Donald Trump’s vile response to fake #CruzSexScandal smear piece; Michael Savage responds


A disgusting article at the National Enquirer claims Ted Cruz cheated on his wife, which evidently spawned the hashtag #CruzSexScandal. The allegations, of course, are fake. And this author will eat her car if proven wrong. That is a promise.

On Facebook, Donald Trump responded to the fake story by saying he did not read it, and in his typical statesman-like manner continued:

“Likewise, I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence.”

Not surprisingly, National Enquirer CEO David Pecker is described as a close personal friend of Trump. See this excerpt from NYMag last year:

“Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years. ‘They’re very close,’ said a source close to the Enquirer. In July 2013, Trump even tweeted that Pecker should become CEO of Time magazine, which at the time was being spun off from its corporate parent, Time Warner. ‘He’d make it exciting and win awards!'”

Here is the Donald’s tweet from 2013:

Donald Trump was not finished bashing Ted Cruz, however, implying that the story was true, since the tabloid was “right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others…”

I have no idea whether or not the cover story about Ted Cruz in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer is true or…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Friday, March 25, 2016

This vile political game appears to be a bridge to far even for Trump supporter Michael Savage, who threatened to withdraw his support from Trump lest he disavows the story and David Pecker.

Listen to Savage discuss his disdain for the tactic at the Right Scoop.


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24 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s vile response to fake #CruzSexScandal smear piece; Michael Savage responds

  1. Answer one question Cruz supporters, why doesn’t Cruz sue the Enquirer ? Hulk Hogan did and won. Erin Andrews did and won. Until Cruz threatens , then pursues a lawsuit, I choose to believe there is some worth to the story. Just because it is Cruz doesn’t make it impossible and actions speak louder than words. TED, ACT !!!

  2. Rumors surrounding Ted Cruz and allegations he cheated on his wife with five women are believed to have steamed from Marco Rubio’s camp – not Donald Trump’s, as initially believed.
    ‘For months and months, anti-Cruz operatives have pitched a variety of #CruzSexScandal stories to a host of prominent national publications,’ The Daily Beast has reported.
    Breitbart News claims it was one of those outlets that was pitched a ‘Cruz Sex Scandal’ story.
    The news site said the pitch came from a video peddled by a ‘Rubio ally’.

    Read more:
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  3. Trump is a lying democrat plant. Trump supporters go by Trumps WORD ALONE and not his corrupted history. I don’t get it, I don’t understand it! All anyone has to do is some real research on Trump and they would see he is Lying and that he is a corrupted businessman. Ted Cruz has kept EVERYONE of his promises he made since he became a Senator in 2012! People need to research and see Cruz Accomplishments! Cruz truly is a good man and does exactly what he says he will do. This is FACTS! #NEVERTRUMP #ONLYCRUZ Because Cruz IS the Real Deal and has proven himself time after time in fighting for the American people!

  4. Boy I would hate to meet this hack in an ally, first off she called herself a reporter, then went on to report a complete fabrication, based on her dislike for Trump. I have spent the better part of defending Cruz against the rags unethical story, which rated right up there with lizard aliens mating with white women, you know the stories, wild women, all sorts of scandals and all the septic stuff they have been printing, resulting in several liable suits. Which this so called reporter needed to do. But rather, she chose to go after Trump why? because she actually has the journalism ethics of the toxic slime bags that many journalists are turning to, hiding behind the 1st amendment, and not being held accountable. Just like the accountability of the establishment politicians she stumps for, or tries to protect. Senator Cruz deserves better representation than this.

  5. I’d like to think that the allegations against Cruz are lies, but is there any way we can be certain? I mean it is all “he said”, “she said”. No proof.

    1. It is a clear smear piece by Trump’s buddies. Until there is evidence, it is not a story. You cannot prove a negative.

