Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators! – Part IV of IV

Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators – Part I

HONNEUR et PATRIE (Honor and Country)

Down with Vichy Republican Collaborators!

Vive la Republican Résistance!

The French Resistance, facing the overwhelming military might of the Wehrmacht, but confident in the righteousness of its cause, did not take the “pragmatic” approach of appeasement, much less collaboration, but instead continued the fight. This set them apart from their fellow French who collaborated with the Nazis – the Vichy. The “pragmatic” arguments made by the Vichy are today echoed by “big tent” “Republicans” – “Well, everything’s going the Nazis’ way, so we need to be practical. And we Vichy are the lesser of two evils.”

When ultimate victory is uncertain, even unlikely, isn’t it still preferable to go down fighting in the cause of righteousness than to submit to subservience and to Collectivism? Progressivism begins as soft tyranny – are we not better off to fight now rather than listen to the “pragmatic” moderates who want to bow and make peace with subservience? Can we, facing a “Wermacht” of politicians, academics, airhead media talking heads and “community organizers” do no less than be the political equivalent of the French Resistance? Are not the courage and fealty to righteousness that they displayed characteristics also shared by true Americans? If the French Resistance would take on the Wehrmacht and the Gestapo, are we to shrink from taking on the Democrat Party and an Ostapo of the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Ayers, ACORN, media and entertainment airheads, ivory tower academics, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?

Our cause is righteous and, like the French Resistance, we have allies too: Western civilization; the divinely-inspired Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States; the sometimes hibernating but (as the post-911 reaction showed) still vibrant spirit of patriotism among a large swath of our fellow citizens … and plain old “common sense” that Progressivism has not yet totally snuffed out. We must be unapologetic Conservatives proudly enunciating our continued fidelity to our Judeo-Christian heritage and the timeless gifts bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers.

There are some who believe that time, and demographics, and a losing (if not lost) cultural war mean that we must “moderate” the GOP in order to “appeal” to the middle. This is the voice of career politicians, reflexively loathe to take firm stands on anything, as their rubber-spine sense of survival means that they gravitate not toward leadership but its opposite – pandering to every possible voter by gyrating to offend none. This is the way of Vichy Republicans.

But by succumbing to the Democrat efforts to play on the “ethnicity” field they (and we) have allowed the Democrats to choose the field of battle. When accurately and articulately communicated, Conservatism transcends demographics and ethnicity (that is why Democrats avoid debating their ideas “on the merits”). Conservatism as a political philosophy is universal and superior, offering all, no matter their ethnicity or demographics, the promise of the dignity (but also responsibility) of individual liberty, and a better life for themselves and their children. For human beings, no matter their background, this trumps the Collectivist-Progressive-Democrat model of subservience, the indignity of dependency and perpetually declining standards of living. To beat the Democrats at their divide and conquer ethnicity game, we need merely have the courage of our convictions, and then to articulate them.

We should not dilute our core values, much less abandon them, by supporting “moderates” because we have “no other alternative” or that they are “the lesser of two evils.” The Progressive Pooh-Bahs of the GOP count on our continued participation in this scam. The Republican Party is the one political hope to oppose Progressivism, but can and will only do so once we purge the party of the Vichy within it. It is not disloyal to the GOP to refrain from supporting those who are disloyal to Conservative principles, for Conservative principles are Republican principles. The “moderates” are the ones who are the disloyal Republicans. Given the modern, radical Democrat Party, disloyalty to those who would appease or collaborate with it is actually an act of loyalty to the United States of America.

One suspects that the French Resistance took any number of Vichy around the back of buildings and gave them the same treatment they gave Nazi soldiers, notwithstanding the fact that the Vichy were fellow Frenchmen. We should perform the electoral equivalent to “Republican” collaborators with the radical Progressive-Democrat agenda. This is a war of ideologies, and the Establishment Republicans – the Vichy Republicans – are the equivalent of infiltrators; they’ve put on our uniform, but they’re actually fighting for the other side.

You can bet that these guys knew what to do with traitorous Vichy collaborators! Will we rise up to give the electoral equivalent to Vichy Republicans?

As of this writing (2015), the last genuinely Conservative Presidential nominee fielded by the GOP was Ronald Reagan in 1984. Thirty years subsequent experience of voting “moderate” “lesser of two evils” has produced, in the end, a massively larger federal government, socialized medicine (a/k/a Obamacare), Medicare Part D and regulatory intrusiveness befitting a totalitarian state.

Presently we have a Democrat Party that represents K Street, Wall Street and Welfare Street, and a Republican Party that represents K Street and Wall Street. We must restore the Republican Party to its rightful place: representing Main Street, i.e., the middle class, free-market (not crony) Capitalism and true to the oath of office: upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America – from enemies foreign and domestic.

For centuries our fellow citizens have put on the uniform, sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and many have come home wounded, or as a corpse. Compared to that bravery and sacrifice, as we confront a danger internal by enemies domestic, shall we shrink from confronting the aggressors on the political battlefield? Shall we hold our tongues? If we do, then not only do we grievously dishonor those who went before us, but don’t we also deserve to lose our country – this incalculable gift that was bequeathed us by our divinely inspired Founding Fathers?

We are on the cusp of that loss, and so must seek quick victory, if possible, to restore America. But, if quick victory is not possible, then we must at least halt their march to total Collectivism, and then incrementally begin eroding what they’ve erected – just as the Progressives have been doing to our country for over 100 years now, but in reverse. That is, restoring The United States of America.

Down with the Vichy Republican collaborators! Vive la Republican Résistance!

(Following: How to un-elect Vichy Republicans: “The Seventy Percent Solution”)


Author: Thomas Wigand

Thomas C. Wigand is a citizen patriot – trained as an attorney and hailing from Florida – who in in his own small way is fighting alongside stalwarts such as Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid and David Horowitz. Fighting alongside they and all other patriots that recognize the existential threat posed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Collectivism: Progressivism; Socialism; Fascism and Communism. Mr. Wigand is the author of the book "Communiqués From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

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