The difference between Trump & Cruz summed up in two Tweets

Ted Cruz Defends

In the wake of Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz tweeted that “regardless of what she does in 2016, I will always be a big fan.”

Trump, for his part, responded to Glenn Beck’s endorsement of Ted Cruz by calling Beck a “wacko” and “a sad answer to the @SarahPalinUSA endorsement that Cruz so desperately wanted.”

The difference between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

One is a statesman, and the other is a bully.

In case anyone cares, Donald Trump is also not a conservative. This author has stood up for Trump here, here & here.

No more.


Author: renee nal

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162 thoughts on “The difference between Trump & Cruz summed up in two Tweets

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    1. That Trump is NOT a liberal is a question which will hang over Trump’s head more heavily than Cruz’s eligibility ever will.

  2. This article assume that the tweets reflect the differences of the writers.

    It looks to me like both are accurate reflections of the subjects of the tweets. Palin is an admirable woman who has been working for the conservative cause. Beck actually IS a lying self promoting nut job.

    1. It may be true that this is a reflection of Palin as a stalwart for the conservative causes but she is not running for president and the differences between the demeanor of the writers is important to those vetting the candidates. So in this instance Beck is being very responsible in concentrating on the differences rather than the babble.

  3. The answer to this question will either make or break the Republic–and it will be ‘The People’ who vote on its destiny:

    “Which candidate can you trust to nominate trustworthy Supreme Court Justices?”

    If you find the nominee(s) that will nominate a conservative Justice(s) without wishy washy liberal or socialist tendencies–someone who you you’d bet your life on, then, I’d suggest you vet their knowledge, skills, abilities and character– all other attributes are clearly subordinate to getting the Supreme Court question right.

    On Inauguration Day 2017, four of the current justices will be between the ages of 78 and 84: Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now 82, Antonin Scalia and Kennedy, now both 79, and Stephen Breyer, 77. That means they’ll be 82 to 88 when the next president’s first term ends.

  4. You mean “one is a politician and one actually speaks his mind”
    Political Correctness=lies

    Ya he said nicer things, but he didn’t mean it. Cruz said it cause that’s the “political thing to say”. I’d have more respect for Cruz if he’d speak his mind an BE HONEST.

  5. Looking through these posts something becomes obvious… double standard. One commenter posted in a Trump-like way, calling someone an idiot for supporting Trump, and was blasted by people supported Trump for his name-calling.

    WAKE UP people! If you support Trump, you are supporting the name-calling and bullying that has been EVIDENT through this entire Trump campaign… from verbally assaulting Megyn Kelly to this, Trump is in the business of “winning”, no holds barred (and no bankruptcies barred…).

    While one can use sarcasm and humor to address situations, and be a bit “snarky” while using those tools, that is totally different from what Trump does – which is nothing more than verbal thuggery.

    Meanwhile, Trump has not answered publicly or discussed his views on a variety of important issues, such as:

    1) What are his criteria for appointing federal and Supreme Court justices?
    2) What does he plan to do about Obama’s executive orders, and how will he use that tool?
    3) What are the specifics of his tax plan and how does his progressive tax plan empower individuals and small businesses, as well as increase freedom?
    4) What does he see as the role of the Federal Reserve and what should they be doing?
    5) How does he plan to jump-start the economy and get the massive numbers of people not working (who want jobs) back into the workforce?
    6) What are his plans for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as he has supported single-payer plans in the past?
    7) How does he plan to rebuild the military, to what level, and for what purpose?
    8) What does he think about DHS/NSA domestic surveillance?
    9) How does he intend to handle the national debt, when bankruptcy is not an option?
    10) How does he plan to handle international negotiations when Twitter can’t be used to constructively advance an agenda?
    11) What does he see as the role of the Environmental Protection Agency?
    12) How does he plan to reign in the overreach of the IRS?
    13) How does he feel about Common Core and the concept of school choice?

    ALL of these are crucial for the next leader to have a firm hold of. You can’t just say to these things, “I’ll win”, because HOW matters.

  6. most people believe Trump doesn’t care what others think. People are fooled into thinking Trump simply says it like it is?!

    So I ask you … is that why he has YOUR support? Has he told you and others what YOU don’t want to hear? Has he told YOU things that are hard to hear? Hard to accept?”

    People think that Trump is an outsider, while he BRAGS about being that Lobbyist that bought/paid Politicians off to get what he wanted.

    He has told us that he is willing to PAY politicians MILLIONS of dollars to get what he wants. How is that much different then telling YOU what you want to hear, to get what he wants?

    He has BRAGGED how he OWNS politicians like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid. How does this make him an outsider, rather than part of what we all accept as being a part of what’s wrong with Washington???

    Notice he doesn’t pay MILLIONS of dollars to Conservatives to get what he wants, he pays Progressives to get what he wants!

    Yeah I know he has a catchy slogan .. “Making America Great Again”

    But remember, Obama had a cool slogan too “Yes We Can”s

    I can respect a politician who was bought off by Trump more than I can for a Trump supporter. Why? At least the politician got paid by Trump, the supporter is just a slut!

    Let me add one last thing, I tried to find a clip of Trump on the David Letterman show, back in Feb of 2015 .. just a couple of months before he announced his run as a Republican …

    But all those posts have been scrubbed off of YouTube???

    Must be nice being a multi Billionaire .. so you’ll just have to take my word for it ..

    In that conversation with Letterman, just two months before Trump runs for the Republican nomination ..

    He tells Letterman that he’s a Democrat. He goes into great detail of how his ideology is more in line with the Democratic, Progressive ideology than with Republicans ..

