READY FOR RINO RAND? Mitch McConnell-backing Rand Paul’s Top 12 Embarrassing Flip-Flops

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Do we really need a candidate who is so flippant (or so poorly advised) that he is forced to reverse field on a regular basis? And, more importantly, what do his constant backflips say about his principles?

Oh. And don’t even get me started on his support for Mitch McConnell over a true conservative (Matt Bevin) in Kentucky.

Rand Paul Backtracks on Vaccinations

While a measles outbreak was spurring new calls for vaccinations, Paul said in a Feb. 2 TV interview: “I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.” … Pediatric groups called the remarks irresponsible, saying the benefits of child vaccines greatly outweigh the risk.

Rand Paul Backtracks on Aid to Israel

Campaigning for a Nebraska Republican in August, Paul sparred with reporters who asked about his earlier calls to end foreign aid to all countries, including Israel… in 2011, Paul proposed a budget that would end all foreign aid, including that for Israel. He defended the position in an ABC News interview at the time.

Rand Paul Backtracks On National Sales Tax Plan

Kentucky’s Republican nominee for Senate, Rand Paul, is running away from his past support for abolishing the federal income tax in favor of a national sales tax… As the [Lexington] Herald-Leader wrote, Paul was on shaky ground when he said he has “never said anything like” support for the fair tax.

Rand Paul backtracks on comments about Cheney and Halliburton

Rand Paul is backtracking after video surfaced last week from 2009 showing him suggesting that former Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to send Americans to war in Iraq to help his former employer, military contractor Halliburton, make money… After his comments were repeatedly condemned by conservatives, the Kentucky GOP senator says now that he “wasn’t intending really to impugn [Cheney’s] personal motives.”

Rand Paul Backtracks on Voter ID

Rand Paul wants to clarify recent criticism about the Republican focus on voter ID laws. Last week the senator said it was “wrong for Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it’s offending people.” But speaking to Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Paul said his comments got wrongly overblown.

Rand Paul Backtracks on Government Shutdown

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on Sunday that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to shut down the government over the funding of Obamacare, but that he is hoping his party does it anyway… He was one of the fifteen senators to sign onto a letter vowing to block funding the health care law. But on Sunday, Paul told Fox News Sunday that, “I don’t think shutting down the government is a good idea.”

Rand Paul backtracks on Clinton criticism: Iraq war actually worst tragedy since 9/11

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) toned down his criticism of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday afternoon, admitting on CNN that the Iraq war was a greater tragedy than the attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Rand Paul Backtracks on Ferguson Comments

Just before departing for the rural town here where he performed charity eye surgeries over several days, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) caused a stir with an op-ed in Time about the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, calling for the police to be “demilitarized” and saying race skews the application of criminal justice … In an interview, he elaborated on his article and responded to critics on the right whom he said had misconstrued what he wrote.

Rand Paul backtracks on one-year deficit elimination pledge

Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul backtracked last week on his pledge to erase the federal budget deficit in a year, instead offering several options that he said could get it done within five… Conway’s campaign pounced on Paul’s comments. Conway spokeswoman Allison Haley said Paul refuses to offer “a straight answer on his secret plans to balance the budget in a year,” and now is “waffling on the amount of time it will take.”

Rand Paul Backtracks on His College Degree

Speaking at a conference last Thursday, Paul twice said he had a college degree in biology… Paul attended Baylor University in the 1980s, but left without a degree. Nonetheless, he was accepted at Duke University’s highly regarded medical school, where he earned a degree.

On Marriage Equality, Rand Paul Raises Bestiality, Then Backtracks

Sen. Rand Paul made a remark yesterday about same-sex marriage paving the path for marriage between humans and nonhumans, but he quickly backtracked on it, with an aide characterizing it as “sarcasm.”

Rand Paul Reverses Course on the Civil Rights Act of 1964

… tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show, newly minted Kentucky Rebublican senatorial candidate Rand Paul refused to say whether or not he would have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964… [a day later] I guess his campaign has enough sense to realize that his view on defending the ‘rights’ of private businesses to discriminate wasn’t an electoral winner [and issued a statement backing the law.]

Look, I’d be perfectly backing Paul — as Trevor Loudon suggests — as a Secretary of the Treasury under Ted Cruz.

But Paul’s mouth is a loose cannon and bound to get another Democrat President elected in 2016 during the heat of a campaign. Sorry, that’s just reality.


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4 thoughts on “READY FOR RINO RAND? Mitch McConnell-backing Rand Paul’s Top 12 Embarrassing Flip-Flops

  1. Nice list of flip flops, but how does that make him a RINO?

    While your list of flip flops are legitimate criticism, it hardly makes Rand a RINO.

    How about these:

    Matt Bevin stated that cockfighting was a state’s rights issue on videotape. Later, he said he never said it.
    This doesn’t make Matt Bevin a RINO, it simply makes him someone who said something he’d probably like to take back.

    Ted Cruz started his political career as an advisor to George Bush. His wife, Heidi Cruz, also was a Bush advisor. Heidi Cruz is also a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs, and a member of the Council on Foreigns Relations (CFR). Indeed, Heidi Cruz was a co-author of the CFR’s, “Building A North American Community.” That’s right, Mrs. Ted Cruz is a globalist who wrote that we should, “establish a permanent tribunal for North American dispute resolution,” and “increase labor mobility within North America.” I know what you’re thinking, Heidi Cruz may be a free trading globalists, but Ted Cruz surely is not. Well, you’d be wrong. Ted Cruz supports NAFTA. It’s one thing to support free trade, it’s quite another to support NAFTA, which even free traders now say was a disastrous agreement.

    Ted Cruz shot down the idea of using the nuclear option to stop Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.

    Ted was more than happy to hold John Boehner’s coat when he urged them to shut down the government. When the fight was in the Senate, Ted was nowhere to be found.

    Ted Cruz was the vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) when conservative Chris McDaniel was involved in a runoff against RINO (and senile) Thad Cochran. The NRSC paid for ads that accused Chris McDaniel of being a racist. Ted Cruz and the NRSC crossed the aisle and actively worked with the Democrats to defeat the more conservative candidate, Chris McDaniel. In September of 2014, Ted Cruz donated $250,000 to the NRSC.

    Ted Cruz is no RINO either. The fact of the matter is that Matt Bevin, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul are all a huge step up from Jeb Bush. Let’s not eat our own before the contest starts.

  2. The answer is easy. Of course we need Rand. The conservative vote in the primary MUST be diluted so that a true Rino can win and go on to the general election. Republican conservatives are their worst enemy. Instead of backing the best or just one good conservative candidate they will willingly split their vote. Worse, they will be butt hurt if “their guy” doesn’t win in the primary and sit out the general election. This will guarantee that either the Rino or the devilcrat wins.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the flip flopping, or most of it, but just his first stance on no foreign aid to Israel was enough to make me not want him to be the nominee. I still like Ted Cruz!

    1. Bibi Netanyahu also said he would like to taper Israel off the American teat. Rand is for withdrawing aid from countries that hate us first, then, eventually, he would gradually taper Israel off American foreign aid.

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