On defiled Virgin Mary statue, Boston Globe neglects to mention Islam

via Boston Globe (insert charbase.com)
via Boston Globe (insert charbase.com)

On Good Friday, a statue of the Blessed Mother at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Norwood, Massachusetts was covered in black spray paint, with the Arabic “Allah” scrawled on it’s base. Reenat Sinay and Alexandra Koktsidis of the Boston Globe declined to mention that the act was a “hate crime,” while similar vandalism has been described that way at mosques by the same publication on numerous occasions (see here and here).

As far as the “Allah” scrawl, the Boston Globe failed to mention what it was, referring to it only as “graffiti”: 

The body of the statue, which depicts the Blessed Mother with praying hands, was covered in paint. Graffiti was scrawled beneath a plaque that reads ‘To Jesus Through Mary,’ on the base of the statue, which stands in a garden outside the parish school.

No mention of the act being investigated as a “hate crime,” and no mention at all of the Islamic element to the vandalism. In fact, the Boston Globe was quick to assure readers that the act of vandalism is an affront to all religions.

“It’s disrespectful to every religion,” said Linda Curran, 73, who learned of the from a neighbor. “I just feel badly. Norwood really has many different houses of worship . . . many different cultures in the town, and there’s never been a problem..”

A town official denounced the act as disrespectful to all faiths in town.

“Personally, I think it’s a very sad thing to have happened, especially on Easter weekend,” said Paul A. Bishop, chairman of the Norwood Board of Selectmen.

“It’s not just about Catholics — it’s disrespectful to all religions,” he said. “The statue has been there for generations.”

As an aside, the church itself has sadly fallen victim to political correctness. It will be interesting to follow up on this case. If the perpetrators are caught, this author suspects that they may not be Muslim at all, but rather left-wing agitators.


Author: renee nal

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3 thoughts on “On defiled Virgin Mary statue, Boston Globe neglects to mention Islam

  1. I have studied, monitored, and written about the advances of Islam in the USA for the past twelve years. Political Islam is incompatable with our USA Constitutional Democracy. Religious Islam is incompatible with our Judeo-Christian founding principals and predominant religious society. In fact, all aspects of Islam, as depicted in the Koran and demonstrated by terrorist activity, are incompatible with World Society and should be prohibited where not welcome. Islam was created by an illiterate Nomade in the Mid Seventh Century who decided he would impose and force it on all World Populations. Current advocates of Islam are directed to do the same through deception and intimidation as reflected in their Mass Murder SOP.

    Suggested action in the Global Community:
    – Prohibit Muslim immigration and repopulation
    – Educate those Muslim who desire to learn truth and eventually become citizens of the human
    race, not man made Evil they have been brainwashed to follow.
    – Join a Global Consortium who’s task it is to illiminate the Muslim Contagion and free people
    under it’s influence.
    – Build Survival Communities to rescue those At Risk from Islamic repercussions and train them
    in vocation to help them serve humanity and their people.

    A. Einstein commented; “Earth will not be destroyed by those who do Evil but by those who watch and do nothing”

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