her long history working for the Bush administration, Goldmand Sachs and Globalists…not to mention Ted’s history working for the Bush administration.

    3.) Carter was not hanging out with the KGB–another filthy lie –He was working for Merrill Lynch in the gas and oil sector–so if he met the CEO of Gasprom any moron would be surprised if he had not.met Punchuk ….but to conflate that to an association with HILLARY, the KGB and Putin is filthy yellow journalism and does not just border on a lie–but is a lie.

    4.) Carter worked at the United States Pentagon after graduating from the United States Naval Academy…He was a huge admirer of Ronald Reagan and that was what propelled him to the U.S. Naval Academy and the Pentagon and his career in arms control.

    Have you addressed Ted Cruz’s relationship with his two proven mistresses? No…the Information and documents released from Annonymous on Ted Cruz proving Ted’s relationship with the DC Madam? NO.

    You say you support Ted Cruz but are not part of his campaign???
    That is not what you told our Tea Party–You said you were living in Iowa working on his campaign–

    If so you well knew Amanda Carpenter was his squeeze and also know she was working with Cruz to steal Dr. Carson’s votes as the insider said that plan was hatched long before it happened.

    You say you are a Communist hunter in the US system??? That so? Then you must have run into Rafael Cruz who was a Communist Revolutionary–working with Fidel Castro for a Communist Cuba…until George HW Bush helped him into school in Texas.

    How intriguing you are Trevor….Who are you really? What did you used to do –really? That you ended up in bed with Glenn Beck under the pretense of being a Communist hunter in the USA is just not believable …not from a guy in bed with the likes of TED CRUZ

  4. Lol Anthony Ted knows the rules and plays hard. Trump is completely outclassed. Clearly Anthony you have know real desire to learn the truth and save the country. You just want to troll and vent your spleen. Mr Trump must be very proud of you. Prepare yourself for defeat my friend. Trumps looming loss will be a great day for America. Even better will be Ted Cruz inauguration day.

  5. Thanks for donating to the movie Anthony. Im sure youll be very impressed with it. I dont work on the Cruz campaign, and never have. I’m a fan, not a staffer. . Ive been promoting Cruz since 2013..well before either Cruz or Trump announced.
    I promote Cruz because he believes in the Constitution, is anti amnesty, pro US sovereignty and stands strong against Russia.

    Trump is good on amnesty, and sovereignty but weak at best on the other two points. When Cruz is president I think you’ll see how wrong you were over the Cruz sovereignty issue Anthony.

    Show me where Trump is committed to the constitution and is willing to be tough on Putin/Russia and i may reconsider my position. Any evidence at all?

    1. Ted stealing delegates is despicable and does not have the people’s support…Ted is a creep–and no matter how they try to create a palatable version with his new “John Wayne” voice –he makes us cringe.

      “When you take a good look at everything newly known about Cruz, there’s a darn good reason to believe “constitutional Cruz” was a fabricated construct.”

      That Rafael Cruz’s father was a Communist Revolutionary with Fidel Castro should concern you….Cruz is a contract and a continuation of Obama 2.0 — and now a scheme to data mine the 90 million Evangelical votes to appear to reverse engineer the hated Obama …but unfortunately he is more of the same.
      Pull down the Ted mask and all you seek is gay Mitch McConnell…should be interesting to see the DC Madam records of Ted covered…it will be the alternate media that takes down
      Ted…The people who can think for themselves despise Ted–the infected are falling in line.

      1. Not one comment about Trump’s ties to Soros, Carter Page or his drooling over Richard Haass. Very revealing.

    1. That is relevant because you made it so with the abundance of lies and disinformation you are pushing regarding Trump.

      That you are doing so while working on the Cruz campaign while not even a U.S. citizen who is eligible to vote in our elections is germane.

      Those facts in conjunction with Cruz being a Canadian-born citizen who lied about his citizenship until 2014 gives rise to the perception there is a scheme being perpetrated by outsiders on America. With as many Cruz insiders abandoning his campaign and with you being so intimately involved with Cruz and his campaign you must surely be aware of the truth. Sorry I donated to your film as you appear to be more Perestroika!

  6. Victor. You are so wrong on every front. But fortunately you will not get the chance to see Trump betray everything you believe in. He will lose Wisconsin this week and struggle thereafter (except NY and maybe NJ). Cruz will beat him on the second or third round of a contested convention if not before.

