Donald Trump’s Anti-NATO Campaign Feeds “Red Russia”

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Analyst Toby Westerman examines Donald Trump’s anti-NATO views and how a Trump Administration would turn Europe over to Vladimir Putin. Westerman, author of “Lies, Terror, and the Rise of the Neo-Communist Empire: Origins and Directions,” says that Trump, a real estate mogul, doesn’t seem to understand that a Russian nuclear or conventional attack will occur on the territory of our allies. “They stand to lose more than money,” he says. “I’m ashamed that an American leader (Trump) would talk that way.” He adds, “Our allies are being surrounded. And Trump wants to cut and run.” Westerman and host Cliff Kincaid also discuss the “Red Jihad” attacks in Brussels, Belgium, where NATO is based. It looks like a Trump presidency would resemble the Barack Obama policy of surrendering to “Red Russia” and its client states, including Cuba. Westerman says that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to be “security risks.”


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3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Anti-NATO Campaign Feeds “Red Russia”

  1. Oh have completely mischaracterized Trump’s remarks on NATO and Russia

    General Tata agreed with Trump…”NATO needs to cowboy up.”

    Further, Trump was referring to Putin’s strength as a leader, contrasting Putin with Obama.

    Honestly, some of you CruzBots are people I had once considered quite capable and most often on-point…But no longer.

    Do you have any idea of Cruz’s establishment links?
    Do you want more leadership connected to the establishment? I do not.
    Heidi Cruz’s connections to the CFR and the North American Union will destroy our very sovereignty. The TTP and TTY are not Trade agreements.

    Further the Michelle Fields demonization of Cory Lewandowski is to damage Trump. Have you looked into Fields? Or her mother’s views on Trump…They are there had you bothered to look:

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