3 thoughts on “Loudon on the “Cruz Coalition”

  1. Trevor doing the work the American Press should have been doing all along. Yeah, that will happen. American “Press” is for all intents and purposes Government Propaganda machine. Trevor’s Dream Team would be great…he’s right, there is someone on that ticket for everyone, each one bringing something unique to the table…all of them Conservatives.

    If only Cruz would get going on assembling the Team now. Granted Cruz may have his own Constitutional eligibility issues, but Obama proved that that doesn’t matter anymore so any honest eligibility issues can be overlooked. If the Dems throw a tantrum (and you know they will) about eligibility, we just ask them to prove Obama was ever eligible and produce a genuine legitimate Birth Certificate for Barry. And no Dems a proven forgery that still remains on the WH website is not legitimate proof of anything but a crime.

  2. Love Trevor and the Dream Team for 2016. I pray America will wake up and support the Team that Trevor, an Honorable man from a wonderful country has suggested and spent so much time on.

  3. Trevor Loudon is amazing! He is a more patriotic American than American citizens! I totally support his Dream Team for 2016. WAKE UP AMERICA! Running the same candidates that lost before is not the answer!

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