  7. Trevor,

    I followed you from the start and was so inspired by your will to fight for your country and mine. Curiously, as your research bloomed the so called ‘conservative’ media wanted nothing to do with your fine research and defining who this president really was. Your good friend at Accuracy in Media, Cliff Kincaid posted a copy of a declassified FBI report on the Weather Underground years ago which would have been readily available to the GOP establishment and the power structures around our own intelligence agencies which has been dominated by the likes of the Bush 41, Bush43, Rove, Cheney and others. Yet they all sat silent while this man implemented his plan to fundamentally destroy this country? Don’t you think that these folks who are now backing your candidate Ted Cruz didn’t know who Obama and Ayers were before he became Senator, let alone President and have been covering for him ever since? Glenn Beck outlined for years the Soros /Media Matters connection who now you, he and Cliff are siding with against a Trump Candidacy and reaching for anything to undermine him? Sir common sense must have bumped into you along your trips across my country that the establishment in DC will accept an Obama presidency who has known connections to international communists as you have outline, yet a man who wants to stand up for US sovereignty is a threat? Now the so called ‘conservative’ who refused to use your material are pushing propaganda while citing a potential connection to the CFR you are backing a man who’s cabinet is made up of all CFR members and wife worked for the CFR (under the president of the CFR Zoelick) and help pass NAFTA and the North American Union which destroys America’s sovereignty and solvency. Trevor could it be that you are willings to throw all your principles aside and stand with the likes of Soros, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Media Matters, MSN, FOX because your concerned that a Trump presidency that puts our own national interests ahead of your own countries? I don’t think that will be the case from the simple fact that a bankrupt nation can’t save New Zealand from China can it? But a nation that defends our borders and weakens China through better trade deals does. But you sir have traded all your research and speeches and sided with as you put it “The Enemies Within”. And do me a favor, next time you want to trash a patriot like Palin who has given her life to promote liberty here and abroad at her own families expense (death threats) please keep it to yourself.

    You might as well burn all the great research you have done over the years and write another book how I chose Soros/Media Matters/Clinton/Obama/Bush agenda over America’s last chance at solvency and sovereignty. Interesting these special interest power brokers never pulled these stunts against a known communist but they are doing everything to steal this election from the American people. Cruz along with his inside the beltway boys say “Trump will never be the nominee” while he is millions of votes ahead of his nearest competitor and your guy Cruz knows he has no chance of winning. But here is a little secret Ted the American the voters decide who gets elected not people like you who talk like Castro and ready to throw this nation into a banana republic run by an international body who doesn’t have the best interest of your country or mine in mind.

    Please see the light Trevor before it is too late…

    1. If you are concerned about Heidi’s time at the CFR, where she advocated for the private sector; you surely would express much greater concern for Trump, who slobbers all over CFR pres Richard Haass & spent Christmas 2009 with George Soros, right? Not to mention (speaking of CFR), Trump’s new “Russia advisor” Carter Page?

      1. The guy is self funding , Soros is sponsoring and financing the attacks against Trump.

        The CFR is doing everything to defeat Trump and your boy Cruz supports TPA and TPP which was written by the CFR. The CFR is all about world government which is why Trump is the enemy to them because he can’t be bought and won’t listen to the hacks like the BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA NWO.

        You can’t be this uninformed….

      2. Carter was not on the LIE. He received a one year scholarship from the CFR to study the Caspian Sea.

      3. Heidi Cruz did not advocate for the private sector. She came to the CFR via the Bush administration, Goldman Sachs and Zoelick…Heidi Cruz worked specifically on the North American Union. She was not briefly at the CFR but rather was on the CFR for 5 years.

      1. “Trevor is not a citizen of the USA but rather of New Zealand.”

        Incredible!.. We, racists of all countries, will find a proper solution… in one dark night… on one dark road… closer to the Caspean Sea…

    2. Victor, well ghee, who didn’t know who Obama and Ayers were. I knew who they were before the idiots in this country elected the man twice. If he even was actually elected. I frankly don’t believe the people of this country have actually been electing who is running this country for years.

  8. Any – incl. informal or indirect ones – linkages to Mr.Pu can only be most favorable for any contender!

    There’s yet another convincing illustration for that:

    1. One may – by yet another try – note the natural gaz issue in that politically incorrect, unreasonable, nonprogramatic and outspokenly Central-European anti-Pu propaganda sample.

  9. As checked out your link Anthony. Cmpletely bogus. Yu need t be able to separate propaganda from reality. I know the Cruz stole Iwa story inside and out. I was actually at the caucuses. Completely bogus. Trump and Rubio people used the CNN report too, but only Cruz was man enough t say that it should have been checked out before it was used. That was my first confirmation that Trump was fundamentally dishonest. He knew Cruz did nothing wrong. He knew his own sstaff did exactly the same, but he labelled Cruz a liar. That was the day my considerable sympathy for Trump evaporated.

