8 thoughts on “Russia and the 2008 Financial Crisis | “For The Record”

  1. Dead-set you have Glenn Beck who’s is a devout Mormon which when you’re connecting the dots you’ll find Mormonism is the brainchild of the Jesuit Order not the British East India Company which might I add was subordinate to The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the City of London Corporation both based in thee New Jerusalem of the City of London sovereign square mile in Britain. Brigham Young was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ who was the one who gave the Mormon cult the Union State of Utah.
    Also Beck use to work for Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch FOX TV and now he’s spreading propaganda about Russia for his masters, if you want the real truth go to this site ‘How Bankers Engineered the Global Financial Collapse 2008’ http://rogerdufur.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/banker-admit-engineer-financial-crisis.html
    Also watch this video ‘Jesuit Controlled Knights & Bankers of the Papacy – The Rothschilds’

    1. Right. Both Mormons and Jesuits must also be so inherently pro-Ukrainian or pro-Georgian (Georgia – a small country in the Caucasus, to the South of Russia, you know…). Let’s rather do even more of appeasement coverage so proceeding with a good old (and most of all – effective!)tradition in the West. It’s an exceptionally appropriate moment for that now, isn’t it?..

        1. The native English-speakers on that KGB-channel – just disgusting. So insulting to the memory of Founding Fathers, of W.Churchill and of many-many others…

          1. Terresa, I’m not trolling all I’m doing is sharing real information! I feel very sorry for the fact that 99.9% of people in the world aren’t seeing who’s really pulling the strings in every aspect of our lives, and have been doing so since 1572 and even before that, one thing about these Jesuits they’re brilliant at DISSIMULATION in fact they’re the worlds best, isn’t it funny what’s happening in the Ukraine is a carbon copy of Libya Iraq Sudan Egypt etc…. which when you watch all the series of these videos ‘Counter Intelligence I: The Company’ it all runs back to the good old CIA which JFK was trying to shut prior to his assassination another one of those strange coincidences yet again? and when you do some real in-depth research you’ll find the CIA is controlled by the Black Pope and the Jesuits yet again!

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