12 thoughts on “The BarackObama/Frank Marshall Davis Connection Finally Going Mainstream

  1. I don’t know if “O” is the ac or if he lives up to rev, but he has lied about his citizen, i.e., as stated by his own African relatives, and he is definitely a communist/socialist bent on destroying America. I pray to almighty God that this country can find another Reagan, because it will take another President with Reaganesque qualities to save our country!

  2. I once read an old Chicago paper story where the political blacks of that time said ‘they would have nothing to do with Obama, that he was being handled by others who they didn’t approve of’ …. maybe some of your readers can once again find the story.

    I found it by using a subscription site that searched out stories but myh subscription has ran out and it was a bit expensive. I’m sure the service is still out there as I’ve seen it since then. You might find the service in libraries.

  3. This is more information on Frank Marshall Davis.


    The Record employed the services of Frank Marshall Davis almost immediately upon his arrival in Hawaii. ILWU Chief Jack Hall and Honolulu Record editor Ariyoshi were among the Honolulu Seven defendants identified as key leaders of the Communist Party in Hawaii and convicted in 1953 of “conspiring to teach and advocate the overthrow of the government by force and violence.” Their convictions were reversed January 20, 1958 after the Supreme Court re-interpreted the Smith Act.

    The Record had been founded just after the first prosecution of Communists began. From its first issue it had dedicated massive amounts of space to defending fired Communist schoolteachers John and Aiko Reinecke who would later become two of the Honolulu Seven. Shortly after the Honolulu Seven convictions were reversed, the paper folded. Ariyoshi then opened a flower shop and became known as “the Red florist.” But a decade later he was back in action leading the 1970 establishment of the Ethnic Studies Department at UH Manoa (slogan: Our History Our Way).

  4. It matters not so much who or what Obama really is. We get that. It matters more who and how many connected dots put he man where he is now. It also matters more that we cultural warriors expose him and his ilk on a local scale as the main stream media is in perpetual denial. No members of this once grand institution will dare step out of line for fear of social banishment from their highschool like clique. This is their identity It would take a major cathartic event to shake them from their near religious non pragmatic world view where republican bogey men hide behind every election and democrats can do only good in their quest to save the world… Will this perverted insanity ever end. God only knows.

  5. When will his opposition hammer home the truth that the occupant of the oval office is a Muslim-Communist, bent on the destruction of the USA ( what he called change ) ! When will they demand full disclosure of his secretive past actions & life ? For instance, how did he obtain a Conn. social security number ? How did he attend College receiving aid as a “Foreign Student” ? What passport did he use to go to Pakistan ? Hammer home his Soros connections & funding ! I’m tired of having a choice between the lesser of two evils to vote for. The coming election will be a farce as the ‘acorn’ types are still being federally funded & will corrupt the results along with other dissidents like the terroristic panthers & occupy idiots. Is milk-toast Romney the answer ?

  6. He is not the anti-christ but he is a deceiver backed by the money of globalist billionaires and bankers. His past was carefully concealed in order to prevent his rejection by all the people.

    1. Maybe he’s not the AC, but he is the “King of Babylon” (Mystery Babylon in Rev / Daughter Babylon in Jeremiah). Islam is the Beast of Rev & Daniel. The site I linked has a ton of stuff proving that. 🙂 The 10 kings are the Muslim Brotherhood dictators he keeps inserting into governments out there. He’s given them at least 3 billion dollars & armed the rebels who in turn insert sharia law & cause Christian genocide..He caused the Arab spring & the coming Caliph. (aka: Armegeddon) (They asked him to officially be the caliph) & he’s out to destroy Israel. Iran’s missiles will hit the US & we’ll have a jihad happen out here. Bible says it’s from ‘aliens’ or ‘fanners'(aka:foreigners) who the king trusts & allows in. With his unprotected borders, bringing in terrorists in droves & granting amnesty to 400,000 illegals under 30 it should be starting to sound familiar. 😉
      Also the whole Russia / China ww3 invasion thing. We can see them gearing up for this now on a daily basis.

      1. I completely agree that the bible prophecies are being fulfilled at a rapid pace, and that Obama is one of the key players. I don’t believe he is the AC either, but has anyone traced his lineage to see if he hails from the Tribe of Dan? The near future is scary but unstoppable and I hope I live to see Jesus appear in the clouds to catch us up with Him!

      2. wow…talk about delusional. “They asked him to officially be the caliph” Citation? “The 10 kings are the Muslim Brotherhood dictators he keeps inserting into governments out there.” Umm, Obama has had nothing to do with choosing leadership for any country in the middle east. So how’s that work? The antichrist is clearly gong to be the catholic church and rome, the beast with 7 heads is the city on 7 hills. Where you’re getting the rest of the stuff depends on what medication you’re being prescribed.

  7. I’m wondering if we (the public) will EVER know just who the hell is this CREEP (Obama)???? Will the TRUTH ever come out? Hopefully before I croak it will.

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