Warning to Donald Trump: Get real on Russian threat, or lose to Hillary

The Democrats plan to exploit Donald Trump’s seeming admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his lukewarm support for NATO as a stick to beat him with in the upcoming Presidential race.

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While largely ignored by most of Trump’s base, their candidate’s perceived naivete regarding Putin and his entourage of pro-Russian acolytes (Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Carter Page), is set to become a major campaign liability. Incredibly, Hillary Clinton, as far left as Bernie Sanders, if truth be told, plans to run to the right of Trump on foreign policy. Trump and the Republican Party will be backed into a pro-Putin corner that will be very difficult to break out of. Talk about irony.

Wesley Clark, a retired Army general, former Democratic presidential candidate and affiliate of the leftist Center for American Progress, thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin wants GOP nominee Donald Trump to win the presidency.

Clark said in a statement for VoteVets, a Democratic/leftist veterans’ group:

“Here’s what Putin probably wants longer term: the break-up of NATO, the pullback of the EU, takeover of Ukraine, dominance over Georgia, re-establishment of Russian control over Eastern Europe and greater Russian influence worldwide,” 

“And what does Trump suggest for his foreign policy? Conditional support for NATO, pulling America back behind walls, withdrawing forward-deployed deterrent forces, abandoning allies and encouraging the proliferation of nuclear weapons,” … “Is there any doubt that Putin might really like us to elect Donald Trump?”

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, made it clear on Monday that WikiLeaks‘ recent dump of Democratic Party emails was no accident:

“Given Donald Trump’s well-known admiration for Putin and his belittling of NATO, the Russians have both the means and the motive to engage in a hack of the DNC and the dump of its emails prior to the Democratic convention…”

This site has been warning for months that Donald Trump’s softness on Russia and unsupportive statements on NATO would become a campaign issue. How did it come to this…a Republican nominee is being attacked by socialist Democrats over his softness towards a neo-Stalinist dictator?

To have any chance of victory in November, Donald Trump needs to fire all his pro-Russia advisers and start treating both Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin as the existential threats to America that they undoubtedly are.

Thanks to the Washington Examiner.

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5 thoughts on “Warning to Donald Trump: Get real on Russian threat, or lose to Hillary

  1. The tragic aspect of our time is that it’s getting more and more tiresome to identify who is spying on/for whom. And why?.. And what for…

  2. what the heck is going on – all the LIBS are blaming Russia for the DNC email leaks – but Assange says it is baloney.
    oh – and they are blaming the russians !
    // the RUSSIA THING AGAIN – see front page of NYTimes


    // the RUSSIA THING again – from the idiots at SALON !

    // assange on the RUSSIA THING

    here is what they are REALLY up to – CULTURE WAR
    // here you go Kaine IS FOR AMNESTY !!

    // more DEMOGRAPHIC DEMISE crap – alternet is cheering

    // and a whole book on the subject – the END of white christian america
    // i have tons more links to this stuff

    // here you go – the old DEMOGRAPHIC DEMISE trick How about some DEM demographic DEMISE

    // and the LEFT is GLOATING over it !!!
    // another article on ‘all the white people are dropping dead’

    // oh SALON says white people are dying out – but blame white people anyway

    // here you go – blame white people for everything – as usual at ALTERNET and SALON say so

    // emily pothast again – ugh

    // college INDOCTRINATION these days – “white people are a plague.”
    // so – since white people are the ENEMY – obama spends millions on jobs for refugee youths

    // mcauliffe is pardoning FELONS – despite losing in court!!!

  3. There’s no ‘threat’ there in Trump’s eyes

    Only a like-minded, unprincipled piece of crap like himself that he feels he can do business with- primarily for personal gain

    Trouble is, someone I know who runs a defense policy group in NYC has know Trump 30 years -can’t stand him- and described Trump as ‘clueless’ re. foreign policy, actually a sucker himself that ‘Putin would run circles around’.


  4. Again, the US is in a big financial trouble. The Nato is a priority target for federal budget cuts. The N./S. Dakota inhabitants (by all respect as you may agree:


    ) would probably support the move. “What the hell Estonia?..”, they’d ask.

    So we’re on the verge of big changes, even for Dakota et al ultimately.

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