The “Very Stupid People” Are Communists

By: Cliff Kincaid

As he noted during the CNN Townhall, Trump was betrayed by many people, from Mike Pence on down. But his comment that “very stupid people” are destroying America was not quite accurate. These people are communists.

Other than this omission, his performance on CNN was masterful. It was hilarious to watch the media, in unison, condemn Trump for his “lies.” He is accused of lying by people who lie for a living.

The best part of the Townhall, in my opinion, was that Trump indicated he would support a U.S. default, saying it was now or later. Here was the exchange:

KAITLAN COLLINS of CNN: So, just to be clear, Mr. President, you think the U.S. should default if the White House does not agree to the spending cuts Republicans are demanding?

TRUMP: Well, you might as well do it now because you’ll do it later. Because we have to save this country. Our country is dying. Our country is being destroyed by stupid people, by very stupid people.

Let’s face it: America is bankrupt. Republicans propose more debt and a cut in the rise in spending, not much of an alternative.

Some conservative commentators hawk gold and silver, but after the last financial crisis, we saw the rise of cryptocurrency, an alternative to the dollar. And that’s why Biden’s handlers are rushing to create a digital dollar. They want to destroy this and any alternative to the funny money they are using to create a socialist state.

Only a default has the potential to force the U.S. Government to return to the Constitution and prioritize government spending.

In his heart, Trump knows his enemies are not “very stupid people.”

For background on media malpractice, I suggest my special report, “Saving the World for Socialism,” explaining their motives. Most journalists were trained as socialists, even though they are paid by big corporations.

To understand how they operate, note that rich people, including those in the media, employ illegals as maids, gardeners, and servants. They want more cheap labor.

Consider Fox News. Fox owner Rupert Murdoch is co-chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy, along with liberal moneybags and billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg. The Partnership for a New American Economy is based on bringing in immigrant labor described as “new Americans.”

As we watch the breathless coverage of the open borders, ask yourself: who among the pundits on Fox or Newsmax has a plan to deport them? What will a Republican House do about this?

The House passed a bill, the Secure the Border Act of 2023, with no chance of passing the Senate. It allows for the “removal” of some illegal aliens in some circumstances but doesn’t go far enough.

How do you find the illegals once they are released? Democrats don’t even know how many there are and where they are going. And they don’t care.

Democrats think the chaos will cause Congress to pass an amnesty for the millions already here and the millions coming.  In fact, they have already introduced the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2023. You know what this is all about — millions of more voters for THEM.

I just watched Democrat Joel Villarreal, mayor of Rio Grande City, Texas, on the Fox Neil Cavuto show, say it out loud – these illegal aliens can go to work, competing for jobs with Americans. Let them work, he said. As a result, they will drive wages down for Americans!

We can have our own slave labor force, just like the Chinese, until the illegal aliens in America get union cards and then vote for Democrats.

Democrats say Republicans do not address “the root causes of migration that force people to leave Central America.” The root causes are communist takeovers that cause corruption and economic decline. The Democrats’ answer is more foreign aid for bankrupt countries. In the process, we go communist and go bankrupt.  It’s the perfect communist plan.

Let’s face it — we all bear responsibility for communism coming to America.

But people are waking up every day. You can sense it. You can see it.

We now have to prepare for the next phase. Some of the “migrants” will go to work for the rich and famous, while others will become parasites and sponges on the welfare system. Meanwhile, the Red Chinese are not only sending chemicals for fentanyl to the Mexican cartels but are sending actual weapons of war to America and their agents of influence. Seizures of these weapons are being reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

We can safely assume they are going to gang members and other criminal elements. It will look like guerrilla warfare.

“Under my leadership, we will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,” Trump said in a recent speech. “We will pick them up, and we will throw them out of our country, and there will be no questions asked.”

To his credit, he has given us some important details.

He wants “a massive increase in border patrol and a colossal increase in the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officers.” He will then start the deportation process by asking every state and federal agency to identify every known or suspected gang member in America and “we will pick them up, and we will throw them out.”

This is practical because it is being done in El Salvador. In that case, the criminals are being incarcerated.

Indeed, perhaps the template for addressing “root causes” can be found in El Salvador, where the former guerrilla-turned-conservative President Nayib Bukele is using emergency powers to send tens of thousands of gang members to a new mega-prison. The gang members are identified through their tattoos and associates.

An analysis by one scholar notes, “The crackdown has made the Salvadoran president wildly popular: his approval among Salvadorans exceeded 90 percent in a recent poll. And the Bukele effect extends beyond his own country’s borders. The Honduran government launched its own state of exception in November 2022, extending and expanding the emergency over the past five months. A Guatemalan presidential candidate praised El Salvador’s crackdown as a ‘model’ to replicate. From Mexico to Ecuador to Argentina, public figures have praised Bukele’s mano dura (or iron fist) anti-crime policies, though none have implemented measures nearly as drastic.”

What’s more, he now warns that “U.S. taxpayers should know that their government is using their money to fund communist movements against a democratic elected (and with a 90% approval rating) government in El Salvador. It’s not working though. The people of El Salvador won’t go back to that terrible past.”

Trump, working with presidents like Bukele, can indeed begin to solve this problem, which has been created by “very stupid people” in the United States.

Common sense gives you the answer. Identify and expel them. And identify the enemy within — Bukele says the Biden regime is financing the return of communism in El Salvador.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy should invite President Bukele to address the U.S. Congress on how he has done it, and how America can begin to address the problems created by “very stupid people” in the United States.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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