The ‘Alt Right’ is Left, Wrong and Pro-Putin

An excellent video from Prager University on the “Alt Right.”  Far from being a mass movement aiming to replace traditional Constitutional Conservatism, the “Alt Right” is a tiny, but vocal, fringe left-wing movement, obsessed with race and collective destiny.

The “Alt Right” is not synonymous with the Trump movement. Some Alt Righters tried to infiltrate the Trump movement, but have thankfully been  marginalized.

The only important point missed here is the Alt Right’s fawning love for Russia’s neo-communist leader Vladimir Putin.

For proof of Putin’s recent support for communism go here and here.

See our report on the “Unite the Right” leaders here.

The “Alt Right” think they are “right,” but in fact, are useful idiots for Russian neo-communism.

Bring on the Russian Trolls!!!!


Author: Trevor

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4 thoughts on “The ‘Alt Right’ is Left, Wrong and Pro-Putin

  1. Besides Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer, they have the Vdare people on board that usually publishes Pat Buchanan who once opposed putting a nuke in Poland against Russia. Vdare had favorable views of Spencer and company from Charottesville, In fact about 3 years ago they used to published Chuck Baldwin who was a military fellow but he no longer appears which means that he probably doesn’t like Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer.

  2. Good point, they were doing robocalls for Trump where they used the race card that you want to vote for a white man and not a Cuban like Rubio or Cruz,

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