A Romney/Ryan Ad That Should Have Run

Adam and Aron of C. & Q. Bowman Productions cqbowman@yahoo.com, offered this ad to the Romney/Ryan campaign. I think it was pretty good.


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5 thoughts on “A Romney/Ryan Ad That Should Have Run

  1. The REAL reason Romney lost the election was he promised to put people to work if he was elected. 51% of the people said: F–K THAT!

  2. The real reason he was not picked even thou he is Freemason and good minion for the elite is lucifer and his minions have to finish what prophecy has professed you silly people you. Ever include God in anything always soma man is going to fix the problem your all goi g to gnash your teeth and cry even more as the days go buy

  3. I think Romney would have won if every legal vote counted (only once, mind you), but unfortunately, the counters saw to the “win” for O.

  4. I agree, the off-the-charts fraud (uncontested by ANYONE) says it all. Our representative government is toast. Hunker down and lock and load, the loss of America will be felt around the world.

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