Three More California Speeches for Trevor Loudon

Join Trevor Loudon at the launch of the Palm Springs/Desert Cities Conservative Coalition, May 12th in Palm Springs.

palm springs

Trevor will also be addressing the Mt. View Republican Club, Monday May 18th, 6 to 9 pm,  St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 830 West Bonta Ave, Claremont, California 91711.

Next up is the Placer Tea Party, Parks & Recreation Building, 5460 5th Street Rocklin, California 95577, Friday May 22nd, 7-9 pm.


Trevor will be in California until May 28th, so if you’d like him to address your group, please contact his agent Regina Thomson at


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8 thoughts on “Three More California Speeches for Trevor Loudon

  1. I hope that now, with this latest DHIMMI declaration by LTC West in Florida, Mr. Loudon will stopp suggesting him as a part of his nifty idea of “Team Cruz.”

  2. Thanks Terresa. If this is the column you;re talking about Kauf. I cant see the problem. If anything it It increases my esteem for Alan West.

  3. If you think cancelling this event out of fear is NOT
    submitting to islamic terror,
    (oh yeah, like “safety” is *always* a good excuse to run away and hide…/s)
    I’ve really got to wonder out loud
    what is in your head.

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