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Kremlin’s Channel Highlights American Socialist’s Conviction

Kremlin propaganda channel RT (previously Russia Today) highlights the recent conviction of Occupy Wall Street demonstrator Cecily McMillan. An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator was found…

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Obama’s Socialist Friends Re-Admit Convicted Communist Spy to Their Ranks

  Democratic Socialists of America has a bona fide traitor in its ranks. The US’ largest Marxist organization, and the one most closely allied to President…

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Charlotte Observer lies then covers its tracks

By: Jim Simpson DC Independent Examiner Today’s Left-biased media is emblematic of our liberal-dominated degenerate culture. They lie, make up stories about political enemies, publish…

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Infiltration of the U.S. Government, Part One

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The announcement that the House will vote on a special congressional committee to investigate Benghazi is long overdue. Accuracy…

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