5 Observations About Jeb Bush Running for President

Doug Ross @ Journal

In an utterly unsurprising development this week, Jeb Bush announced that he’s “actively exploring” a 2016 Presidential run.

Allow me to offer some perspective for the GOP Elites and others suffering from the fevered delusion that Jeb Bush might someday serve as President, in this universe or any other.

1. This is one situation where an open primary benefits conservatives: I contend that Democrats will turn out in droves — like there was an announcement for free government cheese at the mall — to vote against the Bush name. Heck, you and I have heard it for years: debate any policy position with a progressive and, no matter the facts, logic, history, and reason you muster — the inevitable result is what some call Bush Tourette’s Syndrome (i.e., “But- but- but- Bush!). This sad disease is sure to manifest itself in the primaries and amplify Democrat turnout like nothing we’ve seen since the dead walked the streets of Chicago in 1960 to cast ballots for John F. Kennedy.

2. Jeb Bush’s support for Amnesty is wildly unpopular among a huge majority of Americans: 88% of Republicans, 66% of independents and even 50% of Democrats believe that the border should be locked down before any Amnesty efforts are undertaken.

3. Bush’s support for a nationalized education curriculum (also known as “Common Core”) is generally despised. Only 34% of U.S. adults with children in elementary or secondary school support the federal takeover of educational standards.

4. Should Bush secure the nomination (which, if it occurs, we can thank John Boehner’s newly uncorked personal campaign contribution limits in the CRomnibus), I believe we’ll see the first viable third-party candidate since 1992. Reince Priebus, Karl Rove and the rest of the GOP Oligarchs should know that the Republican Party will be torn asunder by a Bush nomination. Guaranteed. A third party will result and the GOP will go the way of the Whigs — deservedly so.

5. BONUS: Jeb’s formula for victory:

Jeb Bush has no chance of winning the presidency — zero, none — and anyone who tells him otherwise is lying or a paid political operative. Or, more likely, both.


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1 thought on “5 Observations About Jeb Bush Running for President

  1. G’day Trevor – Not sure that I agree with all that mate. Seems to me the American public have been thoroughly traumatized by the Obama years and they realise that they need someone sane who will hold views that are more centerist and at least pay lip service to the ideas of the democrats and the republicans and will begin to regain the respect of the civilised world. The American people are more divided now than they have ever been and I believe the “look” of the next president will be very important because this one looked like a checkout clerk and has very clear racist tendencies. The problem with the GOP is its divisions and the perception that they are leaderless. Seems to me that what they need from a domestic and a global perspective is someone with some quiet charm who looks like he is a bit middle of the road and won’t appear like a supporter of islam and terrorism – as we have had for the last 2 terms. In the public’s perception as epitomized by Paul Henry’s famous comment about the GG – he Looks like an American leader – whereas I thought Romney looked like a school principal. Jeb Bush looks normal and he speaks very well and seems to make some sense and has been a successful Governor for many years – and I think the Obama years have made George Bush look like a genius and a proper patriot with the people’s interests at heart. Mind you – I had never thought that Bush was an idiot and always considered him sincere. I could never say that for obama. I think that if I were Jeb Bush I would remind the voters that I would have the close attendance and the wisdom of two former presidents at my elbow. The era of the two Bush Presidents was one where the American people could at least feel a little proud and a little safe and so could we – down here. I believe that by contrast obama has made the entire population of the “free” world very nervous. Good riddance to him and welcome Jeb Bush – he sure couldn’t be any worse even if he was suffering from autism. I think ted Cruz is a bit too shrill and he has a pointy nose and chin – and Americans are funny about looks – Hillary Clinton is a dodgy dowager who’s husband made her look like a drip – and they will think he will be in charge and they might fight each other 🙂 That brain surgeon african bloke (can’t remember his name,) will look like more of the same. Who else is there? And as a post script – the catatonic American voters will recognise Bush by his name.
    But would I put money on him – no.
    Denis Hall.

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