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I know what you’re thinking. “What? is Trevor becoming a socialist?”

No. I’ve just got my hands on a box of Curtis Bowers’ award winning documentary film, AGENDA: Grinding America Down. In the documentary, Mr Bowers looks at the subversion of America, the systematic “grinding down” of American culture and values over several decades – a process nearing its climax today. And I want to give them all away!

The film features interviews with Dr E. Calvin Beisner, Dr Jim Bowers, the late Dr Robert Chandler, Beverley Eakman, M. Stanton Evans, Bryan Fischer, Dr David Gibbs, Jr., Brannon Howse, Cliff Kincaid, Congressman Steve King, Gen. Ed Meese lll, Dr David Noebel, Hon. Howard Phillips, Janet (Folger) Porter, Sen. H.L. Richardson, Phyllis Schafly, Jim Simpson, Mike Smith Esq., John Stormer, Tim Wildmon, Wendy Wright and…. Trevor Loudon.

I’ll run a couple of contests each week, from my Facebook page. I’ll ask a question and whoever makes the best response – or the one with the highest number of “likes” will be sent a free copy of the must-see AGENDA: Grinding America Down DVD.

Submissions will take place at my Facebook page (click here). Entries should be roughly one sentence – one paragraph.

There’s just one small thing I’d ask of contestants. You may make as many submissions as you wish, however I’m asking that you invite 10 of your friends to like my Facebook page for each submission you make. Is there a way for me to check that you invited 10 friends? No. But I trust that my patriotic friends and readers will honor my request.

Head over to my Facebook page for the first question!


AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Trailer) from Curtis Bowers on Vimeo

To order copies of Curtis Bowers’ DVD, go to the website here


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7 thoughts on ““Spreading the Wealth” at the New Zeal Blog

  1. Agenda is an incredible film! Bowers has done a great job in laying out the facts of the Communist agenda in their subversion of American liberty. And Loudon’s closing statement was powerful. Americans must stand up and take up their responsibility to defend the liberties that we all hold dear. This film was an eye-opener for my family, and now my brothers and I are researching the history of the Communist movement and their agenda today, and informing our friends and family. If you havn’t seen Agenda yet do so as soon as possible! I will be one of the most important films you will ever see!

  2. Trevor Loudon is (should be) one of America’s Heroes!

    Without a doubt, this ‘Agenda’ CD is based on facts; hence, our goal should be to show it in classrooms all across America. May our country gather the courage and strength necessary in order for us to eventually reach that point, that we can demand that this CD be shown all across America! It will take us to overcome ignorance and/or evil. It is that simple, and will that difficult.

    1. Did each of you order the DVD? I did. Instead of getting it from Amazon and saving a few bucks, I ordered it from the “Agenda” site. I hope they ship fast so that I can start holding “Agenda” watching parties in my home.

      We MUST start taking these destroyers at their word. Listen to what they say and act on the treason that is being advocated!

  3. Grinding America down? Indeed, that is the final plan they have, or as Van Jones stated…pressure from the top down, bottom up and the inside out…until all collapes into the system they have been in the process of establishing for some time now.

  4. If Bin Laden had been executed during President Bush’s term, I think he would have released pictures. However the way the liberal press is today, I am unsure what pictures we the public would have seen.

  5. Great site, I have been reading your stuff for about two years, since I first learned about it doing research on Obama’s ties to CPUSA and DSA and New Party. Please keep up your quest for the truth about what is happening in the US today, and what it means for our future. A heartfelt thanks for all your efforts!

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