This Weeks’ Weasel Of The Week!! – 10/09/14

The Watcher’s Council

Drum roll, please!! It’s time to present this week’s statuette of shame, The Golden Weasel!!

Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one particular Weasel for special mention, to whom we award the statuette of shame, our special, 100% plastic Golden Weasel. This week’s nominees were all slime-worthy, but in the end the winner by a nose was…

The United States Supreme Court!

Rhymes With Right: The United States Supreme Court. On Monday the nine Justices of the Highest Court in the Land abrogated their responsibility to hear a case and provide precedent on gay marriages. In declaring their refusal to hear any of the pending appeals, they in effect legalized gay marriage in every state in several judicial circuits and put their thumb on the scale in pending appellate decisions on the matter that were likely to provide contrary decisions.

Oh indeed they did! It takes real craven, quivering cowardice to cave in to a politically powerful elite and disenfranchise the majority of voters in 5 states, let alone the voices of the people in the remaining 26 states that still prohibit same sex marriage. They’re now going to have their laws limiting marriage to one man and one woman struck down one by one as same sex marriage advocates judge shop and file suit. And talk about weasels, shoving this major change down America’s collective throat against the people’s wishes without even bothering to hear arguments or make a ruling!

Yes, they’ve certainly earned their Golden Weasel, but I have to confess that there’s a slight problem. After we informed the senior court clerk of the award, it took a number of phone calls for us to finally learn that the Justices were unable to decide whom would accept the award on their behalf. So we just boxed it, put a rainbow sticker on it and left it at the entrance to their chambers.

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1 thought on “This Weeks’ Weasel Of The Week!! – 10/09/14

  1. There’ll be some Herculean House Cleaning to do when the Second War of American Independence gets to that gang of slip’n’trippers, feckless-fools, fascists, fascist queers and Justices Alito and Thomas.

    Brian Richard Allen

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