7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck on Global Governance

  1. To win the war against creeping global-progressivism, one must pick one's battles. As long as leftist Obamacrats control Congress and the media, Beck is wise not to attack Barry's questionable citizenship status. An easier battle to win is to open the minds of the sheeple to the utter corruption of our current regime—whether or NOT Obama is a "natural-born" citizen….which would be almost impossible to prove, and would be an issue for the Supremes to decide.

  2. Count your blessings.
    Would it be better wo. Beck?
    The obvious answer is no.
    An imperfect plan put in practice is better than the best plan which remains only a project…

  3. Beck isn't putting his life on the line. Just like Alex Jones, he is part of the controlled opposition to feed us a bit of info along with more lies designed to mislead. They've given him a TV show for goodness' sake, if he was actually a threat to the globalists he wouldn't be where he is, let alone still breathing. He won't talk about zionism, the massive lies we've been told about history, or the creeping New Age religion that infests the UN and much of the alternative media (eg. Zeitgeist movement and Esoteric Agenda/Talismanic Idols) and other vehicles the globalists use. Follow Beck or any other group at your peril, you risk walking right into the trap. The only one you can trust is yourself, read everything and make up your own mind but don't let anyone ever tell you how to think.

  4. Anon,

    They're all waiting for Glenn to say he's not an American and then he'll be pronounced a kook. We can't afford to let that happen. I"ve only become a "birther" in the last few weeks and thought people who claimed otherwise were nuts.

    This man is taking his life in his hands. He's a father and husband and will to take the risks for God and country. He needs all the support we can give him.

    I pray extra hard for Glenn, Theodor, Andrew, and all the others who are working hard to defeat these luciferians. I try and help by trying to get people to understand what's really going on…I lay little seeds and hope for the best. Some of it is taking fold now.

    Take care and God bless all here,


  5. I have a very hard time believing a man who tells his audience to question with boldness, seek the truth and fight for the constitution – who then ridicules those very people for doing just that. Barack Obama IS NOT a Natural Born Citizen. Period. And the world and media, including Mr. Constitution here, are content to let this abhorrent Constitutional crime slide.

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