Communist Party USA Praises Obama for Violating the Constitution on Amnesty

By: Sara Noble
Independent Sentinel

communists marching

Communists marching. They must destroy the Republican party to succeed.

The Communist Party USA, in their Peoples’ World magazine, praised Barack Obama’s decision to violate the law and bastardize even a valued legal tactic called “prosecutorial discretion.”

They say he is bringing millions out of the shadows. Their article by Tim Wheeler started with Helen Chavez’, César Chavez’ widow praising the president. Of course, her husband, though one of them, didn’t approve of illegal immigration.

“Today, President Obama kept his promise to me and to the American people,” Chavez said in a MoveOn petition expressing support for Obama’s actions. The President took these steps despite threats from the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill to close down the federal government or even impeach him on specious grounds that he has exceeded his constitutional authority. Every president in the past half century including Republicans has issued executive orders to deal with issues of immigration when Congress failed, or refused to act.

Impeachment talk has been coming from the leftists in our government to be honest but communists aren’t honest.

La Raza (NCLR) is also thrilled with the decision but describes it as only a first step. Many in the LaRaza movement believe much of the West is theirs and was taken illegally in 1848.

I say give them California and call it even.

The AFL-CIO also backs the president. Illegal immigrants are the unions “brothers and sisters.” It doesn’t seem to phase them that they have welcomed in more workers to compete with their members.


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5 thoughts on “Communist Party USA Praises Obama for Violating the Constitution on Amnesty

  1. When Obama did in 2012 Amnesty Executive Order, this should have given the sit at home pures and third party voters a clue Obama was going further with this. Instead they enabled his 2nd term.

    The article stated to give back California, how about Texas who
    has not fought over the years to fence off areas.
    San Diego has a 60 mile border with Mexico and Republican Reps.
    here fought in the 90s and got a 13+ miles of double fencing and
    another fencing east of that. Texas should follow California’s example

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