  7. Well, if I had to describe the two leading candidates
    I would say one acts as a ‘Statesman’ that will try to
    sock-it-to YOU in the name of the Lord; and the other one,
    as a ‘Businessman’ that will try to sell you a Casino.
    Take your pick; who will you believe?

  8. I don’t really care about politics but somehow I got here and read the comments and its pretty much WW2 with words except 900 people shoot one person then all Pat each other on the back.

  9. Trump is a bully? Does Cruz feel threatened by Trump? Doubt it. Trump’s not a bully, he is outspoken. There’s a difference. Nut up America, you’re losing your toughness.

  10. Anyone name 1 singled issue, substantive issue, that Trump is for right now, that he was also for in 2013.
    Then the people against trump will have reason to bring substantive issues against him. Until then, you are all,in statement of fact, idiots, to support someone that has no basis for anyone to trust that he believes what he days.

    Behold the man that builds upon the sand.

  11. More so than the tweets is the very fact that Ted is grounded in God and the Constitution. Donald is grounded in himself, and it shows. Only people of very low character resort to the tactics that The Donald has. One man, under God, and Indivisable. That’s Ted Cruz

  12. I will take trump over Hillary or sanders in a skinny minute! At least Trump isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. My views of Glenn Beck are becoming negative though. I don’t trust any of them, but I trust trump over Cruz. That’s my take on it and it is how I feel. We don’t have to all be of the same mind set. Or be put down for seeing things differently. Get a grip people!

  13. America, the Majority of the People in this Country have already made up there mind…Trump for President.. He doent sugar coat things to appease the librules.. The main streamers from both demicans and the republicrats of course are going to “booo -hiisss” at Trump… because he is not in there “good ole boys club” Why because they are scared of him, because they cant have influence and control over him. Good! because the decent People, The Citizens who make this Country…a Country.. dont want a puppet in the White House anymore… The most recent decent President we had was JFK… Its time for an honest change… well folks,, just accept the Truth..for some find the Truth hard to handle… Trump for President 2016.

  14. None of them (Republicans)will ever become president considering there the minority and in this country majority (Democrats)rule.

  15. Trump is just like Obama but on the opposite side of the spectrum. You can’t give an arrogant and self absorbed man like that more power. He’ll make himself a dictator and spit out as many if not more executive orders than Obama. Trump even said he’s good with God and doesn’t ever need to ask forgiveness. What kind of bs is that? Nobody is perfect. Cruz all the way!!!

  16. Matthew 5:43-47 — another scripture passage unfamiliar to Trump. What a contrast between Cruz and Trump! (Palin would be an idiot also if she had opposed Trump.)

  17. You guys just don’t get it!
    We don’t want another “statesman”.
    We are sick and tired of “statesmen” and the political games they play.
    Thats why we like Trump.
    He isn’t a statesman!

    1. Yeah! We don’t need a mechanic to fix the machine! We need a suicide bomber to blow it up! When the Great Republic goes down in flames, it will be YUUUGE! Geez… Do you even listen to your own logic? Terri, you need to get out of the echo chamber long enough to stop hearing the voices in your head, because I am afraid you are starting to believe them.

    2. No, we do get it. Ted Cruz is a statesman. Boehner is not. Ryan is not. McConell is not. Pelosi is not.

      Statesmen don’t play games.
      Statesmen cannot be bought.
      Statesmen stand for what is right and fight for it, with class.

      That is why “we” go with Cruz.

      I daresay you do not know what a statesman is, probably because you have seen so few of them.

  18. With ALL this talk about Donald Trump claiming himself
    to be a conservative, it’s gone beyond ridiculous to say he is.

    American’s Conservatives aren’t stupid. They know when they are looking at a pile of garbage.
    It always has certain characteristics about. First, it stinks, 2nd, who cares to describe
    it beyond that point.

  19. Hi Lisa. Trump has done a lot of good, but there is little evidence he is a true constitutionalist..which is what the US needs. I’ve met Cruz briefly, and spent some time with his dad Rafael. if Cruz is not the genuine article, i hav been completely fooled. Guilty as charged.

  20. Cruz is a statesman indeed as in he is concerned with being Politically correct and saying what he thinks is supposed to be said and what people want to hear. I am no Trump supporter but it is refreshing to see a candidate say it like it is and not be two faced. We need that in Washington. We need tough talk and tough action to fix the mess we are in. There is too much compromising and backhanded deal making in Washington that is what has gotten us in this mess. Republicans in Congress and the Senate refuse to stand their ground instead they bow before Obama and his Bureaucratic machine as the country burns.

  21. Trump is the Republican Obama. It is all about him. The spotlight must be on him. Listen to his I, I ,I never we. What he wants is Obama’s pen and telephone so he can dictate what he wants. I do not trust him because he flip flops on issues. I think he would be another disaster on foreign policy. If he gets the nomination I’ll most likely vote Libertarian.

  22. I hate bullies. I want a president who is presidential, honest and unwavering in their convictions, but diplomatic. I want someone who I can respect in all of who they are. I think most people that like trump like a few things and that is it. Why vote for someone like that? I don’t understand this mentality.

  23. I believe Glenn Beck started this dispute by name calling and denigrating people who like Trump.

    I used to like Glenn a long time ago but he got stranger and stranger.
    Now I dislike him.
    Trump says the things I and friends say all the time.

    1. This article is really not about Palin or Beck. It is about Cruz’s and Trump’s response to their endorsements.

  24. So you guys have all fallen for Cruz slick talk. Why did he make deals with McConnell? His voting record does not match his words. Look behind the scenes at who is paying for Cruz and Beck too.

