Stand for Liberty! #NeverTrump…#NeverTrump…#NeverTrump…


I have dear friends who support Donald Trump. I have long time loyal readers who support Donald Trump. I have many potential customers who support Donald Trump.

But I also have children who deserve to live in a free world. And that means I must vocally support this movement. ..#NeverTrump….never, ever, ever.

Erick Erickson of Red State puts it well;

I will not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States even if he is the Republican nominee…

He will not win in November. ..

Trump is a liberal who has supported big government, interventionist policies. He defends Planned Parenthood, says he can cut deals in Washington, and believes in a socialist government run healthcare scheme…

Trump is also a con-artist and the media, which has built his campaign is going to destroy his campaign. After he secures the Republican nomination, the media will trot out every victim and perceived victim of Trump’s actions. All the people hurt by repeated strategic bankruptcies, all the people swindled by Trump University, and anyone who got food poisoning from Trump steaks will be in a 24/7 cavalcade on national television.

By the time the media and Democrats, but I repeat myself, are done with Trump, he will be radioactive.

Donald Trump will not win in November. Period. End of story.

But, on the off chance Satan pulls a grand slam out of hell and Trump were to do it, he would be an authoritarian despot, deeply destructive to the ideals of this nation and the constitutional principles of the republic, and he would destroy the remains of the Republican Party and much of the conservative movement as conservatives whore themselves out to be close to power.

Those of us who respect the US Constitution must make a stand, and do it now.

It is absolutely important to disclose that we will not support Trump in the general election now. It shows that we are not sore losers whose nominee preference did not win, but rather are stating that if Trump does get the nomination, we will not support him and are making our declaration with enough time to stop him if his supporters listen to reason.

For those who say Trump can beat Hillary, it gives them time to decide if they can beat Hillary without us.

Explicitly stating our opposition, before he secures the nomination, will not stop people from saying we cost him the nomination. But in the historic record it will be clear we saw the rise of an authoritarian jackass, rejected him, and gave people ample time to heed the warnings before jumping off the cliff.

I will not vote for Donald Trump. Many people I know feel the same way. So as you go vote for Donald Trump, know you are casting your lot with a man who cannot beat the Democrats and who will lose support of long time Republicans in the process.

If Trump supporters choose to proceed, history will show what they will never concede — his defeat is on them, not us. With the rise of an authoritarian menace to our republic, it is important to go on record now, while he can be stopped, that we will play no part in his rise.

It is no secret I’m a Ted Cruz  supporter. Have been since well before the Senator from Texas threw his hat in the ring. But even if I wasn’t I could never support Donald Trump.

I think Cruz can still beat Trump. Marco Rubio cannot. Almost certainly Rubio will fail to win a single Super Tuesday race. He isn’t close in any of them. Then he will very likely lose his home state of Florida where Trump is 7 to 20 points ahead.

Cruz will likely win delegate rich Texas, probably Arkansas, and maybe Alaska, Oklahoma and one or two other states. If that happens Rubio will be done and Cruz will be Trump’s only opposition. Anything could happen from that point.

Cruz and Rubio gave Trump a long overdue and much deserved comeuppance last Thursday night. That is nothing compared to what the media and the GOP “old guard” will unload on Trump when it suits them. The few remaining Trump die-hards will stand open-mouthed and teary-eyed as their hero is destroyed by massive negative advertising and his own pridefulness.

They will try the same to Cruz too, but s…t doesn’t stick to a clean plate. Cruz never lets his ego get ahead of the mission, and brushes off attack after attack with ease.

All Constitutionalists must come out against Trump beginning now. It’s time to draw your line in the sand.  Trump or Cruz? Who would you like to see debating Hillary Clinton?

I ask my Trump supporter friends a very simple question. Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you trust Donald Trump to faithfully defend the Constitution of the United States of America? Not one has ever answered in the affirmative.

And if you can’t trust Trump to do that, why would you want to let him to appoint the next two or three Supreme Court justices?

Do you care that little for your fought and bled for  First and Second Amendment rights?

If you support Cruz and the Constitution you have two reasons to stand against Trump. If you just support the Constitution, that’s still more than enough reason don’t you think?


Author: Trevor

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29 thoughts on “Stand for Liberty! #NeverTrump…#NeverTrump…#NeverTrump…

  1. Dr. Krauthammer interviewed about Trump’s campaign. Bret Baier says, “You look at the Democrats and their reaction to Donald Trump. It appears that some of them are getting a little scared about the prospect of facing Trump. If you look at the turnout rate so far in the Republican primaries, it’s exponentially higher.”

