10 thoughts on ““Russia is Our Friend?”

  1. The two previous comments are the result of the influence of carefully crafted Soviet propaganda. Read what Anatoliy Golitsyn revealed about their long-term strategy. They are destroying the West by proxy, with help from their quislings in the US and UK governments and media, via terrorism, drugs and cultural Marxism. Then Putin starts making himself look respectable compared to the decadent West. It’s a massive psyop. Don’t fall for it folks. Don’t get caught up with the “truther” crowd and all their “red and blue pill”. They are largely under Soviet influence.

    1. Excellent Comment.
      Too many posting on various sites did not
      live through the Cold War and no understanding
      of what Russia is and capable of also have little knowledge
      of history.
      The water carriers of Putin and Russia are the Radical Left
      and Libertarians and all around dupes.

  2. Yes! Russia has a serious military populated by real men! JOIN BARACK OBAMA, JOHN McCAIN, HILLARY CLINTON, JOHN KERRY AND THE CIA AND RESURRECT THE COLD WAR!!!

    Really? I thought you folks took the Red Pill here. Stop sloughing this neocon conservitard crap and get back to fighting who REALLY hates America.

  3. Russia has a military, so what?

    Everything I’ve heard Putin say in the last several years, has made me like him more and more.

    Everything I’ve heard from the US administration in the last several years, has made me like them less and less.

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