Cruz’s Presidential Brussels Response: What More Do You Need?

By: Lloyd Marcus

Ted Cruz

In response to the Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels, along with other common sense solutions, Ted Cruz cited the success of the NYPD Muslim surveillance program.

Well, the mainstream media and Democrat talking heads went nuts; launching their usual shock and awe attack on anyone who refuses to bow their knee in worship to their god of political correctness. The Left called Cruz an idiot and a racist; demanding his head on a platter.

And yet, Cruz has not wavered, not walked-back his solutions nor blinked in his resolve to protect Americans. That’s what I am talkin’ about folks. Ted Cruz is a rock-solid, character-driven and backbone-of-steel conservative; sold-out to defending and advocating for We the people.

The Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels happened in the middle of a highly contentious US presidential campaign. This is a time when candidates are typically extremely cautious about what comes out of their mouth; careful not to p-o any group of voters. Cruz’s immediate instinct was to throw political correctness to the wind. Cruz immediately came out with solutions rooted in the best-interest of the American people which infuriated the Left. Again, that’s what I am talkin’ about folks.

There is an old parable about a man who was trapped on his roof during a flood. He prayed for God to reach down His hand and rescue him. He drowned. In Heaven, the man asked God why He did not answer his prayer? God said, I did. Before the water got too high, I sent a guy in a pick-up truck. Then, I sent people in a rowboat and finally I sent a helicopter. You rejected them.

Folks since 2008, along side millions of patriots, I have been fighting Obama and his leftist associate’s implementation of their fundamental transformation of America. Attending over 500 Tea Party rallies over the years, I have held patriots’ hands and prayed for God to restore our great land.

We prayed for God to raise up strong conservative leaders who will keep their word when we send them to our nation’s political Sodom and Gomorrah (Washington DC). Sen Ted Cruz is among a rare few that we sent to Washington who has remained true-blue to We the People and our Constitution. Cruz has paid a huge price for courageously standing up for We the People; hated by Democrats, GOP establishment and the mainstream media.

This is why for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would not enthusiastically vote for Ted Cruz.

When those patriots get to Heaven, they will ask God. Why did you allow our Founding Fathers vision of America which was inspired by you to fade away? Why did you allow government to double down on forcing all Americans to embrace sodomy against their faith? Why did you allow government to force taxpayers to fund the selling of dead baby heads for profit?

Patriots in heaven will say, You promised to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who do not. Why did you allow government to betray our longtime ally Israel?

God will say to those patriots. I answered your prayer, but you rejected it. I sent you Ted Cruz.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


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10 thoughts on “Cruz’s Presidential Brussels Response: What More Do You Need?

  1. Both Presidents Woodrow Wilson and FDR invoked emergency military action under statute 50 USC 21 in order to protect the security of the US in WW I and WW II. We need to to do that now before some Allah Kamikaze explodes a nuclear bomb in the US.

    Having these people in our country is as dangerous as dumping a barrel of cobra snakes loose in a crowd and hoping none of them bite anyone, or trying to figure out which ones will do the biting.

    We better get our heads out of our asses before it’s too late and we end up getting beheaded or burned alive. That’s what those people do.

  2. Just noticed: some contributers are in black, others – in blue. Clearly discrimination (no matter what way). The USD amount could be disputable. We like it cash in Cyprus (seen our destroyer nearby?)…

  3. “Der beunruhigende Vorteil des Islamischen Staates
    Die Miliz Islamischer Staat verliert in Syrien und Irak an Boden. Deshalb tragen die Dschihadisten den Terror gezielt in Europas Hauptstädte – mit hoher PLANUNGSKOMPETENZ und einem neuen Tätertypus.

    Wach endlich auf, Belgien!”

  4. I can’t get past the “Constitutional” conservative not knowing what natural born means. My little brother was born to two US citizens in a foreign land. The embassy, where they had to fill out my brother’s Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), said that it would make my brother a NATURALIZED citizen – but not a natural born citizen; therefore, he could not run for or be POTUS. Cruz has been deceptive about informing the public for his personal gain. I really don’t like that.
    I am also concerned that our lawmakers have gone along with this deception. ruz doesn’t even qualify for Senator:
    Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution sets three qualifications for senators:
    (1) they must be at least 30 years old,
    (2) they must have been citizens of the United States for at least the past nine years, and
    (3) they must be inhabitants of the states they seek to represent at the time of their election.

    Cruz has been a naturalized citizen for less than 2 years. He won’t qualify to be a Senator for another 7 years!

  5. “WASHINGTON — A State Department official says two more Americans have been identified as killed in the attacks on Brussels, bringing the total number confirmed so far to four. An official confirmed the deaths on grounds of anonymity Sunday night because this person was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.”

    The “authorization to discuss” has seemingly become the issue of the day…

      1. Like more news? Or, probably, not?..

        The important Afghan guy assassinated couple of days before 9/11 died – where?.. What connections to today’s Brussels (there’re some, really)?..

        I also hope etc…

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