Why We Must Unite Behind Ted Cruz

Guest post from Shlomo from NJ

Open letter to conservative talk show hosts

Ted Cruz

I’m disappointed with conservative talk radio. I really can’t understand why our media giants, such as Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, are not actively pushing for Ted Cruz….

Conservative pundits have attributed the 2012 debacle, to the inability for conservatives to unite behind one strong conservative. YET WE’RE DOING IT AGAIN!?!

While we’re window shopping, the other team lost no time with scorn, and vilification; ignoring and misrepresenting anything Cruz.

Coalescing behind one guy, won’t happen by itself. Nor will the liberal leaning media help us in this regard. Conservative talk show hosts-the “editorial board writers for working people”, MUST LEAD THE WAY.

So, why Cruz? Answer: Those that go to Washington can’t be trusted, except Cruz.

It’s true, Marco Rubio might have a slight edge in speeches, and Scott Walker can point to more impressive successes.  Still we MUST unite behind Ted Cruz….

Many feel that, on balance, Cruz’s skill-set outweighs his opponents, but that can be debated. What’s not debatable is that every single candidate, (except Cruz) that has already arrived in DC, has changed their tunes. The other opponents have simply not yet come to Washington.

The atmosphere in our nation’s capital, is antithetical to conservative values. It’s so toxic, even lifelong conservatives feel compelled to accommodate the special interests and big donors. All, at the expense of the voters that sent them there in the first place. Except Cruz.

Just last week, Jodi Ernst and Perdue, voted against conservative values. Why should anyone assume that a Scott Walker won’t drink the same kool-aid Rubio has been sipping the past couple of years.

If anyone thinks moving away from Cruz will slow media’s criticisms, think again. They’ll vilify anyone. They even turned harmless, squishy, Romney into the devil incarnate.

No, Ted Cruz is not 100% perfect. Nobody is. All criticisms are, however, anecdotal at best.

Ted must be mentioned every single day, and constantly contrasted to his counterparts in the Republican party.

If a drum-roll is keeping Hillary alive, imagine what constant positive focus will do to one of our best.


Author: Trevor

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36 thoughts on “Why We Must Unite Behind Ted Cruz

  1. I’m alsost sure that Mark Levin is for Ted Cruz. Glenn Beck is also for Ted Cruz, and Rush Limbaugh usually does not side openly with anyone HOWEVER, for comments here & there, I think he is also for Cruz and also Walker.

  2. Not a fan of Cruz! No, I don’t need a president who preaches at me. Nor do I need on who has a my way or the highway attitude. We’ve already had 6 years of that and look where we’ve gotten. No, I want a candidate who has knowledge of foreign policy (another NO for Cruz), one who has actual, realistic plans for dealing with the issues this nation is facing, (another tick in the no column). I may not always agree 100% with my candidate, but at least I know he will work with BOTH sides for REAL solutions. He will remember that those of us on the right are not the only citizens and will do what’s right for all. Most of all, he will remember that America is a land of opportunity and IS exceptional and he will make me see the potential as well.


  4. Historically, unlike some conservative talk show hosts, Rush has never backed a candidate before the primary. And I think that is wise thinking on his part. He” back the Republican candidate after the primary but not before. It’s up to these candidates to make their case. I have backed Congressional conservative candidates that lost when Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Michelle Malkin backed the candidate they were opposing, and that was a frustrating situation, especially believing that my candidate was the best choice. So Rush understands this and I, glad he does

  5. To me Scott Walker is a mush better candidate. He has a proven track record of winning in a blue state. He was elected Gov 3 times in 4 years. He has lowered taxes and cut spending. He also has the ability to attract independent voters which is necessary to win the general election.

  6. I really have been puzzled by Mark Levin’s lack of early commitment to Cruz… I’m a huge fan of him and his show, and Levin keeps saying ‘we need to unite behind one conservative candidate early’… yet he’s not doing it.

    Perhaps he wants to keep all the GOP horses pulling until we get to Iowa caucuses… and attacking Obama/Clintons until then.

    But somebody needs to make clear to conservative voters that Cruz is the only actual Reaganite in the race… most of the others will only be getting in the way much past Iowa

    I’m sure Rove/Fox News pushed Huckabee in, to pull some Christian votes from Cruz… and help Bush. After about 1-2 or 3 primaries, we really do need to get down to one non Bushie

  7. HELL NO. STAND WITH RAND. Cruz is bought my Sach. I don’t trust him at all. Rand Paul is the only true patriot who stands for INDIVIDUAL liberty. As soon as Cruz stops his evangelical theocracy rhetoric and stop trying to legislate morality, I will support him. This is not a man that will fight for individual liberty. Rand Paul will be the one.

    1. Rand supported Mitch McConnell so there is no way I would support him in the primary. Something else just happened in one of the senate committees that Rand created a negative vote for that should have passed.

      1. …and all of this little “candidate X once agreed with opponent Y on my pet issue, so I will never EVER support him EVER again, EVER” pettiness is why we Conservatives get beaten so frequently on Election Day.

