RINO Hunt — March Madness!

By: Dick Manasseri

March Madness!
Will the US Make it to the Final Four:
Will We Survive?

Here’s Team USA and their Coaches:

That’s Coach Saul in the hat, but who’s missing?

Okay, But Who’s Really in Charge Here?


Now I Get It,
It’s all One Team!
This is Madness!

We have a KGB Agent in the Kremlin

A Community Organizer in the White House

Media Propagandists Paving the Way for Cultural Revolution…

The Mad Hatter Leading Cultural Hypnosis

Depressing Expectations

Hammering Dependence

Driving Up the Debt to Weaken Our Defense

The Fix is In!
Barry’s on the Court Driving Toward the Goal!

Here Comes the Alley-Oop Pass to the Big Guy…
Vladimir is Ready for a SLAM DUNK for All the Marbles…
The RINOs Clear a Path for his Charge to the Basket…

How does the Game End?

It’s Up to You!

Target Vulnerable RINOs and Hunt Them Down

Field Our Own Team…
Ted to Allen to Rand to Ben to Sarah
Fight to the End
End the Madness!

Watch this space for the next RINO Hunt Call-to-Concerted-Action!

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2 thoughts on “RINO Hunt — March Madness!

  1. Nice quote from Obummer back in 2001 regarding the document he would swear to preserve and protect after the 2008 election. We have a non-non-heinous excuse for a national media! Hey, isn’t Conan O’Brien the late night host that merges pictures together? Someone should this link over to him …

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