    KRAUTHAMMER: He’s demonstrated the ability to bring out people who aren’t regular voters, aren’t regular Republicans. And he could alter the map. I think Democrats who thought six months ago that he was a joke — I thought he was a joke as a nominee for the Republican Party, and a lot of people thought as well, and we were all wrong. So he has the capacity to appeal. Democrats are beginning to think that this is not a slam dunk and this guy, he doesn’t play by the rules; he makes ’em up. And under a new set of rules, she could lose to him.

    RUSH LIMBAUGH: So Dr. Charles Krauthammer at the Fox News Channel said last night (March 17) he was wrong for laughing at Trump, that Democrats are worried, and that Trump is actually bringing a bunch of new people into the Republican Party, and the Democrats are worried. That is true. I don’t care what others tell you about where the Democrats are, but they’d be silly not to be. If they’re smart politically, they would have to be concerned, which they are.

    Pay no attention to the polls; listen to the good Doctor 🙂

  2. Hi Trevor,

    I love your work. Have both your enemies books. I met you at Cliff Kincaid’s exposing Obama Press Club event in 2012. I believe you are wrong about Trump and wrong about Ted Cruz. Why do you think Phyllis Schlafly, Jeff Sessions, and your friend, Diana West support him? No whacko birds, they.

    There are many reasons to be dubious about Ted Cruz. You will find a few very well-researched reasons here. This is a site that Diana refers to. Please check it out:

    May God have mercy upon us all; we’re in dire straights.

  3. Reason for voting for Cruz. All of the above plus restoring the Constitution and saving the Republic…and stopping Trump who will likely destroy the republic.

    Tell me the last good decision you made in anger PhysicsNut. And I thought physicists prided themselves on objectivity and logic.

  4. // example of games being played

    a. giving the finger to the establishment
    b. Sharpton will LEAVE the USA. (after paying his taxes)
    c. Rosie is leaving
    d. Cher is leaving
    e. Barry Diller is leaving
    f. jon stewart is leaving
    g. 25 percent of feds leaving ! great news
    h. Whoopie is leaving – more great news
    i. at least 200,000 more. NOT ENOUGH, but it’s a start
    j. bill bryson too, but he left in advance.
    k. the jerks who thought obama would be a good president.
    l. for pissing off the stuffed shirts at National Review
    m. heads exploding at Alternet. Yay !
    n. heads exploding at Salon, and DailyKos
    o. heads exploding at ThinkProgress, and DemocraticUnderground
    p. heads exploding at MotherJones, HuffingtonPOS
    q. Vicente Fox’s head exploding
    r. pollsters, pundits, prognosticators all proven WRONG, repeatedly !
    s. payback for Pelosi pole vaulting “gotta pass it to find out what’s in it”
    t. payback for Zuckerberg and his phony ‘conservative’ website
    u. payback for NYC allowing ILLEGALS to vote and teach.
    v. payback for CA issuing drivers licenses to ILLEGALS
    w. heads exploding at the Daily News
    x. Brian Lehrer’s head exploding
    y. oh yes – millions of illegals leaving !
    z. heads exploding at TRSCOOP ( they have a lot of nerve blocking me)

    A. heads exploding at WAMC ‘fear the demographics’, ‘so what’ that journalist …
    B. Payback for Media Lies about obamacare
    C. Europeans need it

  5. Larry are you SERIOUS??????? Cruz calls Putin a tyrant. Trump wants to do deals with him. Cruz voted against TPP.

    Cruz will eliminate 5 government departments straight off the top Education, Commerce, Energy, IRS, HUD. Trump doesnt come close to that.

    Cruz has huge understanding of militant Islam and is very willing to change the rules engagement and flatten ISIS and to stand up to their Russian masters. Trump has a 3rd graders knowledge of the subject.

    Cruz is very well aware of the Chinese threat. And knows how to grow the economy so we can afford to defeat it.

    Trump is a chronic liar who openly boasts of unethical behavior…and you trust this man? Are you still waiting for that 24 million to arrive from the Nigerian princess so you can donate more to Trump’s “self funded” campaign? And I hope you dont believe that lie too.