        In our constant principled-yet-Quixotic quest for the “all or nothing” Superman candidate, we all too often get the latter, in the end.

        But if winning elections in a way that moves the needle is not the objective anyway, and smug satisfaction that you’ve stood your ground is all you need, then that’s certainly a choice. Except that I wish you’d join the current fight in a more meaningful way.

    2. Ask Rand Paul why he refused to stand with Vitters attempt to unmask the Republicans who voted for the special exemptions that Congress demanded and received from the ObamaCare “Tax”, ie protecting Congressional staffers from the effects of the ObamaCare law. This issue reveals to me that Rand is not as principled as he would like us to think. He’s off my list.

  8. Ted Cruz is by far the best candidate in the contest from either party. Rush came out early with very strong support for Scott Walker. He has since gone neutral.

    Ted has support from Mark Steyn, Tom Tancredo, former GE CEO and leadership guru, Jack Welch, and Adam Carolla. That is an eclectic group for sure.m

    The country needs Ted, a constitutional scholar, to return it to a constitutional republic in the aftermath of Obama.

    1. Ted Cruz a great leader and he will be a great President. I USE TO LIKE RUST.I though he had good sense but now i take that back i love America what happen to Rust COME ON Rush i know you got better sense then i been hearing .Rush come back to the peoples that made you the man you were .I be hearing what going on hope you come to your sense .STILL FRIEND .

  9. “Scott Walker is nowhere on this issue. The candidate running for president on ‘big, bold’ reforms won’t stand with conservatives on an important issue like prevailing wage. He’s decided it’s a distraction, not unlike the Right to Work law that he is now cynically using in his stump speeches around the country.”


  10. Walker is GOPe. He’s pro common core. He was against amnesty before he was for it. He was for ObamaCare before he was against it. He’s standing down on repealing prevailing wage. His budget spends $500m/yr more yet they’re short in balancing it. He’s funded WorkKeys and college and career planning starting in 6th grade. He’s HUGE into school to work. He’s “moderated” his 100% pro life position (the “pain capable” bill cuts off at 20 weeks and creates an exception for the mother’s health – Planned Parenthood must be happy!). Act 10 excluded the police and firefighters (why? if it’s a bad law it’s bad for everyone. Why are they the exception?). After 4 years he never revised or explained the exception. On Right To Work he considered it a distraction until he double crossed the legislature on another deal. They passed the RTW over his objections and forced Gov Walker to choose his “Mr Unintimidated” patina over his national political objections to the bill. BTW – RTW excludes the police and firefighters too. He funded DNA collection upon arrest (NOT conviction). His current budget adds 100 tax collectors and assesses them to find $1.2m/yr each (gotcha’ tax penalties to small businesses that can’t afford to defend themselves. The penalties will be just enough not to defend yourself because it’d be easier and less expensive just to pay the penalty.).

    Look past the hero worshipping, you’ll find a GOPe person with a thin Tea Party patina that can wordsmith most issues. It also helps that Reince Priebus is pulling strings behind the scenes.

    Check out the Stop Common Core in Wisconsin FB page. He’s taking hits there for a reason.


  11. Trevor is right! In fact I think Cruz should go one step further and start naming those who would make up his Cabinet and run as a team. Imagine how powerful that would be!

    But it is definitely time to coalesce around Ted and get a true conservative in the White House.

  12. Just because they haven’t gone to DC, dorsn’t mean they haven’t yet betrqyed their principles. These Governors don’t have great records. They own words running flr president is concerning. Walker has flip flopped like a fish and he has admitted to supporting corporate welfare in Iowa. We need a TRUE conservative who can also win. Thats Ted Cruz.

    I’m doing my part on social media. Join me if you want to follow Ted news like this article: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Cruz2016/

  13. You’re right of course, but there’s one thing happening this election that hasn’t happened in previous ones: The establishment has not united behind a single candidate. The money is mostly behind Bush, that’s true, but moderate voters are being courted by Walker and Rubio, who are both serious candidates and more popular than Bush. That’s good for us.

  14. hi Trevor and team…

    One word:


    Good post to unite behind Cruz. Rs have put forth a few OK candidates.

    Ds have… 1 crusty old lying unaccomplished woman.

    I’m hoping Carly can continue to WIPE.the.FLOOR with her very valid criticisms of Hillary until the Hildabeast crawls back under a rock and pulls out citing “family concerns” and “being a grandma…” or some schlock…

    Or H gets arrested and put in jail (that would be a happy day)…

    Cruz is brilliant and the true constitutional candidate.

    Time for rebirth…


  15. Maybe, like me, the conservative talk show hosts have taken a look at Ted Cruz’s immigration policies and don’t like what they see. Cruz isn’t planning any deportations. He wants a path to legalization rather than citizenship.

    Cruz wants to double or triple legal immigration at a time when we have unemployment and the vast majority of new immigrants eventually vote Democratic. He also wants to increase H-1B visa allotments by 500%, which would be a severe blow to middle class Americans, particularly those in IT.

