Note To Obama: This Is What Resistance and Courage Really Looks Like

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Ukrainian servicemen line up and applaud after singing the national anthem outside a fleet air base after members of pro-Russian self-defence units took over in the Crimean village of Novofyodorovka Photo: REUTERS

In a move that seemed to befuddle the media and those on the Left, Ukrainian servicemen and women showed the world what resistance and true courage looked like yesterday. In actions labeled as ‘bizarre’ and ‘strange,’ the Ukrainians defiantly showed that they may fall to the brutish force of Russian Communists, but not without a voice:

Troops at one of the last major Ukrainian bases in Crimea defiantly sang their national anthem on Saturday as Russian forces stormed their compound and demanded their surrender.

Russian soldiers and armed pro-Kremlin toughs assaulted the base just after lunchtime, backed by armoured vehicles that smashed through the compound’s gates.

The raid came after the Ukrainians had pointedly ignored a deadline from the Russians to surrender, even holding a wedding celebration at the base for a newly-married serviceman and his bride.

As the Russian force, bristling with heavy machine guns, over-ran the base, the Ukrainians realised it was pointless to try to fight back. Instead, they lined up on the parade ground and burst into song as the intruders held them at gunpoint.

The symbolic gesture of defiance took place at the Belbek air base near Sevastopol, which was the scene of one of the first stand-offs in Crimea last month when the base’s commander had a face-to-face confrontation with Russian troops.

Yesterday’s assault on the Belbek airbase, took place around 4 pm their time. A large contingent of Russian Cossacks, backed by regular troops, arrived outside in armored vehicles and jeeps mounted with heavy machine guns. Accompanying them were masked militiamen armed with Kalashnikovs, who threw up a cordon around the compound. They proceeded to fire shots and there are unconfirmed injuries. But the Ukrainians have something Progressives can’t seem to find — a spine. They stood their ground, knowing that they could not win. They stood — they didn’t talk it to death, or run in abject fear. That is what real bravery looks like.

While the US makes faux moves of sanctioning Russia (that fool and intimidate no one) and a clueless Europe looks on, impotently mouthing threats while Russian tanks roll into Crimea, I have watched the humble bravery of a people who know what it is to be oppressed. A people who know the truth of the Soviet Union… a people who have had millions starved to death by the likes of Stalin within the span of a year. The actions of the military singing their national anthem, as Russian miliitiamen outside jeered and shouted “go home” and held them at gunpoint, brought tears to my eyes… the vows of two couples marrying on the military base before the tanks stormed their perimeter, brought joy and profound sadness to my heart.

Witness the reality of the history of Mother Russia and the likes of Vladimir Putin:

The Soviet Story – The People’s Cube

Elitists across the globe, but especially on the Left here in the US, sit in their pampered wealth and proclaim that the Ukrainians have no rights – that they belong to Russia. They feel they are above, apart from this mess — that it can never touch them. They should rethink that premise as the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon stalk the planet and mark their territories for future conquest. The Communists are restless and a weakened America must look very, very tempting to them. But of course, Obama knows this. He pretends to punish Russia, while cuddling with Putin, a monster cut from Obama’s own cloth. They court the Chinese and dine together, while oppressing their people and making plans to bring the masses into line for their own collective good. To claim that the US is really doing anything, is a very bad joke.

We are repeating the horrors of yesteryear. The world is intent on making excuses for Russia and their expansionism. They did this when Hitler and Stalin raged as well, slaughtering millions. It’s all intellectual foreplay until it directly affects the elitists. What they always overlook though, is that in the end, justice is a full circle that comes back to deal harshly with those who would so casually throw away the lives of those they subjugate. Payback is a bitch historically.

As we watch the drama in the Ukraine as if it was an episode of Survivor, Putin is making his move to establish military bases in South and Central America. I would remind Americans, this is with the blessing of Obama and company who have declared the Monroe Doctrine dead. There is no other way to view that – the only reason to do so, would be to invite Communists and radical Islamists to take up shop next door. Incredibly, America is only now considering the threat of Russia, China and Iran launching cruise missiles from the Gulf of Mexico. Well, duh. Senator Ted Cruz is one of the few even bringing this up. America better pray for a leader such as Cruz to take the reins, before an unspeakable catastrophe descends upon our nation. Just sayin’.

But even as Cruz is ringing the alarm bells, evidence points to the fact that America is actively covering up military moves by Russia. Wrap your head around that one and tell me that spells anything but treason:

Two senior House leaders on Friday requested an investigation by Congress’ General Accountability Office (GAO) into the State Department’s failure to report Russian violations of a 1987 nuclear missile accord.

“It is clear from my subcommittee’s oversight that the administration did not fully disclose what it knew about Russian arms control violations when it was trying to get the New START treaty ratified,” said Rep. Mike Rogers (R., Ala.), chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces.

“Its all-consuming drive to protect its Russia reset policy has gutted our missile defenses, alienated allies, and only encouraged Vladimir Putin’s lawlessness,” he said in a statement.

