Listen Live – Daniel Horowitz – States Have A Right To Fight Transformation Via Refugee Resettlement

Listen live Wednesday December 9th at 9:00 AM Eastern

Daniel Horowitz1Daniel Horowitz2

Daniel Horowitz will be talking with Mike Hewitt (News Talk 1090 WKBZ-AM) exploring the arguments that States have the rights to resist the federal refugee resettlement program.

What we are seeing today is the ultimate societal transformation without representation, as the federal government is using private contractors to colonize and transform local communities without taking into account the impact on the locality, as prescribed by the statute…

Nobody with a shred of intellectual honesty can assert that states would have willingly joined the union had they known the federal government would not only decline to protect their sovereignty and society, but actively seek to transform it without any recourse.

Governors, Attorneys General, State legislators and law enforcement officials are invited to join their constituents and  Listen Live


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