Marxist Mole: The Story They Can’t Kill

By: Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival

In this exclusive video, Cliff Kincaid and Trevor Loudon explain the story of Obama’s Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis to the Washington Post. Despite the evidence, the Post insists the story is a lie. Once you watch this video, you will never trust the media again. Watch America’s Survival TV on Roku for the facts you won’t get anywhere else. Go to


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7 thoughts on “Marxist Mole: The Story They Can’t Kill

  1. We are in trouble–serious trouble. Transformation and change were not needed, and we have been forced to swallow his agenda. When he leaves office I hope we get a reset on his wrongdoings.

  2. Communism was the only ideology Obama was ever exposed to, both sides of his family were hard core Marxists. Davis wasn’t the only one.

    Some have said that Frank Davis was Obama’s real father, nude pornographic pictures of his mother was found in Davis’ house after his death. Davis and Obama look exactly alike; he looks nothing like Obama senior who has never acknowledged him.

    Maybe that is why his mother allowed him to visit Davis, a known child molesting queer alcoholic drug using drinking buddy of his grandfather, unattended at his home.

    Davis is said to have told Obama when he was going to attend college that he was not going there to be educated, he was going there to be trained.

    Anyone who knows what communism is can see it being promoted by this tyrant. Re: Obamacare – “citizens of the USSR are entitled to “free medical service”.

    What do you think “fundamentally transform” means? It means OVERTHROW!


    IF a REPUBLICAN or INDEPENDENT person had even a inklling of information of a DIVERSE BEHAVIOUR such as explained with great detail in this report, Th MEDIA, would have CRUSIFIED the CANDIDATE in PRINT.

    Here now 7 Years Later, with the facts, in this report, is there any wonder or QUESTION of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s, Patriotism, Respect, Integrity, and Charactor, that resulted in the The FAILED LEADERSHIP, of the, PRESIDENT for the Last 7 years.

    It is fairly clear to me that the Congress, should engage another Special Prosecutor to INVESTIGATE, this incident and REQUIRE the RELEASE of ALL THE Presidents CONCEALED IDENTIFACTION & Records.

  4. Great video! Davis was not only an influence on Obama he was deliberately placed with Davis to be taught by him.

  5. It is amazing to see the Washington Post fielding such a poorly informed, uneducated, blank to tackle this issue. Kincaid and Loudon can recite the entire history from memory, yet the reporter knows absolutely nothing about American history, about the characters associated with Obama, and because of her ignorance she is trying to minimize, diminish the significance of what these two sources are providing her. They do all the leg work, all the research, she gets it all handed to her, for free, and plays the part of a millennial ignoramus!An air head – a media “useful idiot”! What a testimony to the inferiority of American media.

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