6 thoughts on “Generational Wealth Redistribution: Dem Rep Brad Sherman Admits Extreme Estate Tax Is Government Designed to Stop Families From Keeping Their Money

  1. The 3rd. Marxist Plank calls for abolishment of all rights to inheritance. This is part of their “redistribution of wealth” (stealing) scheme.

    This follows abolishment of all “property” in land (the source of all wealth) with all “rents” of land (property taxes) applied to public purposes (Plank #1); and Plank #2 calling for a heavy graduated progressive income tax. We have all of these now.

    Unfortunately, few Americans know what communism is. Even fewer know what “Americanism” is.

    This country was founded upon the Biblical Anglo-American common-law. Public Law 97-280 officially recognizes the Bible as the rock upon which our Republic was built. Its Scriptural roots provide that a just man leaves an inheritance to his children; he who refuses to provide and care for his own family is worse than an infidel…

    John Quincy Adams declared in a speech shortly after the Constitution was ratified – the Constitution was written (and this nation founded) for a moral and religious people; it is totally inadequate for any other.

    This country has been taken over by an immoral and ir-religious people; is it any wonder that they revile and despise the Constitution? It wasn’t intended for them.

    The Mao-Tse-Bama called it a flawed, racist, biggoted document full of negative liberties that needs to be eradicated. Any fool can see that that is exactly what he is attempting to do.

  2. And these people have the audacity to refer to themselves as Americans! These are not Americans, Americans do not wish ill upon their neighbors and fellow American’s because good fortune has smiled upon them. This is the nightmare of NAZISM, FASCISM and COMMUNISM and it must be stopped, it must not be allowed to rear it’s ugly head; history is littered with the destructive effects and ensuing misery caused by people like this!

  3. Interesting is it not how the masters of propaganda and the fine art of disinformation do work.

    When they now move boldly into the open, admit they are using these taxes for the robbing of lawfully generated wealth for the sole ends of spending and redistribution, while at the same time most of the truly uber-rich and progressives will get around it, that amounts to no more than legalized bribery via services given and double taxation on income already having been earned.

    People have been so conditioned over the years to act without using the God given brains they have; it reminds me of the song “Give me that old time religion” in which one part is “its good enough for mama and papa, for grandma and grandpa its good enough for me…”

    This is the darker side of that song; showing how over a gerneation or two, a series of lies spun well can become accepted as truth even when there is no substance to them at all.

  4. The stunning thing is not the politicians’ answer, but the audience’s response. They are like the Russian peasant who prays for the death of his neighbor’s cow, so the two can be equal again, in their MISERY.

    1. Chris
      Exactly and “stunning” is the word.
      One could say terrifying too.
      Oh by all means, let us pray on our knees for the death of our neighbor’s cow.
      How in God’s name id this calamity happen?
      Bests regards

    2. I like the illustration verymuch.It says it all
      .The socialist way of earning a living is lay in the stable, make animal noise,tell the senators to mouth off with blaming, lying,cussing;stealing, you’ll be fed to reproduce the same leeching genes from generations to come.Yes, you’ll be identical prints of others,the slaves world where you can just live a minimal surviving life styles,…then die…

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