"Soviet Story"

 An excellent and very chilling history of the Soviet Experiment. The story of the Ukrainian “genocide by famine” is heartrending.

The Soviet Story from BlueCAT on Vimeo.


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7 thoughts on “"Soviet Story"

  1. I stayed up until 2AM Saturday Morning watching this. Very powerful, very sad and strengthened my belief that Americas ills are the result of the disease of Socialism. No matter the varient names or the names of it's purveyors. It is either/both Un-American and/or Anti-American. It must be called what it is, have its assests frozen and the people investigated, prosecuted and sentenced.
    Thank you Trevor and NZ for TRUTH.

  2. Someone should acquire the rights to this and show it on television or in theaters.

    People need to remember, how evil socialism/communism really are.

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