Elizabeth Warren and “Occupy”

Leftist Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren gets hung with the fruits of her ideas.


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3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren and “Occupy”

  1. She is one of many heavy duty Reds joined in the hip to Obama, who slouched towards a phony degree at Harvard, mentored by Radical tenured agitating lecturers, who, when given a chance could not perform. This is a replay of the technocratic regime of JFK who dragged to D.C a slew of drek from harvard, that delivered the VietNam war and a host of ill conceived mushy policies. When Soviet “boss” Kruschev sat down with the doped JFK in Vienna he felt like this was a tasy breakfast, a charming knave and a certfied imbacile for a “conversation”. The problem with the academic class is that by the virtue of obtaining a phony degree that stands for no real life experience, they assume that they are entitled to run the world, and when the opportunity is handed to them, they all fail.

  2. I gave as much money to Scott Brown as I could, this freak cannot get into office, every please help Scott Brown win.

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