To My Friends in Phoenix, Chicago, Boston, and New York: Go and See Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet

Please, please, please!!! Take some time out of your busy schedule to go and see conservative comedian Evan Sayet during his upcoming cross-country tour.

I’ve dined with this guy. He’s both an intelligent principled ex-liberal turned conservative and a hilarious story-teller.

He is the author of the epic viral tweet, after two Islamic terrorist were shot dead at Pam Geller’s art exhibition in Garland, Texas recently:

“My favourite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.”

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Evan will be appearing in PHOENIX (May 27), CHICAGO (June 3), BOSTON (June 10) and NEW YORK (June 14) (MORE TBA).

The Phoenix gig will be at the Laugh Factory in Scottsdale, 7000 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Admission is only $20:

Evan Sayet, America’s leading conservative political comedian, is taking his show on the road, performing in comedy clubs from coast to coast. These shows, however, are more than just “funny,” they are, important conservative events.

Evan’s humor is so right-on and so insightful that he’s one of the most in-demand speakers at some of the nation’s most important conservative political events including David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend, CPAC’s annual Reagan dinner, the California state convention, Americans for Prosperity’s Right Online conference, and so many more. Now YOU can see him as he takes his one-man show to a club near you!


Author: Trevor

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5 thoughts on “To My Friends in Phoenix, Chicago, Boston, and New York: Go and See Conservative Comedian Evan Sayet

  1. Evan is a family friend. He is an amazing talent who wrote for “Politically Incorrect” for 10 years. Yes, he’s sorry! But he’s arrived! Evan is a leading Conservative who has a serious message with a comedic twist. Evan is absolutely brilliant and a must see if he’s in your area.

  2. Trevor is SO right. Evan is not just funny, he is the most intelligent comedian out there.

    He has a book, “Kindergarten of Eden” that hysterically explains why Liberals think the way they do and why they are not just wrong, but as wrong as wrong can be wrong.

    You’ll be SO sad if you miss his show.

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