Buy ‘Apocali Now!’ Now Now Now!!!

Great new children’s/adult’s book from my friend Evan Sayet. A former professional comedy writer and stand-up comedian turned activist and Trump speech-writer, Evan loves to lampoon the left. Click the blue link to buy ‘Apocali Now!‘ today.

Written in a Dr. Seuss like format, Evan skewers every disaster that never happened – from ‘nuclear winter’ to ‘acid rain’ to melting ice-caps and let’s us laugh at the left’s folly. These people never learn, but your children or grand-children certainly will by reading this book.

And for all the humor there is a serious purpose. Your children and grandchildren are getting a constant diet of leftist scare-mongering every day at school. This is actually stressful for our kids. Let them laugh at the doomsayers. Give them some perspective. Let them understand that the same silly game has been played many times before and things have only gotten BETTER!!!!

Put this book in your child’s hands (after you’ve chuckled through it yourself). You’ll give them lots of laughs and teach them some valuable life lessons.


Author: Trevor

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