1 thought on “U S Senator Ted Cruz Speaking In Little Rock Arkansas Common Sense

  1. I was born in England, moved to Canada, in 1975 and married an American Vietnam vet and moved to Michigan in 2005. Jim my husband was very upset that Obama was elected and said it would not be good for America. How right he was! Fast forward 8 yrs, and this wonderful country has been so changed as to be unrecognizable. Jim died 2 yrs ago, but he said that God would send along a great man to turn this thing around. That man is you Ted Cruz. As soon as I heard you speak, listened to your plan for the future I knew you were the one. Press on Ted, don’t allow any nay-sayers to stifle your dream, America needs you, just as she did when Ronald Reagan came to the White House. God bless you, God bless America!!!

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