Rep. Allen West Defends His Stance on “Boehner Plan”

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a big Allen West fan.

Many “Tea Party” activists are disappointed that Congressman West has chosen to support the “Boehner Plan” over the debt ceiling issue.

Here Allen West defends his position, with Laura Ingraham.

What do you think?


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13 thoughts on “Rep. Allen West Defends His Stance on “Boehner Plan”

  1. Allen West is very experienced at the tactics of war, be it on the battlefield, or in the halls of congress. He knows that this is just the beginning of turning things around in Washington.

    The most important battle will be the election in 2012 when we can gain additional ‘troops’ to win the war. 2010 was just the first battle, with a big win for conservative Republicans. We are now in a second battle pushing back against the other side and their ideology, but with fewer troops than they have at this time, our troops can only begin to gain a foothold into the other side’s territory.

    Allen West is looking at the big picture and though not happy with the gains made, realizes that they are gains just the same instead of losses or retreating. I believe that is how LTC West is looking at this issue. He knows that many things need to be changed in Washington, but also realizes it doesn’t happen overnight.

    I do believe that the Republican freshman congressmen/congresswomen and senators have brought to the forefront the principles that they stand for and should be proud of what they have done so far.

    Americans are beginning to wake up and are finding out that the conservative Republicans stand for what most people in the country do… smaller government, a robust private sector, tax reform and a balanced budget. I believe that is what most Americans will choose over the democrats’ big government, tax and spend policies, tax some more for good measure, no balanced budget (that one just amazes me!) and encroaching control of every aspect of our lives.

    I and many others across the country belong to a large, growing grassroots movement to draft Allen West for President. We believe he is the man our country (and western civilization) needs now at this turning point in history.

  2. I also will give him and many of the others a pass. There are two separate groups of the Ta Party – Tea Party Express, which is a political PAC, and Tea Party Patriots, which is not, and is by far the larger of the groups. The PAC is the group that for the most part is threatening to primary everyone. The Patriots (with some exceptions)are a bit more realistic, we realze that fight though our Congressmen might, with only a 1/3 of the house, if we can get anything at this point, it would be a major victory. We have to focus on 2012. If we can get rid of more of the spenders (dems and rinos alike) THEN we can get serious about making them accountable.
    Tea Party Express played a big part in the last election because they financed many of the candidates. But I will remain a Tea Party Patriot. I will acknowedge that most of these people tried. but I will be watching.

  3. If a man who had a ticket on the Titanic which said: “To New York”, and he refused to get off while it was a doomed ship, would he be considerd a man of principle or a fool? He wanted the ‘whole’ voyage package and got nothing.

    Sometimes armies have to retreat for tactical purposes and regroup and regain strength to fight another day.

    I would like the ‘whole’ package, but the opposition is ‘stronger’ and we have to take them down bit by bit.

    I am an idealist in my heart but sometimes one has to go with reality.

  4. It’s a pragmatic move against the ideologue-insurgents of the Left. They simply won’t accept actual cuts in spending–you see that would be in the national interest–well, they’ll support gutting the defense budget, but only because that’s not in the national interest either. In fact, those who do support slowing down the increase in debt are labeled by them as radical-lunatic-teabager-extremist people who are trying to destroy the country. That seems to describe the Left more accurately.

  5. Thank you to the Reps who voted their convictions:
    Justin Amash (Mich.)

    Michele Bachmann (Minn.)

    Chip Cravaack (Minn.)

    Scott Desjarlais (Tenn.)

    Tom Graves (Ga.)

    Tim Huelskamp (Kans.)

    Steve King (Iowa)

    Tim Johnson (Ill.)

    Tom McClintock (Calif.)

    Mick Mulvaney (S.C.)

    Ron Paul (Texas)

    Tom Price (Ga.)

    Connie Mack (Fla.)

    Jim Jordan (Ohio)

    Tim Scott (S.C.)

    Paul Broun (Ga.)

    Tom Latham (Iowa)

    Jeff Duncan (S.C.)
Trey Gowdy (S.C.)

    Steve Southerland (Fla.)
Joe Walsh (Ill.)
Joe Wilson (S.C.)

    1. Right on Kahki.

      How is it that West is not among those you listed?

      West has shamed himself. There are so many things wrong with this conversation between West and Ingraham that I would have to write several pages to cover it. Neither of them demonstrates any understanding of the real issue, which is that he was elected specifically not to do things like raise the debt ceiling because the country is deeper in debt than any country has ever been in history. The two of them prattle on about Republicans vs. Democrats while the country rockets deeper into bankruptcy. Typical predictable establishment shell game. How thoroughly West seems to have been co-opted by the Washington machine in this conversation. How utterly lost he sounds talking about the need to stay united against the Democrats and comparing the Washington hack Boehner to a wartime field commander whose orders must be followed. Sad.

      This is disappointing. West has demonstrated that he lacks the intelligence (or worse, principle and integrity) to handle his current position.

      He was elected by people like me (a campaign contributor) to fight the growth of government, the corrupt establishment, and to speak the truth to Americans about the crisis we are in and to work diligently to fix things.

      You Mr. West show the symptoms of Schizophrenia. You do not solve a debt problem by enabling more debt. You do not fight the corrupt establishment by siding with the corrupt establishment. Or are you so simple that you don’t understand that the Boehner plan cuts nothing but only marginally slows future growth? Worse, the Boehner plan is in reality simply a gateway for the Democrats to come back with an even worse revision. Pathetic. Not even a year in and you have lost your way. The tea party movement put you where you are. You take sides in this debt ceiling issue against the movement that gave you your office then you call the movement schizophrenic? You just blew it in a very large way.

  6. The GOP Establishment is always happy to see the TEA Party when they’re in a bind.. In early 2009 the liberals had pronounced the Republican Party Dead.. they’d already dug the grave. Then the TEA Party appeared and saved their butts,

    As soon as the crises was over, the GOP saved from it’s own arrogance the establishment reminds them they’re nothing more than annoying pawns who should get out of the way let the professionals (who almost killed the party to begin with)run things.

    I like West as well, but the GOP had a plan..the dems had nothing but noise.. back to his battle field, when you have control of the field and the enemy is is confused and disoriented, do you finish the job or play politics with the enemy?

  7. Trevor, I am SO on board with Allen West that I will give him a pass on this. He is so right that we cannot change all of the Marxism as long as we only control 1/3 of the power. The reality of the sausage making set in. I am firmly in this man’s corner.

    1. Indeed, same here, Allen West is looking at what it will take to win the war; the ‘big picture’ he is seeing step by step and mapping out how to make it happen in smaller and easier bites than all at once.

      The best comparison is like a American football team; advances are measured in yards, unless the opening comes to make the run for the goal due to a opening the opposition makes.

      Always for the offensive team, the goal is the same, advance and secure the gains; advance to the goal line, advance and hold the lines.

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