    2. Is it a coincidence this story airs after the press released data that Cruz and Kasich would beat Hillary Clinton or after the release of partially nude photos of Trump’s wife taken by GQ magazine? I think not. Trump wants to divert attention over his problems by having someone else attack his leading opponent. I really think things will get worse with this guy rather than better for his very vindictive…another reason not to vote for Trump.

    3. A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Corruptions! A Vote for Cruz is a Vote for getting OUR Country back! Trump is a corrupted lying democrat businessman! Wake up Trump followers! Do some real research on this Democrat Trump! Every time Trump opens his mouth a LIE comes out of it! If you want the same as we already have in the WH and more corruption then Vote for Corrupted businessman Trump! If you want a good man that has done everything he promises, who Stand Strong for OUR Constitution and has PROVEN Himself time after time then Vote for Ted Cruz! CRUZ 2016!

    4. we’ve know Ted long enough to know this is all slime from streets of NYC and this country has lost something called integrity about a decade ago. You can’t get it at FOX either. Sickening. Thought much of Lou Dobbs, but he’s a bit old to be so giddy over trump. no doubt he takes a change of clothes to work.
      His M.O. during the debates was always to scream at who ever had facts to make so his time was spent refuting Trumps lies and name calling. Good grief the shock & disappointment of everyone in Ben Carson’s desire to go with who he thinks is a winner? I hope Kasich & Rubio will always be remembered as the 2 egos who helped nail America’s coffin.

  6. I think when stories like that come out. go to the source the Enquirer Trump had nothing to do with it !

    1. Trump had no problem bashing Cruz over the fake story, did he? He is not even conservative. What is the attraction?

    2. It is very well documented that the NE has run negative stories on almost all of Trump’s opponents and has run only stories praising Trump. It is also very well documented that Trump and Pecker are close friends. It’s called DISCERNMENT, try it some time…

      1. Debra, you are exactly right. Discernment lately seems to be a lost art for Trump supporters. They will defend this guy no matter how low he goes. It reminds me of the Obama supporters of ’08. They have blinders on at the moment. Ted Cruz has real solutions and genuine good character and a plan for America that we desperately need! #choosecruz #trustingJesus #GodblessTedandHeidi

    3. Donald Trump is the friend of the owner of the NE. Praised him and socializes with him. It is very telling that the NE has only attacked Trump’s opponents and NOT Trump, publishing only laudatory articles on him. Before this whole business they endorsed him for president. IF you can’t see the connection, you need discernment glasses.

    1. WOW more dictatorship now! “I will withdraw his support from Trump lest he disavows the story and David Pecker.” How does anyone KNOW if TRUMP even KNEW about this story in the first place? So he knoew David Pecker..isn’t he an adult and can do as he wishes? OUR WORLD has become so Dictator ish it has gotten so dumb! Did Trump pass around pics of Cruz’s wife? NO…it was Trump’s wife’s pic plastered all over the internet! ACTUALLY I would be super proud as she is such a beautiful model and I see more skin at the beach than I did in those pics! Perhaps Trump handled a personal hit (on his wife who he truly loves dearly and wants to protect) WRONG

      1. Cricky…you are doing the same thing that you Trumpeteers accuse the Cruz people of. Making stuff up. Cruz says that Trump should have worn a red tie instead of a blue tie and you Trumpeteers come totally unglued and accuse him of all sorts of nasty stuff, lies, and worse. Did you ever think to check some of the sites that say Cruz did this or Trump did that? Trump, contrary to what you Trumpeteers think, does NOT walk on water. Neither does Cruz. However, you ARE known by the company you keep. And Trump and Pecker are “very close.” Plausible deniability.

      2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the picture of Trump’s wife has been posted and around for years. In fact, she was paid for those poses. She knew what she was doing then and Donald well knew her background. I personally don’t think much Donald Trump, but his wife now seems like a smart businesswoman and a good mother. But to imply that Cruz or his people were involved is asinine at best and outright fraud. Trump himself is egotistical and narcissistic – and even vile in what he, and his friends and associates do in attacking people – esp. by innuendo. I detest him for this.

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