Bill Whittle “The End of the Beginning”

You aint seen nothin’ yet.

Its been almost a year since Obama gave his second inaugural and this year has finally demonstrated to most people that he was a horrible choice for our country. The economy is in the slumps and our healthcare system is in shambles.

Voters might want to take note and realize that Bill Whittle, and those like him, weren’t racist nor extremist–they were trying to save us from ruin.


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7 thoughts on “Bill Whittle “The End of the Beginning”

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  2. Sadly, people in the US voted for this moron/criminal/marxist/islamic slut solely due to stupidity. He spoke well, promised a pretty future and was totally inexperienced. Few media provided the truth about him and are as equally guilty of this country’s ruin as Obama and his criminal punk appointee flunkee’s trample on the Constitution. Only until the SHTF will the morons realize the mistake they made and wonder how some other punk in the White House will get us out of this mess. His being president is proof positive that better than 50% of Americans are stupid, ignorant people!

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