    Seriously Larry, everything you said about Cruz was either completely or partially wrong. Voting carries a responsibility to check the truth of claims made, not just go with wishful thinking,

  6. Not only will I not vote for Trump, I will write in Cruz’s name if Trump wins the nomination. We already know he (Trump) cannot win against Hillary, so the vote would not be lost, but I look at it this way. He is a democrat at heart. And now we see that the NYT has been sitting on information about Trump’s real views on immigration, something possibly to the effect that he will not do what he has promised the voters. Anybody surprised? No? I d didn’t think so. He has not said the same thing twice on any issue, so he says whatever comes to his head. I wonder if the real reason he wears such a hairstyle is because he’s had a lobotomy! It covers up the scar! LOL!

    I pray that this hits the news tonight big, and tomorrow, as well. Maybe, just maybe, along with God’s grace, we might take this nomination away from one who is such a public fool. It is embarrassing.

  7. Larry. Ted Cruz will do all the good things that Trump says he will and more, with zero of the crazy thrown in. Who would appoint the best Supreme Court justices? No trump supporter has ever claimed that Trump would be as good as Cruz in that regard. One of the most important issues facing this nation.

    Trustworthy..are you kidding me?????? A man who openly boasts of cheating on his wife with married women and tried to take a widows property through completely unethical eminent domain. Please define what “trust” means to you Larry.

    1. Ted Cruz is a great solution to a problem that does not exist. If America’s problems could be resolved by a debating champion or a constitutional scholar, then Ted Cruz might make a good President, at least if we overlook his underhanded and self-serving election tactics and votes on TPP. The reality is that there are five intractable problems facing America today and the next President must adequately resolve all of them if America is to survive in relative freedom. Unfortunately, Ted Cruz shows little propensity to being able to resolve any of them.
      First, High debt will not be controlled via Ted Cruz’, or any other GOPe views on a flat tax. High income earners will benefit greatly but if the burden is not placed on middle income earners then the federal debt will increase. Either that or social security, the military and Medicare will all need to be cut drastically. In addition, Ted Cruz will complicate the debt problem since he is a doctrinaire free-trader who has already demonstrated a willingness to make America subservient to TPP agreements that he surreptitiously voted to fast track. NAFTA was disastrous to blue collar Americans and TPP is NAFTA on steroids.
      Second, Ted Cruz has no solution for Islamic militarism. He communicates in legalese and is unable to build consensus about anything. Obama is leaving America with such a mess in the Middle East that it will take a great negotiator to come even close to resolving that issue. The unfortunate reality is that there are only two political systems that historically have shown any capacity to accomplish their goals. One is freedom, but the other is tyranny. Having the purest constitutional ideals about freedom is great, but we must also confront Islamic tyranny. Sadly, Ted Cruz is not up to that task.
      Third, Russian militarism is on the rise. Putin is systematically gearing up the Russian war machine and also provoking his people to hate America. That combination is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and is very dangerous. Again sadly, Ted Cruz simply does not have the capacity to deal with it. Putin recognizes strength but he doesn’t play chess.
      Fourth, in 1949 the Chinese communists developed a 100 year plan to overtake world leadership. Their actions in the South China Seas clearly indicate that they believe that they are well ahead of schedule. That immediate situation is probably already beyond repair, but a strong consensus builder may still be able to keep the lid on China’s long term hegemony.
      Fifth, it is grossly naïve to think only in terms of a simple left-right spectrum in American politics. The reality is that both parties are controlled by elitists who want much the same thing. Power for themselves that they can avoid sharing with “we the people”. Rampant immigration offers both parties what they want, but it will destroy American values much in the same way that it is destroying Europe.
      Like it or not, Trump does have the capacity and the will to deal with all of the above problems. Instead of succumbing to shallow hyperbole and over-emphasizing personal imperfections, I challenge you to read Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” and see whether it doesn’t reveal an imperfect but profoundly decent human being who wants the best for America.

      1. Limited government as envisioned by the founding fathers is the solution to an out-of-control government. Do you disagree?

      2. Obama has demonstrated the dangers of exceeding Constitutional authority. The Supreme Court has also exceeded its Constitutional boundaries. Cruz’s philosophy is not only an answer to an existing and threatening problem, but is the best possible answer.

        Trump will not handle this problem; indeed, he will only accentuate it. Trump’s character, as revealed by his decisions, says it all.

        You trust a man who lied to his wife — repeatedly — to tell the truth to you.

