Charlotte Observer lies then covers its tracks

By: Jim Simpson
DC Independent Examiner


Today’s Left-biased media is emblematic of our liberal-dominated degenerate culture. They lie, make up stories about political enemies, publish slander without blinking then issue retractions buried inside the paper well after the damage has already been done. It is evidence of a political strategy, not mere incompetence or careless reporting. They lie with purpose.

The Charlotte Observer is a metaphor for everything wrong with media. Today, for example, the paper published an editorial that attacked political opponents of leftist North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson. The judge sided with the minority against a Court opinion that will force convicted child molesters to wear ankle bracelets for life – even those already convicted. To bolster their case for Hudson, the Observer used the more general term “sex offenders.” But if you want to read about the kinds of people this law will apply to, read the Supreme Court decision here. These are serial child molesters. But the real kicker was that the Observer used this as an opportunity to spread disinformation about her opponents. Here’s the quote:

When former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot saw the TV attack ad against Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson, he was appalled. “Despicable,” he called it in an email to the Observer editorial board.

The ad is so offensive that Vinroot, a diehard Republican, said he will protest it by voting for the Democrat Hudson – and only Hudson. Though voters can cast ballots for two of the three candidates in the race, neither of the other two will get Vinroot’s vote on Tuesday, though they’re both fellow Republicans. (Emphasis added.)

The Observer lied. One cannot vote for “two of the three candidates in the race.” Republicans reading this could concievably do so, spoiling the race for those two candidates. Herein lies the Observer’s true agenda: to confuse republican voters and sabotage Republican candidates’ chances to the extent possible, while pretending to be taking the moral high ground. The story is masked in self-righteous outrage, and leads off by citing this stupid Republican who was goaded into giving them a quotable quote to carry the deception forward.

Except they got caught. Phil Kerpen, one of the sharpest political observers on the block, noted this factual error early this morning. Presto! The revised article deleted that entire section. All that remains now is the following:

The ad is so offensive that Vinroot, a diehard Republican, said he will protest it by voting for the Democrat Hudson.

The print version still carries the error, so those who read that will continue to be decieved. Ironically, the Observer named their piece “All rise for political shenanigans.” But who is engaging in the shenanigans? The Observer issued no retraction, no correction, so many readers will carry on with the disinformation the Observer deliberately planted.

The Observer is owned by McClatchy. Need we say more?


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