    1. See, I am really trying to understand where you are coming from but your statements are incomprehensible.

      When you say Cruz made “deals with McConnell,” do you mean when Cruz called him a “liar” on the Senate Floor? (TRUMP criticized Cruz for that, by the way:

      When you say Cruz’s “voting record does not match his words,” his voting record is actually stellar (if you are conservative) so that does not make sense either:

      You say “Look behind the scenes at who is paying for Cruz and Beck too” – again what are you talking about? WHO do you claim is paying for Cruz & Beck?

      You have every right to support Trump, but if you are going to make claims, at least back them up.

      1. renee nal; you took the words right out of my mouth and did better than I could by presenting the facts. I get so frustrated when I see posts like that blaming Cruz for not being what he seems to be. There is nobody in Congress, or the Senate that has stood up agianst the establishment politicians like Cruz has.
        I’ll add to you’re great list, how about his 21 hour filibuster when he knew he could not win, but did the filibuster on principal, he stood up for what he believed in. What some people don’t seem to get, one man, no matter how strong he is, how hard he fights, can’t do it until we the people vote in some to help him. Why is that, BECAUSE THEY VOTE and Cruz has been voting the correct way, he needs some help.

        1. 🙂 Thanks, Henry. I am a fan of Cruz for standing against the establishment and doing it with class and with the Constitution in mind. I would love to support Trump, but he has really shown his true colors lately starting with his birther crap. Imagine how powerful Trump could be if he worked with Cruz instead of against him? No offense to our friend Lisa – hopefully she will take the time to explain herself. However, just baseless name-calling and accusations is what progressives do. We can do better than that.

  25. Why should we replace a self-centered, man-child progressive blowhard with a messiah complex
    with a self-centered, man-child, slightly less progressive blowhard with a messiah complex?
    Have you noticed that both use the word “I” an awful lot and are always telling us of all the great things they’ve done.
    Both are incredibly thin skinned to criticism and lash out at anyone who doesn’t agree with them.
    Hope & Change vs. Make America Great Again.


  26. Cruz all the way. You couldn’t PAY me to vote from Trump. The man denigrates and openly disrespects half of the voter base (women) and expects people to worship at his feet. What on earth is Sarah Palin thinking?

  27. So tired of Obama’s petty classless mean spirited divisive lawless presidency and took a closer look at Trump – he would be more of the same. We don’t need another president who would stomp on the Constitution – Obama has led the way and it will take someone with integrity and a knowledge of the Constitution to return this country to it’s Constitutional principles and that person is Ted Cruz.

  28. So here is an honest question that as a Christian conservative that knows the importance of not having another democratic on the office (especially Bernie…he scares me)…what are you going to do if Trump is the candidate? Scenario (1) Trump or Hillary? (2) Trump or Sanders
    I love Cruz, I could respectfully vote for Rubio…but Trump? At this point, someone would have to drug me, drag me to the polls and force my hand to vote for Trump.
    I am still hopeful that truth prevails (and also the low info voters stay home during the Caucus) and Cruz or Rubio wins this round. Because I would have to do a lot of soul searching to actually vote for Trump. He could do some grave damage, but so could Sanders. Hillary? Well, not sure if I that scared of her. People don’t like her, and other countries are not scared of her so that could cause a problem.
    Thoughts? Please be respectful.

    1. Umyaya; you ask some good questions. I am with you on some of those thoughts. However, when the candidates are finally established and it happens to be Trump and Hillary, or Trump and Sanders, there are some things we know for sure.
      As you said, Sanders is downright scary and I have a really hard time thinking that America has come to a point where a man like Sanders could win even one primary. However, it seems like it might be so. The key for us as voters, we know where he stands and for traditional Americans, can’t vote for him, it’s not even close.
      Hillary, if even a third of the things that are said about her are true, she is not suitable to be President, she can’t be trusted. It is pretty easy to know where she will try to take the country, for the most part, she will continue down the path the current administration has taken us. I feel that just like Sanders, we pretty much know where she stands.
      Trump, while I don’t like the bluster, the language etc. the things he talks about are much more in line with what I want to see for the country. The issue is, do we know where he stands for sure? Probably not, but at least he is talking conservative talk, albeit more brash and stronger than I would like. However, he will not be sworn in as King and he will not be able to do all the things he says he will do. My point is, while we KNOW what Hillary & Sanders will do, we can still have hope that Trump would settle down a bit and at least try to turn this country around a bit.
      In the end for me, Trump is not my first choice, but I’ll have no problem voting against Hillary or Sanders, because I believe that would be just terrible for the country and I know that going in.

  29. I am a Trump supporter. The reason I am is because he is using his own money to campaign on. Therefore he will not owe any big businesses, that can control him. The biggest problem that we are having rite now is over spending in our government due to all the favorites our government has to pay back for getting elected. Trump is a business man, maybe it’s time we have someone in the presidency to make the changes we need to make this country great again. It can’t be any worse then the president we have in their now. He’s making executive orders and who is trying to stop him. No matter who is elected if they took campaign money they will owe corporate favorites. That’s why is support Trump. A change is always good and it’s time we the people take our country back. No offense Beck, but Trump all the way!

