WATCH: #Bikers4Trump vs Communists at Trump Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin

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via Twitter

In preparation for a Trump rally scheduled in Janesville, Wisconsin, extreme left-wing agitators have “occupied” a Holiday Inn Express. The response from some prominent Trump supporters has been to enlist bikers to “protect” Trump during his rallies.

Two of the provocateurs have been featured previously at for blatantly lying and graphic personal attacks against the author:

Formerly @LandmanMarius, @Campaign_Trump (above) was featured previously at for making up a completely fake story about a fictitious Cruz staffer. The vile lies have been deleted, but can still be seen here. To this day, the lie is being repeated on social media.

@WDFx2EU, formerly @YugeMilo, was also featured previously at for referring to himself as a “liberal” and for tweeting particularly vile attacks on yours truly.

As far as the Janesville rally, the Trump supporters appear to be in an area close to the anti-Trump protesters. What could possibly go wrong?

Local reporter Julia Fello of local TODAY’S TMJ4 tweeted:

As reported at the local GazetteXtra,

“Six protesters were arrested and could face trespassing, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer charges after dozens initially entered the Holiday Inn Express on Monday evening as part of an anti-Donald Trump protest.”

Watch a video of anti-Trump protesters:

The anti-Trump sentiment was shared on Twitter by Wisconsin State Journal Molly Beck:

As reported at the Examiner,

Several websites supporting the “Bikers for Trump” phenomenon have recently appeared. One such website, Prntly, claims to be “America’s top news site.” In an article titled “BREAKING: Bikers for Trump riding into Wisconsin to stop Anti-Trump protests in Janesville,” author Shelby Carella writes:

“Patriotic Bikers, from all across the United States are planning to show up at ALL future TRUMP rallies to make sure that any paid agitator protesters don’t take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak…”

The Prntly post was cited by the conspiracy website InfoWars and several other pro-Trump outlets.

Watch the Trump rally live here:


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4 thoughts on “WATCH: #Bikers4Trump vs Communists at Trump Rally in Janesville, Wisconsin

  1. While defending their own right to freedom of speech, they are denying it to others. These protestors are obviously not grass-roots; the grass-roots already knows the score. They are fake and confused rent-a-mobs working for those who would reshape the religious and cultural landscapes of Europe and America and end the nation-state. If there are any Catholic Latinos in their midst, they better wake-up.

  2. These are Marxist Protesters. Most of them have no understanding whatsoever of what they are doing. They are the enlisted ignorant which Lenin called useful idiots. It is sad thing to recognized but they ARE idiots in the political sense of the word. America is still fighting the Cold War even though Russia has withdrawn form the battle and the fundamental ideology.America has replaced the Soviet Union in the War against humanity.

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