Conservatives Look For a New Network

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


With the far-left Huffington Post proclaiming openly gay Shepard Smith as “the future” of Fox News, many conservatives are looking elsewhere for news and information. Almost on cue, it has been announced that a new digital conservative TV channel called CRTV is launching this December that will be featuring Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn. There is also talk of “Trump TV.”

Since the forced departure of Roger Ailes, reports Ryan Grim of The Huffington Post, Rupert Murdoch’s two sons, James and Lachlan, “have taken a bigger role inside the network.” In a reference to host Sean Hannity, a hard-core Trump supporter, Grim says they intend to jettison “some of the knuckle-dragging, opinion-heavy approach to politics,” and give more leeway to Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly.

It has been rumored for years that James Murdoch, the liberal Murdoch son who buys into global warming hysteria, is the real heir to his father’s media business. The New York Times has described him as “steadfastly liberal” and notes that he “has supported Bill Clinton and Al Gore, whose daughter he befriended at Harvard.”

James Murdoch, chief operating officer of 21st Century Fox, has given somewhere between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Grim reported, “The [Murdoch] brothers are reportedly working hard to woo [Megyn] Kelly, hoping she’ll stay at Fox past the election and help shape the network’s post-Ailes identity.”

Kelly got into a nasty dispute with Trump during one of the debates when she challenged his comments about the looks of certain women. For her part, Kelly has used her sex appeal to gain viewership, and even appeared in sexually-suggestive poses in GQ magazine. One photo showed her pulling down the strap of her dress, about to expose her bare breast.

The Huffington Post’s embrace of Shepard Smith, who anchors a program on the Fox News Channel, is an indication of where the liberal-left want to see the programming move. But despite the snide innuendo that conservatives are involved in “opinion-heavy” programming, it’s Smith who has used his anchor position to smear conservative personalities and their values. He called respect for traditional marriage “intolerance,” and said Christians who affirmed Biblical values were “haters.” These comments reflected his personal commitment to the homosexual agenda. Indeed, his recent acknowledgement of being a homosexual was confirmation of the obvious.

With various personalities on Fox News going easy on the Clintons and refusing to critically cover the homosexual agenda, many conservatives are talking about the need for alternative channels. Long-time writer and reporter Peter LaBarbera, who runs Americans for Truth, told Accuracy in Media, “I think this whole [2016 presidential] campaign will give rise to a new network. How much do social conservatives have to suffer if the ‘conservative’ network, Fox, abandons them?”

The launch of “Trump Tower Live,” to provide coverage of the campaign from Trump operatives, was seen by some observers as a template for a new network.

Soon, however, an announcement was made about the launch of CRTV. “This is a movement with millions of liberty lovers who know cable TV content doesn’t square with their world-view,” said CRTV personality Mark Levin.

Regarding the other Fox News personalities favorably highlighted by Ryan Grim of The Huffington Post, it’s true that Chris Wallace has mostly come across as an objective observer of the political scene who treats both sides with scrutiny. He was praised for his handling of the third presidential debate.

Bret Baier, chief political anchor of Fox News and anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier, does a generally good job on his show as well. But he pulled out of a major Catholic conference under left-wing and homosexual pressure when it was revealed that a Catholic journal associated with the sponsor of the event had published an article about leaving the homosexual lifestyle. Baier was not supposed to speak on that subject, however. He was going to talk about the role of his Catholic faith in his personal and family life.

AIM has noted on several occasions that the Fox News Channel is a major contributor to the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), and recruits homosexuals at the group’s events. Indeed, Smith and Kelly, among other Fox News personalities, have raised money for the NLGJA. In April, 2015, Fox News Channel joined CBS News and CNN as “silver” sponsors of the NLGJA 20th annual New York “Headlines & Headliners” fundraising event. A male stripper performed at the event.

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  1. A good TV network would be nice, but CRTV won’t be it. The wrong people are involved. Levin can no longer be trusted, which he proved this past year in his election coverage. Malkin is sadly no better. We’re much better off abandoning television news because they’re not a format that can really present truth well anyway.

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