    1. Omar, really? Look at your comment “he biggest problem that we are having right now is over spending in our government due to all the favorites our government has to pay back for getting elected.” I’m assuming you meant favors. Do you not know Trumps voting and financial backing history of Democrat candidates? From Hillary, Obama, Bloomberg, De Blasio, to Harry Reid? He says he did it so they would “owe” him for writing them checks. That is right in line with your comment. Trump is an opportunist and panderer. That’s fine for business. Have no problem with that as you are responsible to your shareholders, and in the business to make money. However, this is the for the Presidency. He’s running as a Republican, calling himself “conservative”, yet little of his history backs that. Who’s to say that once he gets in office he doesn’t go back on much of what he ran on because it’s good for HIM, not the country or party. As others have stated, he’s extremely egotistical, all about Himself (just like Obama). If you don’t agree with this, or support him, you’re an idiot, a jerk, a loser. Just like the libs, Dems, lame stream media have been doing to us for years by calling us bigots, racists, whatever phobic because we don’t agree with Obama and his policies. Is that who you want running our country?

    2. Omar, until recently he has been relying upon the media to carry him, he really hasn’t spent that much money as he has been relying upon his reality show noteriety. Mr. Trump, through his many business dealings, is already owned by many people, including many in the middle east. Someone that has done nothing but made deals all his life can’t help but be owing to someone, if not everyone, it’s just the nature of the beast. Is that who we relly what for the most powerful position in the world??
      We need a statesman, someone with a cool head that can stand toe to toe with someone and respond with a winning answer, not a caustic response!

  30. My husband is for Trump, but I cannot get past his arrogance. We have an arrogant President now, do we really need another one. Trump acts more like a spoiled little rich kid than a diplomat. He has great ideas, but his delivery is shameful.

    1. He has Populist ideas which means he says anything he thinks you want to hear. That is just another way of saying he is a liar who happens to think you are stupid.

  31. One is a class act, and the other one acts like a spoiled brat and schoolyard bully. One has always been a constitutional conservative, and the other one has just recently jumped on the conservative bandwagon. One has stood up to the Republicans in Congress that voted with the Democrats, and one has voted for Democrats until recently. One wants to defeat liberals and what they are doing to destroy our country, and one is a “deal-maker” who says that he will make deals in order to “get things done.” Which one do we want representing us and our country as our president?

  32. Mr. Trump, I liked you so much when I first heard you were running. I thought you were honorable, despite your bragging. I heard many, many of the conservative talk show hosts stand up for you. WHY did you HAVE TO GO NEGATIVE? If you really UNDERSTOOD, how Americans feel, you would realize we are sick and tired of NEGATIVITY in this Country. You aren’t even president yet and you are NOT MAKING AMERICA GREAT~~~~

    1. Pegs correct…and you children stop fighting…Trump needs to settle down…but I’m sorry he is the only one who can beat Hillary

    2. That’s because no one person can “Make America Great.” The one single thing that has made America great, and also unique, has been our Constitution. One candidate is passionate about the Constitution, and in fact can recite the every bit of it entirely from memory. Another sees it as something he has to “work around.” That really tells you all you need to know.

    1. I don’t believe that anyone’s religious beliefs have to do with their political views, honestly that has nothing to do with Beck, he was conservative before he was a Mormon. Also, if you want to actually learn more about our theology, you are free to look up the Articles of Faith, they help to understand it very simply.

      1. *shaking head* No, what you believe about truly profound issues (life, God, purpose, death, evil) drive your political beliefs. This is an inescapable fact of life. The two are not separable.

        For instance, understanding that God calls us all to account for our actions personally means that I cannot endorse any sort of collectivist thinking.

        For instance, understanding that as a follower of Christ, I am required to be charitable means that I cannot slough off that charge to the government.

        For instance, if I really believe what Paul said about if a man does not work, he shall not eat, it means that I must be opposed to government welfare for the undeserving.

        1. Please recheck your bible. This U.S. government order goes God,people,government. Jesus does call for us to vote, and have a say in our government. It’s as followers of Christ that we should pray and use our hopefully God inspired judgement to cast that vote. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, perhaps that why we were so blessed,The bottom line for every country loving citizen is that our constitution is the foundation of this country,we need a leader who not only knows,but believes it and supports and fights for it. Being a God believing,fearing man is not necessarily political,it’s about principles,integrity,and trustworthiness. For me that’s Cruz.He’s proven himself to be that kind of man.

    2. If you ever read “their” theology rather than “about their theology,” you wouldn’t sound so ignorant and moronic.

    3. Yeah patriot and you’re a genius. You don’t know what Mormons believe, all you know is what some classless preacher that’s like Trump, in it for the money, told ya…so do yourself a favor and do a little real research on both..and that would require studying the source. Then come back with a more educated quip ok? Thanks. In the meantime enjoy Hilary in drag(Trump)

  33. Wake up America!! After 7 years with an egotistical, narcissist you’d think America would correct itself. Trump was still voting Democrat until 2012. He is still for Universal health care, for partial birth abortions, for the government being able to seize your land, for gay marriage, for energy subsudies, for bigger government. Does any of that sound conservative? IT’S NOT!! HE’S NOT!! Sarah Palin was Tea Party and against subsidies just a few years ago. Wonder whats in it for her? Both she and Trump are reality series personalities, not leaders.

    1. Sarah has her own reasons for this endorsement. She was snubbed and put down by the establishment GOP in 2008. She was ordered not to criticize Obama’s birth, lack of experience, gayness, etc. They conspired against her along with the liberal media. She is having a little payback now. She is still a conservative. Trump is not and Sarah has to deal with that in her own way.

      1. She is a sell out! PLEASE! SHE betrayed the Conservative movement! I will never respect a sell out…So damn ashamed that I use to support this woman!

    2. Amen to that, my friend. I don’t really having one with the temper tantrums he has, to have his finger on the red button.

