5 thoughts on ““Economic Armageddon and You”

  1. All reasonable and good except for the implication that businesses pay so little tax – the US has the second highest business taxes in the world. Businesses do not pay taxes they collect them. Every penny a business has, every penny, comes from the customers. That means the individuals add the business taxes to their own tax burdens. Yes, you’re paying your taxes and the taxes of every company you buy from.

    1. “The little amount being paid by corporations”? Duh!
      Hay, wake up, corporate taxes are nothing more
      nor less than double taxation on the owners,
      i.e., the stockholders of the company. When I am
      taxed on my labor I’m taxed but once, sales taxes
      aside, by the taxing governmental unit. So why
      should my “earnings” from dividends be taxed twice,
      once before the corporation pays me my a dividend and
      then once more when I receive my dividend? Whose
      reasoning can accomidate this? The other way
      to look at it is as put forth by SiGraybeard.
      Corporate income taxes are sales taxes paid for by the
      consumers of the products sold them by those horrible
      ugly rapacious corporatins. Oh, the horror,
      the horror of it all. The horror of it all is
      that the poor benighted electorate is too stupid
      to figure that all out.

      So saith the sage of the prairie.

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