8 thoughts on “Obama Scalps Trump

  1. I don’t find Obama funny in the least. He’s an asshole. Low class. It disturbs me to see him abusing his power in so many ways. He can mock everyone, and his birthplace is NOT going to make him an effective president!!! There is a place and time for this – it’s called a debate, it’s called the campaign trail. His presidency has been a dangerous disaster and this kind of mocking really has to be earned. He’s not getting a “aw isn’t he a cute, our first black president” pass from me. He’s a dangerous fraud – he’s lied about everything, he’s running our economy into the ground and my own family is suffering because of his and the Democrats’ policies. Sorry, I don’t find this funny at all and I don’t even need to be a Trump supporter to say I’ve had it with his arrogance and mocking tone. He’s a dangerous anti-American fraud. He deserves to be thrown out of office today and we’ll be lucky to survive to vote him out in 2012. This is not funny, in the least.

  2. The Donald came and he was scalped.

    At least he was present at the dinner event and did not hide out somewhere in another city like both Obama and his left wing Congress did this year.

  3. If Leona Helmsley was the “Queen of Mean,” she’s just been dethroned by President “Petty.” Recall what he did to the Supremes and to Paul Ryan. What’s next,dead fish to all his opponents?

  4. Obama did a good job of skewering Trump in that video. I’m guessing Trump knew he was in for it.
    People like Trump because he says things they are thinking and he says things other “candidates” wouldn’t dare say. I have a feeling that Trump will not run for President. After that speech where he used the F-word throughout, people have to realize he is not presidential material. He probably doesn’t like to lose, so he’ll see the writing on the wall soon or later.

  5. Obama has not a funny bone in his body! All the people who were laughing was probably following the teleprompter. While I am not the biggest fan of Donald Trump, I applaud him for sticking to the insistance that Obama produce his BC. Although it appears that it may have been altered, it really doesn’t matter, we all know what Obama’s agenda is for the US. There should be more people like Donald Trump around, at least we’d have a fighting chance!

  6. Obama is vicious here. Really. Painful to watch Trump being made a laughingstock. Not that I’m fond of Trump really.

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