      1. Great point! Trump seems like a “republican” Obama – mean spirited, classless, petty, divisive, lawless and arrogant – we need someone like Ted Cruz with integrity to return us to Constitutional principles.

    3. Please show me one instance, whereas Donald Trump has voted on any legislative bill. In order to do, one must be elected.

  34. Cruz is always classy and has consistently displayed leadership, as well as solutions to the Obama Agenda that Congress has done NOTHING to stop!!! #CruzCrew

    1. Leah I am with you on this. Cruz is always a class act. Trump is just so mean. He just go’s bongers. He is a sick dude. Actually He is scary.

    2. I agree 100% Leah. I so wish more people would pay attention, instead of just believing what the liars are saying (like that’s what they think we want to hear!).

  35. Don’t care for either endorsement. I thought Cruz was a class act from the start. With all of Trump’s flip flops on past endorsements, alliances and candidates, I don’t trust him. He sounds like another progressive trying to take the party mantle.

    1. But you’re impressed with Bob Dole’s endorsement? How about Orin Hatch? How is it Trump and sheeple like you claim he’s anti-establishment yet does nothing but surround himself with establishment staples?

      1. Your response is so typically arrogant it’s hard to tell if you’re a class set liberal or just a rude person who has to stoop to calling people names (idiot comes to mind) because someone disagreed with you. Your attitude is part of the reason the liberals/dems continue to have such a foothold in this country. Why could you have simply given your reasons for not supporting Trump, instead of just being ugly?
        Or perhaps there are more reasons to support him than not. And just so you know, I am not a Trump fan at this time, but I certainly wouldn’t rule him out, either. Please grow up, sir

          1. Wait you are trying to use logic? These are the same idiots that voted for Obama twice because “hope and change”. Or even worse, they stayed home because they thought Romney’s teeth were too white, or they didn’t agree with him on 100% of the issues.

          2. Trump is so presidential that he called a sound technician a son-of-a-bitch and a bastard in front of the American public and kids. Then he basically says his followers would a endorse a murderer by claiming that they are so loyal to him that he could “shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes”…presidential my a$$

        1. People use these forums the way Trump uses the media, to spew venom that they don’t have to be accountable for. Very little substance, a lot of name-calling. I very seldom read the comments section of an article anymore. It’s painful to read some people’s replies. I believe part of the problem is people’s morals. I’m not sure Trump has great morals.

        2. No it’s not typically arrogant… It just happens to be “Painfully Honest” YOU think it’s rude, but THEN YOU call her an idiot… I am not a Trump fan… OH I agree with him on immigration… “it must be legal, and yes… if it’s going to take a wall to keep out illegals, and yes some terrorists, isis, etc…them Built it… ” Frankly my biggest concern about Trump is that he is a “hot head” BUT IF he is the Republican nominee, then I will vote for him… because there is no way in hell I’d vote for Socialism, or a old lady with cankles and blood on her hands…. Looks like the democratic party could have come up with ANYTHING better than the crap they are putting out now

          1. Your biggest concern about Trump should be that he is a progressive democrat, not a hot head! How can you not see that he is so not a conservative?

          2. I had rather go with a man who has put thousands of people to work then with a party that has put millions on welfare.
            I had rather support someone who knows how to build a great empire around the world. Then an ideology they only put us as a nation deeper in debt. I had rather have a mad bully as my best friend. Then a person who can lie to the nation and keep a straight face.

        3. I agree. SO called “social ” media has become a Pandora’s Box, unleashing all kinds of nasty demons.
          Now, as for why I don’t support Donald Trump;
          Not a conservative, rather an opprtunist who responds to critics by attacking them personally instead of addressing the criticism.
          Imagine if Trump were being interviewed for a job, (which he is), and when the interviewer as j s why he thinks he is qualified for the job he responds, that all the other candidates are losers.
          Knee jerk reactions and decisions by the President do not a good leader make.

          1. couldn’t have said it better myself. He has the right ideas but the wrong way to go about getting it done. He is a psychopath and a narcissist. His rhetoric is the same spew that Obama did. Yes we need change, Cuz can get it done. Have you seen Cruz’s resume? The man is amazing. If I had my wish it would be Cruz and Carson together. Trump will just make us look weak and off balance to the rest of the world. No country will want to work with Trump.

        4. Deborah; you are so right-on with your post. One of the best responses I have read lately. We as traditional/conservatives need to be more civil than the other side. At one time we were, but I have noticed many of the “conservative” post these days are as disparaging towards someone they don’t agree with as we always blame the liberals for.
          If only we could/would return to the humor and good nature, like that of President Reagan. I remember the times he would stand there telling his sometimes corny jokes and all would laugh, even those who did not agree with him politically. No matter who becomes our next President, if we don’t change the way we talk to one another, this country will not get better.

          1. Unfortunately, today’s social media allows us to say things that we would never say to people’s faces.

        5. James is right… Trump is a liberal, and no amount of lipstick can change that pig… look at his life, what he believes and how he acts… slap a republican sticker on harry Reid and run him for president, amounts to the same thing

        6. Amen Deborah. I can not believe that anyone so juvenile may be our next president. I want another Reagan. We need one to save our nation. We need a president who acts like a president: responsible, polite, but firm when needed, a leader, intelligent, mature and does not act like an undisciplined teenager. We have issues that need addressing such as a congress that is out of control spending taxpayers money far into the future. Our country is going down the tubes fast. Ted Cruz addresses every important issue that we have and does it with respect for others. He has been tried and tested. If he “made deals” with the establishment he would not be hated by them. America this is the person for which we have been waiting, a person who will deal with the issues not court the politicians and lobbyists in D.C. Vote Ted Cruz and let’s save this nation.

