2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Owns a Reporter in Beaumont, TX on Question About Gay Marriage

  1. All that needs to be said about queers is that “I agree with God”. It doesn’t matter what I, or you, or the other guy thinks, this country was founded upon an appeal to God for the Blessings of Divine Providence; the God of our Founders favored their undertakings, both in the Revolutionary war and the Civil War, and a nation was produced that became the envy and wonder of the world.

    P.L. 97-280 recognized the Bible as the Rock upon which this Republic was built. The God of the Bible considers homosexuality an ABOMINATION, which is as bad as it can get. He is so offended by this aberrant behavior that He imposed a death penalty on its practice.

    “Sodomy” is defined in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary as a capital crime severely punished by the law of our founding.

    De Tocqueville wrote that “American is great because America is good; if America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great”. That is what is happening.

  2. A lot of attention is being directed to under 2% of the population – be they rich or be they gay? What about fixing the economy for the 98%?

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