  8. The GOP establishment (GOPe) want cheap labor and international agreements like TPP which commit American voters to import and immigration laws which they had no part in forming, which they cannot change, and which work to their disadvantage. Think NAFTA on steroids. Donald Trump is a road block to the GOPe agenda and as a consequence we are now seeing many PAC’s, conservative personalities and previously trusted media/websites piling on the anti-trump bandwagon. What we are not seeing is a dispassionate discussion about why so called conservatives are promoting immigration views that align so well with Bernie Sanders, and promote NAFTA like agreements which will further cripple America’s manufacturing base. Trump may not be able to walk on water, but he does have what it takes to “Make America Great Again”. Personally, I will settle for that.

    1. “Donald Trump is a road block to the GOPe agenda”

      How can you say this when Donald Trump specifically said he would work with establishment? Did you ever hear Ted Cruz say that?

      “I think they’re warming up. I want to be honest, I have received so many phone calls from people that you would call establishment, from people — generally speaking … conservatives, Republicans — that want to come onto our team,”

      “You know what? There’s a point at which: Let’s get to be a little establishment,” Trump told the crowd at the South Point resort and casino. “We’ve got to get things done folks, OK? Believe me, don’t worry. We’re going to make such great deals.”

      Do you agree with the statements Trump made here?

      Why not pay attention to the man’s actual views?

      1. Are you willing to risk your life on Donald Trump? This is exactly what is at stake. Donald Trump has said he will build a wall, export immigrants and so many other things. He says he can do all these things yet what has he done in the past – by thy fruits you shall know them. So Trump has used imminent domain in New Jersey (just ask the widow he used it against to widen his casino parking lot) and in Connecticut. He also has supported abortion and suddenly while running for President changes his mind. How do you know he will follow through. This man is crass, callous and knows only what he wants and goes after it. He will either cause riots against us by immigrants which is exactly what the left wants so they can declare Marshall law or he will think he can do it all and write more executive orders than Obama ever dreamed about…He is one of the elite so how can he relate to the common man? We need a President who does not think he knows it all and relies on God to assist him instead of using his own limited knowledge, human emotions and knows that all law and rights come from God and not from government or a single individual.

  9. Dear HL Shancken. Such touching naivity. You trust a proudly adulterous casino owner to deliver on his promises? Would you buy a used car off Donald Trump? I wouldn’t.

    Ted Cruz will win Texas tomorrow and possibly Arkansas, Alaska, Minnesota and some others.

    Marco will possibly win Minnesota but nowhere else. He will then lose his home state of Florida and be toast. Ben Carson will drop out as will Kasich after losing Ohio.

    That leaves two in the race. It’ll then be mano y mano..or mano y spoiled bratto. I wouldnt get too far ahead of myself if i were you.

    In the meantime I’ve got a great investment in Brooklyn you might like to look at.

    1. This argument does not hold water. The reality is exactly the opposite. Donald Trump has built a mini-empire by being trustworthy, By convincing people to work with him, and by bringing enough to the table to form an attractive option for those who wanted to deal with him. Those are not the characteristics of disreputable car dealers. As far as his casinos are concerned, if you take the attitude that all gambling is evil, then I hope that you have the moral consistency to avoid any form of investment and any company that uses such investments.

      1. Do you think it is at all odd that Trump once believed in single payer health care, partial birth abortion and amnesty for illegal immigrants but no longer does?

        Do you believe Donald Trump treasures the Constitution and will fight to restore limited government as envisioned by our founding fathers?

        Trump said this in 1990:

        “Russia is out of control and the leadership knows it. That’s my problem with Gorbachev. Not a firm enough hand.”

        Do you agree?

      2. Trump is also an adulterer.

        Trump is also a profane man.

        Trump is also a liar (see Trump University).

        Trump is also not a great businessman, if you look at what he started with and what he has now – his ROI sucks.

        Trump also has quite a few connections to organized crime.

        He is not a decent man, not an honorable man, and not a man with a moral center, or definable principles.

        I will never vote for him.

  10. Go cry in your beer, Cruz supporters.

    I guess you guys don’t want a wall. That’s ok, we’ll build it without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want to send the illegals back. That’s ok, we’ll send them back without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want to roll back the Muslim tide. That’s ok, we’ll stop them from coming in without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want to even up trade imbalances. That’s ok, we’ll reverse the trade deficit without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want American sovereignty. That’s ok, we’ll get TPP revoked without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want to get rid of common core. That’s ok, we’ll get rid of it without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want to stand up to the EPA. That’s ok, we’ll dismantle it without you.