          1. Jo Ann: I totally agree about the comparison between Cruz and Trump. Of the two, Ted seems the most mature even though he is young enough to be Trump’s son! He is obviously very intelligent and deals with the substance of the issues, not in personal attacks and disparaging, mean spirited comments. Trump is very caustic and aggressive whereas Cruz is assertive and confident. Ted Cruz really is a man of faith and you can see that in the way he treats people. He has also stood up for first amendment rights in front of the Supreme Court. Trump, you can conclude by his own words, is a nominal Christian who is pandering to that group for their votes. I know that Cruz would never mock a handicapped person, a shocking public act by Trump which should have demonstrated his character to everyone. Mr. Cruz has actually gone up against the establishment and has spoken truth to power. And bravely, he has done so largely alone, like David against Goliath! That is why the GOPe hate him so much they will do anything to stop him from upsetting their gravy train. And that is why all conservatives need to rally around Ted Cruz. He is the successor to Ronald Reagan who we’ve been waiting for!

        7. ah, Deborah Gerdes, do you not realize that Trump calls people names all day long and the Trump followers don’t even bat an eye? BUT let someone who is not a Trump follower call someone who is an “idiot” then wow, you go after them with both barrels. And telling James Alexander to grow up is priceless. Trump is the kid in the room at every event. He is far from being a grown up. And here is why: he continually makes faces at everyone’s answer in a debate. He makes the dumbest comments. He puts every single person down who does not agree with him or will not support him. Once he puts them down, then he keeps on harping about them. He lies to make himself look good. He points a finger at Cruz about his finances at the same time he himself owes millions of dollars to many different banks. When things did not go his way with the banks, he sued them. He is in bed with George Soros by taking money from him to build his project in Chicago but doesn’t disclose that while he is campaigning. He is the one who has to be in the lime-light at all times. He can’t speak a full sentence without interrupting his own thought. He is a phony “Christian”, his actions speak louder then his words. He is the big bully that everyone hates.

          1. Very well said and on point. Trumps idea of leadership is “my way or the highway”! Haven’t we had that the past 7 years? It doesn’t matter what side of the Isle your on, dictatorship comes under many rouses. No way, no how does he get my vote.

        8. Deborah, I have listed thousands of reasons why I won’t support Trump. However, I’ve yet to find someone to give me an actual intelligent reason on why they’d vote for Trump. Maybe you can help me?

        9. I find it interesting that you pounce on someone name calling while defending the candidate who in this very article is guilty of the same. This is a perfect example of the dichotomy in DT’s fan club. It’s perfectly fine for DT to make fun of handicapped folks, support liberal dems financially to garner personal favor and call others names. You call it being non politically correct. But it’s totally arrogant for others to use the term idiot. Yeah. Clinicians call that either hypocritical or schizophrenic. You choose!

        10. I think the way James responded was wrong and rude, but that is why many people are turned off by Trump too. Trump is ugly, rude and bullies everybody that disagrees with him or not for him. Which is not Presidential or show that he would be a very good Statesman for our country. To me, that makes his message sound like ##@%$#)(***##.. and shows me that he will do the same if he is in office.

          I believe people who respond this way has no message or valid points to make so their only response is to name call or lash out in the meanest why they know how. Many believe this is cool and makes them look tough and macho.

          Unfortunately, since they cannot compete intelligently and articulate their thoughts into and a clear argument this is the only way they know how to respond. Which is usually ignorantly, rudely and with colorful words. Since many people do not understand politics and cannot articulate their dissatisfaction and frustration, this is the only way they can verbalize or express their thoughts.

          A person that wants to run for President and be Commander and Chief should be able to speak intelligently and be able to communicate their goals, ideas and direction they want to take our country with some details on how they would like to do it. If they cannot do so or able to handle a little criticism and disagreement from others, they should not run or be President.

          If Trump acts in this manner with other world leaders they either will not deal with him or least as little as possible. To me, this show me a lot about his character and his ability to lead.

          Donald and many believe that because he has made a lot of money, that means he is a good businessman and will be a good President. You can make a lot of money and still not be a good businessman. Success is more than money. People may have to work with you, but they not enjoys working with you or enjoy dealing with you. You may have good business skills, but terrible bedside manners. Because you are good carpenter does not mean you would be a good plumber or an accountant.

          To me, Trump may be business savvy, but is not a good communicator or ready to be President. On the other hand, Ted Cruz has demonstrated that he can articulate his vision, his goals and his plan even if you disagree with him. He also is able to handle those that disagree with him and knows how to do it politely and tastefully.

          I believe that is what this guy was expressing and the James was proving his point.

        11. Are you trying to tell me that your HERO
          Trump isn’t rude and degrading to ANYONE who
          Disagrees with him. I think you’re being
          very hypocritical here. Most Trump
          supporters are and YES Trump is exactly
          like Obama. Very thin skinned and cares
          about no one but himself.

        12. Funny how you call out this person but make no mention of Trump doing the same ONLY WORSE!!! Whether or not you support Trump, you are supporting him by NOT CALLING HIM OUT!!! Just wow!!!

        13. Do you read what you post, Go back and look and see who started this. Glenn Beck had some harsh words for Sarah Palin tonight following her endorsement of Donald Trump.
          Back in September, Beck went off on Palin for playing nice with Palin, declaring that he’s “embarrassed” that he ever supported her because she’s “become a clown.” Glenn beck is just as guilty as any of them pay attention to his posts.