    If a Republican is to be elected President, he/she must appeal to “Reagan Democrats” or the sons and daughters of “Reagan Democrats.” So far Cruz has proposed nothing that would benefit middle class Americans.

    1. His immigration plan is no different than Milton Friedman’s, which is as long as there all the entitlement programs there cannot be an open door policy, that is why he has stated that he wants to do entitlement reform, you can listen to his interview with kudlow where he explains his plan for entitlement reform.

    2. No, that can’t be it because Jeb Bush is a strong supporter of amnesty and the “conservative” media at Fox are salivating over him.

    3. This is untrue; he says the border must be secured before the disposition of the MIllions who are here are addresses (note last week’s interview with Catie Couric on Yahoo).

  16. We should start making a campaign with all the radii hosts until they see what is so obvious to us all.

    1. What is so obvious is that Ted Cruz is a huge supporter of the TPP (Tran Pacific Partnership) and ‘fast track’ for Obama. His article (in cooperation with Paul Ryan) in the WSJ sounded convincing but they are whistling in the dark. Please, please, do not assume that Ted Cruz is the only conservative standing. He is reassuring the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street that he will not let them down. Please don’t offer the excuse that it is “politics” and if you’re going to win you need their support. Ted Cruz is brilliant so his support for a trade policy that seriously threatens our sovereignty cannot be laid to naivete or ignorance. This smacks of politics as usual. I was – and ‘was’ is the operative word, here – a huge supporter of Cruz. No Longer.

      1. I’m not very familiar with the specific bill and issue you raise….

        And if this is your make or break issue, and Cruz is in fact not with you, by all means, vote for Jeb….

        Nobody will agree about everything.

        What is clear however, is that ONLY with Cruz do you know what you’re getting!!! He will not tell one group what they want to hear,and then a conflicting interest what they demand, and end up doing a third thing.

        He is also reliably conservative. He will not violate the principles he has laid out regarding emigration; lawlessness, terrorism,fairness to legal emigrants, and bankrupting the welfare state.

        There might very well be a program that is within Cruz’s values and he supports. Even voters that disagree with him on such a hypothetical policy, will back him for every thing else.

        The one trick pony voter will vote for Rubio, or Walker. These two will have made a statement for AND against every subject.

      2. Who’s being operative…..?

        Not Ted Cruz, only those those chasing this topic to push a “Walker”, Bush or Huckabee agenda…. getting hard to tell the strategic tactics of those 3 apart and their activists…..

        I’ve seen this basic post on three separate hit pieces, all hitting possible presidential Senators/hopefuls….

        I call BS….,!

      3. I’d like to hear ALL that Ted Cruz says about free trade. If he includes an unshakable determination that ‘free trade’ means ‘fair trade’, with no decks stacked against American interests, then fine, Americans can compete. But unless it’s a level field, forget it. Immigration is another issue. If he is in favor of policies that will further erode the earning power of common Americans, the middle class who have worked hard, gone to school (tuition debt) to gain the skills for better paying jobs, only to have cheap labor come in from India or etc., and take their job or drive down the pay for the job, that is unfair, and we need a president and congress who will protect the middle and lower classes and not favour the uber-wealthy donor class.

      4. It’s now July 9th, just now found this post from May, and let me reassure you that Ted has changed his stance on TPP! I wrote an email to him, as he is my Senator, and got a response back from someone in his campaign staff. He tried to argue with me about the TPA and TPP thing, and I got him straightened out, about it giving away the sovereignty of the U.S., as it would have done. I got another email back from Jeff and he told me that Sen. Cruz had changed his mind about voting for TPP, thank God!

  17. I know, it’s the same damn slow moving train wreck that got us McCain and Romney. Rush is hopeless, he needs the animosity, same with Hannity, but Levin? He needs to cut through the crap and come out NOW for Ted.

    Can you imagine this group, all of them, on stage, at a debate? I almost believe the intent of Huck, Rick..et.al is to drown out true conservatism.

    Is it their egos? Santorum, Huckabee, Jindal(a good man) Carson(clueless, but a good man), Perry and Christie HAVE NO CHANCE-NONE and Bush is close but would never do the best for the country by dropping out.

    They’ll make mince meat of our principles, allow the left dominated media to divide us once again and in the end, millions will just say fuck it and that’s exactly what Hillary is counting on.

    1. Levin is down to Cruz and Walker, and has called for the same thing, coalescing behind a single candidate. He will before the others do. Cruz’ biggest challenge, if he wins the nomination, will be the vitriol and behind the back sniping, from the Karl Rove Neocons.

      1. Where is the document that is required of all children born while the mother is living abroad? His mother needs to release that. If she didn’t sign it, too bad, Rafael Eduardo. No citizenship for you! “A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if certain statutory requirements are met. The child’s parents should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America (CRBA) to document that the child is a U.S. citizen. If the U.S. embassy or consulate determines that the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth, a consular officer will approve the CRBA application and the Department of State will issue a CRBA, also called a Form FS-240, in the child’s name.

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