    1. Wrong Trevor and I submit you know much of what is in your hit piece on Trump and Carter is utter crap.

      First, and I am quite certain you know you are spreading a Glenn Beck lie..
      Trump did NOT spend his Christmas with Soros. They were at the same cocktail party hosted by a third party the economist Dr. Doom Rouhani –That is a far piece from the lie you are spreading. Soros is funding Kasich to get Trump out of the race via the convention and the Bush establishment is funding Cruz…So why propagate the lies Trevor???

      It was rather easy to find the December 2001, Page 6 -New York Post story on the cocktail party– Is this “story” a reflection the quality of you research? I certainly hope not.

      Second, Carter Page was not on the CFR. He received a one year “Fellowship” to do research as a student on the Caspian Sea for the CFR–that is a far cry from the BS you are pushing.

      Carter Page had no relationship with the KGB. He did run the Moscow office for Merrill Lynch for 12 years. Do you have any understanding of the world of finance whatsoever?! …. After going to the U.S. Naval Academy Page working at the Pentagon for years on arms control. Carter Page was an avid Reagan fan….if I could dis sen this info in several minutes then you are purposely passing false information and I for one am
      thoroughly disgusted by your propaganda campaign against Trump.

      You also must be aware the insider info from the Cruz campaign is darn well true. The affairs are true as is the money trail to Fiorina to pay off one of Cruz’s mistresses.

      The story from another insider to Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit on “Anchoring” is also true…Which brings me to wondering what a baker from New Zealand is doing so intimately involved in the US Presidential race and particularly Canadian-born Constituionally ineligible Ted Cruz’s campaign??

      Indeed, your association with the Morom-funded head-case~Teddy-bear-rewarding of illegal border crossings guru Glenn Beck is further cause for suspension.
      Deeply disappointed –mainly because I found your research on “The Enemies Within” to be
      quite interesting and of value.

      At this point you are simply suspect.

      1. Anthiny, so I guess the part abut Page’s relationship with Victor Pinchuk, isn’t true either and that he gave 8.6 million to the Clinton Foundation. The whole situation seems very strange.

  10. Anthony. He was also in the CFR and has close ties to KGB operatives. Give me an honest answer..should I ignore that? If so why?

    In all my talks around this country I’ve consistently stood for limited government, and the constitution and have always been strongly anti Putin and current Russian foreign policy. Ted Cruz aligns with all of that, and Trump doesn’t.

    Why in God’s name would I then support Trump who is the antithesis of what I’ve been promoting all over the US fr the last 4 years? Please explain to me why I should do that.

    If Trump hires a KGB connected adviser why should I hide that? If Cruz did the same should i hide that too? Or would that be OK to expose?

  11. Hmmmm… Oh, (some of) those Fargo activists – customary missing the ominous linkage between the Ukraine and the World Energy Supply…

    Cmrd. Stalin wasn’t that way when he outlined – both clearly and prophetically – that very topic soon after WWII (while launchig preparations for the Third one, of course)…

  12. Is your entire Tea Party support a front for another agenda? I want to know because many supported you…Cruz is a fraud and you must know that and if so you too are a fraud….Many many have supported you and Cruz now looks like a scheme–Are you part of the same scheme?

    1. Hmmm… Let me don’t care that Trump slobbers all over cfr pres Richard Haass or spent Christmas 2009 with George Soros, right? You only care about Heidi’s time at the cfr, where she dissented & advocated for the private sector?

    2. Just curious where you get your Cruz info from, Anthony. Is it TheConservativeTreehouse, or the Marshall Report? If it’s another site, I’d be interested in which one.

  13. Wow Trevor, trying to smear Trump because of an advisor. The guy was in the US Naval Academy. Heidi Cruz was CFR and supports the North American Union….Insiders from the Cruz Campain say it is the filthiest. Campaign ever–How can you be a part of it? I realize your not a U.S. Citizen but I understood you wanted to save the U.S….you should listen to this insider from the Cruz Campaign…because if he knows how corrupt Cruz is ~ then so do you.

    1. Anthony, what is wrong with you. Is this not a credible story. You do not find this troubling. If not it should. Trumps advisor, yes, he represents Trump, so it is relevant. Did you even bother to read the article. So you say Heidi is CFR. Now Trump has an advisor with ties to the CRF. Plus this guys ties with, billionaire Victor Pinchuk, who donated 8.6 million to her foundation. I would find this troubling and so should others.

    2. Anthony, I guess you’re unaware that during a debate, when Bret Baier asked Donald Trump for 2 or 3 names of people he goes to for foreign policy advice, Trump immediately responded that Richard Haass was “excellent.” Richard Haass is the president of CFR.

      In addition, the North American Union is a conspiracy theorists’ fantasy; it never existed and never will.

      BTW: John Bolton is a member of CFR. Do you have a problem with him?

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