John Kerry for Secretary of State? An Insult to All Those Who Served

Leftist fellow traveler John Kerry for US Secretary of State? Any GOP Senator who doesn’t fight this one tooth and nail, should be primaried out at the earliest opportunity.

This is the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad from the 2004 presidential election, exposing Kerry’s sell out of his fellow Vietnam vets. This clip alone should be enough to sink this disgrace to his country.


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15 thoughts on “John Kerry for Secretary of State? An Insult to All Those Who Served

  1. Second-generation Soviet-agent Alger-Hiss–and–ilk-descended traitor of the Armand Hammer / Al-Fredo Gore-leone variety.

    (At least the recidivist lying looting thieving mass-murdering co-serial-rapist most stupid woman to ever fail the dumbed-down DC Bar and/or to take a dump between two shoes, Missus Billy-Bubbah Blythe, (“Cli’ton”) was but a first-generation traitor!)

  2. John Kerry’s nomination for Secratary of State isn’t all that surpising. Obama is a commited Marxist and most of his cabinet and appointees have been from the EXTREME LEFT. Assorted flavors of Maoists, Marxists, Leninists and other America Haters.

    I really don’t have confidence that Republicans will stand up and stop this nomination. They’ll just sweep Kerry’s treason under the perverbal rug and go along to get along. Here in America we essencially have one party rule given the “opposition” party is to cowardly to stand up to tyranny.

  3. I wouldn’t support John Kerry for anything above Heinz Ketchup taster.
    The only prob I have with the blog post is the pic of Kerry and Fonda. Some sources say it is a hoax. I submit the link to the argument here only to let Trevor and the KeyWiki staff come up with the real condition.

    John Kerry and Jane Fonda Pictured as Speakers at Anti-War Rally-Fiction!

    Checking everything that is put out means even questioning those that continually prove they are reliable. The truth has no agenda.

    Tyranny the Fight – Liberty the Prize

  4. Tax cheating, popinjay, gigolo, a cosial climber, a grifter, bosom buddy of the Butcher of Damascus…need more?

  5. With all of the previous comments, I totally agree. However, the reality is we have a POTUS who is a progressive liberal, as Kerry. The only thing we all can do is to lobby our Senators to either block his nomination and vote “down”. There are some procedural strategies that the Republican Senators can execute to thwart this nomination.

  6. This is an insult to every patriotic American who has studied and done good with their life. To reward this criminal is to tell every person who waits at a red light or does not commit a crime that their playing by the rules is something to be urinated upon by the bad folks in this land. Our Dept of Justice is ruled by a black panther hating thug and now they want the world to trust America in any negotiations by putting a traitor up there now? Who would trust a traitor to his country and expect to believe anything he ever uttered. Once a traitor, always a traitor. IMPEACH obama as well for his helping our current enemies with guns and implementing sharia law worldwide. Only fools are surprised syria is going full sharia law since we armed muslim brotherhood who have killed non-islamic folks all these months.

  7. The only thing this bottom feeding slug needs is a pin striped suit for prison. Visit for the full scoop on this sad sack of Siberian sheep droppings(PC).

  8. This is the worst insult a democrat can heap on Vietnam veterans! This traitor took part in peace negotiations ON BEHALF OF THE ENEMY! And he was an active duty Naval Officer at the time. He should have been tried for TREASON and faced a firing squad.

    His picture is shown in a communist War Crimes Museum in former Saigon honoring him for his anti-war efforts that enabled a communist victory in Vietnam.

    Where was his phony outrage when his V.C. heros mass murdered almost 1/4 million S. Vietnamese when we left? And where was Jane Fonda?

    Democrats never miss a chance to condemn our troops and take the side of our enemy every time they are involved in a conflict. For this I will never forgive them. There is nothing more anti-American than a democrat! We have seen conclusive proof of this on Nov. 6.

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