      2. James Alexander, you do the conservative movement NO favors with comments like that. If we want to be the UNITED States again, we have got to learn how to be UNITERS.

    1. Lisa you are the reason we are in such trouble in this country. Given the truth, facts you still wish to live in a fantasy world.

    2. I really would love to stand by Trump if he wins the nomination. I believe he has taught us that it is okay to be politically incorrect (a good thing) and he brought an urgently important topic – illegal immigration – back to the forefront. But he has become an unhinged bully and we do not need another unhinged bully in the White House. We need a man who cares about the Constitution and we need a man who is willing to drastically reduce the size of government, which has become oppressively large. I believe Trump would rule by executive order. We have checks and balances for a reason. If we respect the vision of governance put forth by our founding fathers, we MUST get back to the Constitution.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I really wanted to support whoever the nominee was. Unfortunately, I feel that if it is Trump, I can’t. I notice that many of his fans take Trump’s lead of degrading those who have honest questions about his ability to lead.

        We have had the pendulum swing so far left, allowing it to swing toward someone I believe may be a fascist due to his narcissistic, bullying behavior toward others combined with his willingness to bend the rules or work the system in his business, would be a terrible mistake.

      2. Amen!!! I agree 100%.
        Trump touts himself as anti-establishment but yet some of the biggest names in the establishment are endorsing him? Makes you wonder what kind of deals he’s already making that will drive this country even further into the darkness.
        Trump is the other side of the coin we already have in play.

        I’m sorry but whoever the establishment is for…..that’s probably not the candidate that’s best for America.

      3. Trump has some great ideas, but he is too much like Obama in many ways. He is thin-skinned and tries to destroy anyone who
        disagrees with him. He uses profanity in public speeches which is not presidential. He does not have the character to fill the office of our president. After eight years of a failed presidency, we can do better.

        1. What ideas does Trump have? I haven’t heard anything but a bunch of tag lines. I haven’t heard any substance. Calling people stupid isn’t an idea of moving forward. Calling names will not work with Russia.
          I’m for Cruz and have been since he announced. I want a guy that the establishment HATES. Trump can’t claim to be anti-establishment with endorsements like McCain, Hatch and Palin!

      4. That’s why I’m for Cruz. He has stood up and foughtfor the constitution on that senate floor more than once. He did call McConnell a liar, because he flat out went behind the senate backs to make deals and try to sneak them through. The fact that he called him on it was impressive to me. I think he has principles! Should’nt the president of the US have principles!? I’m tired of an arrogant, egotistical, self serving leader in office. Let’s look at these peoples lives, how they have always conducted themselves, and what they stand for. Explore their records. Isn’t that our responsibility? If you’re a Christian pray on it, I think you’ll come to decide on Cruz. If you’re not, really think about where we are, and are headed, who knows our laws and history and willfight to uphold them, I still think and hope you’ll come to Cruz

    3. That is what’s wrong with this country. You can see the unkindness and the disrespect and the rudeness but still choose that person to run the country. We are failing as a country because allow the slightest bit of this into our leadership. It’s really a shame.

      In the end, it is your choice, but it would be wise to reconsider.

    4. I just want you, or anyone else to give me ONE solid piece of evidence where he says HOW he will do the things he promises. So far, he sounds just like the Democratic Candidate in 2008. I will, I promise, I will do it better, no one can do it as good as me, I, I, I, ME, ME, ME.
      I am a Ronald Reagan Right Wing Conservative and so far Trump is Obama on Steroids. Lots of talk, no substance. Those who blindly follow him are no different than those that blindly followed Obama.
      When/IF he starts laying our concrete proposals as to HOW he will make all his promises come true, I will be more than happy to support him, but I will not blindly follow him.

      1. Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan is just the 2016 version of ‘Hope and Change’ – it means whatever the hearer wants it to mean.

        I suspect much of Trump’s support comes from former Obama voters.

      2. I would strongly encourage you to read this
        for the information that you seek. While people who support Trump are called uneducated, hillbillies, in fact many people who not only CAN read, but who are willing to do research, are picking up Trump’s books. They are attending his rallies to get clarification and reiteration of the issues, not because they are “Trump-bots”. I am sooo tired of hearing epithets directed at people who have honestly studied and sought out candidates to represent their ideas and ideals. I have an IQ of 156, and I am still researching, watching, and weighing. But I also have over 20 years as a political activist, campaign consultant, and political newspaper columnist as well as an elected official; I understand the difference between rhetoric and reality.

        To be specifically honest, I read “The Art of the Deal” in the 80’s, and Trump’s ideas and attitudes were very profound to me then. He helped me be a better politician and a better political writer – and also helped me in my investments – all by making me see CLEARLY what to look for. I like and admire him – but I still haven’t made up my mind yet.

        1. Just curious if in you research if you’ve read Ben Carson’s books or Ted Cruz’s? I too have studied, watched and researched and can’t find much about Trump the candidate that gives me faith he’d be a good commander in cheif. His interests are only for him, not a nation.

      3. I agree, all I hear when he talks is blah, blah, blah. Like a used car sales man trying to sell me something I want and need while the minute I drive it off the lot it falls apart. I don’t trust the man. I am still looking at Cruz and Carson and possibly Rubio as the conservatives but definitely not Trump. 7 years has been enough of a dictatorship, American CANNOT afford to be fooled again.

    5. Why? What do you see in Trump? I think he has stirred the pot in some good ways, but I can’t support him from what I have seen.