Of course, the State Department declined to comment. Their silence speaks volumes:

The letter grew out of recent disclosures that Russia violated the INF treaty by developing a new missile with a range banned under the 1987 pact. The treaty bans building or testing missile with ranges between 300 and 3,400 miles.

“The Russians have basically violated every major treaty they’ve ever entered into, certainly every major weapons treaty,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Intelligence Committees and co-leader of a Senate arms control group.

Rubio said during a meeting at the Heritage Foundation Feb. 25 that State Department officials have dismissed Moscow’s arms violations by asserting that continuing to hold talks was more important the pressing the Russians to abide by agreements.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported June 25 that Russia violated INF treaty by flight-testing a new RS-26 long-range missile, also known as Yars M to INF range.

Then the New York Times reported in January that a new ground-launched cruise missile, the R-500, violates the INF treaty and that tests of the missile had been carried out since 2008.

The newspaper reported that Rose Gottemoeller, the State Department’s senior arms control official has held discussions with Russian officials on the treaty violation since May and was rebuffed by Moscow.

The treaty violations threaten to further undermine the administration’s arms control-center national security policies.

The administration has made the 2010 New START arms treaty a centerpiece of such polices and is seeking further talks on non-strategic nuclear weapons.

This is all happening because Obama wants to finish ‘de-nuclearizing’ the US, putting us at the mercy (or lack thereof) of our enemies. He’s not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing by gutting us militarily. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

Russia, China and Iran have a bag full of weapons now to use against us. Yes, the physical military option is very real, but it is definitely not the only one and perhaps not the deadliest. Russia wants the Ukraine badly because of oil and gas lines that flow through that territory. They will control Europe by using resource extortion. This could also be used against us as our enemies gain more and more control of vital resources across the planet. The New Axis of Evil could also use EMPs and/or cyber warfare against us. It would not be hard to do as it stands. Then there is the dollar and this is taking shape. Russia and China are getting ready to dump the dollar as the reserve currency for the world. Once they do, it’s over. Our stock market will crash spectacularly. Inflation will skyrocket into hyperinflation. Food and supplies will either be unaffordable and/or non-existent on shelves. Russia plans on using our own warfare tactics against us, only in a much more final way.

So, as the world avidly views the fall of Crimea to their Cossack overlords… the gulags await the Ukrainians as punishment for flouting the power of Putin. Crimea is having their very own Red Dawn and we are pretending it can’t happen here. America take note at what may one day await us at the hands of our own government. But in the midst of all of this, Obama should remember what real resistance and courage look like, because Americans are made of the stuff that fights back. I’ll close with pictures of the Ukrainians and a prayer for their safety and freedom, as well as ours.

Wedding: Galina Volosyanchik, left, and Ivan Benera, right, are welcomed to the surrounded Belbek airbase by senior officers

Lieutenants Galina Volosyanchik, right, and Ivan Benera, left, walk away from the base after their union

Earlier in the day: Two members of the Ukrainian air force dance as they celebrate a comrade’s wedding

One of the soldiers appeared to be drinking champagne as they celebrated the nuptials of medic Galina Volosyanchik and communication officer Ivan Benera

The armoured vehicle storms through the gates while troops smash through the walls in other parts of the compound

Soldiers in unmarked uniforms sit atop an armoured patrol vehicle at the gate of the Belbek base as troops prepare to storm the compound

Members of pro-Russian self-defence units take cover behind cars outside the military base while Russian forces take it over

Stand off: A Russian military officer (back) talks to Colonel Yuli Mamchur (left) demanding Ukrainian servicemen to leave a military base in the Crimean town of Belbek near Sevastopol

Prepared: Ukrainian servicemen guard the military base in the Crimean town as tensions in the region heighten

Armed men, believed to be Russian servicemen, gather on a hill near the military base

Troops are seen gathering in the top left of the picture outside the base with as an armoured vehicle blocks the road

Final unit: The troops in Ukraine’s last military base in the Crimea keep updated by watching a small television set

The troops in the base have been waiting for orders as thousands of other troops are withdrawn from the region as tensions with Russia heighten

A Ukrainian soldier holds the picture of Sergey Kokurin, 35, during his funeral. He was shot in the Crimea last week

A soldier looks up standing between the coffins of Ukrainian soldier Sergey Kokurin, right, and Russian Cossack militiaman Ruslan Kazakov, 34, left, during the service in Simferopoll

Devastated relatives of the dead Ukrainian soldier mourn next to his coffin

Russian Navy sailors prepare the surrendered Ukrainian submarine ‘Zaporozhye’ so it can be towed it from the former Ukrainian Navy base to the Russian Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol, Crimea

A sailor holds the Russian St Andrew flag on top of the submarine which was taken over

Military personnel board the vessel as a number of ships were taken over by Russian forces and handed over to the Black Sea Fleet

The Ukrainian state emblem is taken down from the side of the submarine

A military cap thrown by a Ukrainian submariner as a last farewell flies in the air


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