    I guess you guys don’t want to be rid of the influence of lobbyists. That’s ok, we’ll oppose and expose them without you.

    One reason your guy Cruz is failing so miserably is that the vast majority of people don’t believe him when he opens his mouth. They don’t believe he stands for what he says he does and they don’t believe he’ll do what he says he’ll do.

    Another reason your guy Cruz is failing is because for all his talk, he hasn’t accomplished a thing. He looks and acts just like every other big-talking, politically correct Republican who comes to Washington and can’t even lead the party to victory over a piece of garbage like Obama.

    There are a lot of other reasons your guy is failing, but the biggest reason is you, his supporters. You’ve shown yourselves to be self-righteous, deluded, rather nasty people. Luckily, there just aren’t that many of you. There aren’t even enough to tip the balance to Hillary in the general election, even if every one of you gave her your vote (as some of you threaten to do).

    It will all be over for Cruz on Super Tuesday, which is tomorrow. What will you do then? Latch on to “Washington Cartel” member Mitch McConnell’s asinine plan to run Romney as an independent? It seems like only yesterday you hated McConnell, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if tomorrow night you suddenly decide he’s not so bad after all, and that Romney, who couldn’t even beat Obama, is Mitch’s most brilliant idea. Or maybe you’ll give up politics this time around and sit it out in November. Some of you will even pull a Glenn Beck, and cast your vote for the Democrat. Go ahead and do any of those things, because it’s not going to matter. There just aren’t that many of you, as the polls have clearly shown.

    Go cry in your beer.

    1. “There are a lot of other reasons your guy is failing, but the biggest reason is you, his supporters. You’ve shown yourselves to be self-righteous, deluded, rather nasty people”

      That is the pot calling the kettle black.

      You remind me of the Democratic Congress, who gave Obama a standing ovation when he promised to make them irrelevant with his pen and phone. You are cheering on your own demise.

    2. So you don’t quite get why people support Cruz, do you? Is it a lack of honesty on your part, or is a willful ignorance? How can you argue against Cruz if you think his supporters are interested in supporting Romney or McConnell? Lesson #1 in debate: if you don’t know your enemy, you can’t prevail against him. You lose.

  11. Trump entered this candidacy process unseriously, and at this moment, probably is shocked how well he is doing, like the rest of us. However, if Trump wins the nomination, this campaign is going to be the biggest train wreck the Republicans have ever seen, and of course, another loss to the presidency.

  12. For the life of me I don’t understand this Trump phenomenon. He stands for big government, crony capitalism, and loves Planned Parenthood. And just like our current president, he’s thin-skinned, pretentious and hot-tempered.

    Yet I have many dear, otherwise intelligent, conservative friends who live and breath this pompous ass, and if you say anything even slightly dismissive about him, they come at you with claws extended.

    This political season started out full of promise for the GOP, but there moment Trump threw his hat in the ring, the best candidates started dropping out — notably Scott Walker and Rick Perry.

  13. I expect more from my president. At the very least I want a true constitutionalist.

    We’ve had a lying scumbag for the past 7 years. Someone who can work a crowd, say absurd things and offer endless hollow platitudes. I have had a life times worth.

    We have had a man who has a proven ability to heap praise upon himself while gleefully dividing a nation. I will not be party to ushering in another pretender more concerned with self promotion than bringing a sense of dignity back to the office he seeks.

    Donald Trump may be rich…. The extent of which is the subject of much debate, but his wealth does nothing to make him worthy of the Office of the President of the United States.

    You can’t throw shit on top of shit and expect it to start smelling like roses.

  14. I believe Donald Trump is a plant to turn votes away from any conservative constitutionally-minded candidates. I also think any person who claims to be a follower of Christ must also vote against Donald Trump. The fruits of his life are before all to see with three marriages, affairs, nasty business deals, support for the killing of babies by abortion (Just because he says he has changed does not mean he has – he has to prove it.) He has always had money and lived an elite life style so why would he now have any idea of how common man feels or what he needs. He has an ego that cannot be contained and he will destroy this land by becoming a despot. Those who profess to be Christian know that you have to answer for all of your actions or omissions. So all need to consider whether they want a man who says he does not need to repent before God or a man (Ted Cruz) who asks people to pray for him, his family and campaign workers and above all this nation.

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