    6. So, it’s okay, according to Donald Trump calls people names, it’s okay if he is rude, it’s okay if he speaks in sentence fragments, but it’s not okay if an average Joe says the Donald is an idiot? Double standard much?
      And, the Donald is not a conservative, he’s a rude obnoxious, spoiled rotten child of an idiot. Oh, i forgot. . .he’s a liar. These are just the facts.

    7. You must be a progressive-liberal troll. You are definitely NOT a conservative-minded person, or you would see right thru Trump & his lying face!

    8. The Trump supporters in the GOP must be democrat minded wing of the party. Single payer. Tax and spend. Pro choice. What’s not to like about him… If you’re a dem.

    9. And that’s okay, last I look it is still America (for a little while anyway) If Trump is not the nominee are you still going to support the Republican candidate or stay home and not vote therefore allowing another Democrat president?

      1. Good question! I am so troubled by this. I truly believe that Mr. Trump is more progressive than conservative, that fact that all these old ( Mccain, Doyle, Hatch) are now backing him tells me it will just another Obama term, he already as a businessman twists laws to serve himself, no principles, but like you said I can’t not vote so I push the republican button?

    10. All I know is that anybody who cares about this country and where we are going really really has to think and look into these candidates. We are about to lose our country and this election is more for our childrens future than ours. We really need to hold on to the constitution and the laws of our land as our founding fathers intended.

    11. I’m sorry to see that Lisa, I really urge you to please reconsider and at least explore these mens’ records on where they really stand, we truly need a conservative constitutionalist. while I respect that fact that Mr. Trump has billions as a businessman and
      has he says knows how to make deals, haven’t we had enough “deal making” the last 8 years, we’re in to much trouble. We need someone who is consistent in what they say and what they do!

    12. So what would Trump have to do or say that would change your mind? Is there anything……or are you just dead set on him being POTUS, regardless? Just curious.

      1. Me too. He is a dangerous candidate, for he has no foundation but the blocks of pride, fame, control, and unprincipled deal making.

    13. Of course you are. Facts don’t matter to zealots. But you might want to get out of your echo chamber once in a while. If Trump gets the nomination, all of the uncomfortable things you are willfully ignoring will be front page news. Every day. The press will be relentless and turn him into a cartoon character. The late night shows will have a field day. Just because he managed to get you to drop any pretense of having principles won’t mean he can get the rest of the country to drink the koolaid too. 5 million conservatives stayed home for Romney. How many do you think will stay home for an opportunistic Populist? 10 million?

    14. Lisa, you can continue to be 100% for Trump, that is the reason we have the vote.
      As for myself, since the last 8 years with BHO ignoring the constitutiion & doing his executive privilege orders, being the narcissist that his conduct has displayed,
      the salvage of our nation now can only be done with a true constitutionalist, mature
      conservative that through his actions is displayed by TedCruz. While your support
      of Trump who displays narcissism, with statements of when he does his executive
      orders, he will only do good ones, never mentions smaller government only that it
      is being run by stupid people, thus, again “look at ME”(narcissist)I am smarter!
      He doesn’t even make speeches as well as BHO did, but in a nutshell, he will be
      a similar kind of person to hold the title, so actions do speak louder than words,
      think about it Lisa, our nation’s survival is at stake here girl! TedCruz is the man!

    15. I’m sorry. Apparently your eyes have been glazed over by the hollow hype and meaningless words. Look behind the voice. There’s nothing there but a “deal maker”, where the ends justify the means. And the means will be camouflaged hell on wheels.

    16. All I have to say Is WHY!! Have you really done any real research on Trump or are you just following the hype.

    17. Some of my family were killed in / fled Hitler’s Germany and there is something very worrying happening in the USA. While I like Trump as a person, having seen how dangerous big government and disrespect for individual liberty can be, I warn people against voting for someone like Trump. “A government of the people, by the people, and for the people is precisely what the Constitution offers, and what is most threatened by “great men” impatient to impose their will on the nation.” Instead vote for people who have a history of standing up for individual liberty and freedom and limited government. Perhaps consider Ted Cruz or Rand Paul who stand up not for forcing people to do things… but for sticking up for the constitution and the bill of rights. Its a serious election….
      Read more at:…/donald-trump-conservatives-…

    18. “Do you support “single-payer” government health care?
      Do you support Planned Parenthood?
      Do you support gun bans?
      Do you support government bailouts, subsidies, handouts, etc.?
      Do you support higher taxes on the wealthy?
      Do you support eminent domain for private acquisitions?
      Have you identified as a democrat in the last 10 years?
      Do you believe our economy does better under democrats?
      Do you believe liberal, pro-late-term-abortion judges would make excellent Supreme Court justices?
      Do you support crony capitalism?
      Have you changed your political affiliation 4-5 times?
      Did you support Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama in any of their campaigns?
      Do you believe Hillary Clinton is an “excellent negotiator”?

      If you answered “No” to any of these, why would you support Donald Trump?”

    19. I WAS 100% for Trump until he said he could work with the Democrats. I’ve really had enough of that. I started watching reruns of “The Apprentice” to see who Trump was. (Yes, I know it’s not really a reality show. I know it is scripted and staged but I figured, Trump being the man he is, he probably wrote the script.) I learned a couple of things. 1st – He admires smart and tough. He doesn’t admire noble. 2nd – at one point he got real serious and told someone, “People don’t change. Not really.” 3rd – Then I heard his recent views on abortion and same sex marriage and Christianity/repentance. I will let people think I’m voting for Trump to keep the vultures off of Cruz as long as possible but I believe Cruz can handle them after the primaries when it gets really dirty. I will vote for a man who has given himself to God and let God handle the rest of them.

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